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Journals / LD39: some game
« on: July 30, 2017, 12:30:17 pm »
Made for compo. Mostly complete.
Project file is attached.

Play here:

Journals / Ludum Dare 38: Blight Armada
« on: April 23, 2017, 06:32:16 pm »
Ludum Dare 38: Small World

I made a game.
I didn't completely finish my game by the 48 hour mark, so I'm probably going to go for the jam instead.
Only had a few hours to work on this. (12 is a few? Since when?)

So here's my WIP submission. When I get around to finishing it I'll post it as a completed game.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

autosteers toward cursor
arrow keys or wasd to control (position relative to direction)
crash into things or shoot them
become the only living thing on the field to win

Journals / Verge of the Abyss (game dev journal)
« on: April 13, 2017, 07:37:15 pm »
Welcome to my journal on the creation of my first major project!

Verge  of  the  Abyss

In many ways, my attempt at building this game is similar to the idea that I have of the storyline - always on the edge of failure, always keeping one step ahead of death. The only way forward is forward, all that can change is the path taken.

I will be posting an update at least once a week, if only to serve as a lasting record of my dedication / lack thereof.
In any case, my progress will be documented here.

If you'd like the project file, it's posted on every 5th update.

To begin, I would like to say a few words about the concept.
This is a 2d space shooter type game.
Infinite maps. Go forever, to the ends of the universe - or more likely, your power supply.
Shoot things. Destroy asteroids. Eliminate hostile drones. Discover an ancient war whose only legacy is the ruined starscape of past conquests and forgotten dreams.
Create your own spacecraft.
Discover false hope, death, despair, and 3 different possible endings.
Open ended storyline.
More features that are probably going to be exceptionally difficult to implement.

A universe that stands on the verge of the abyss is all that you have left to live for - but is it also worth dying for?

To see the latest version, follow this link:

If the game doesn't fit on your screen, follow this link:

Quote from: Controls
W - forward
S - Brakes
Z - manual mode (doesn’t aim toward cursor, infinite drift, faster speed)
A - turn left (requires manual mode)
D - turn right (requires manual mode)
C - controls (click a button and press a letter key to set a control)
X - open ship menu (with inventory)
M - open map (displays all actors within range, create some asteroids and watch.)
TAB - open last selected menu option (menu options are still indev and most have no functions)
Click - navigate the menu, shoot weapons.
Space - shoot weapons. (cannot be changed)
Enter - create an asteroid at mouse position.
Esc - Delete objects. (missiles and asteroids)
Shift - Display equip positions on ship. Shift items in inventory. (swap items for selected 1 and selected 2)
Up - Changes the primary selected item in the inventory to a basic weapon. (cheat for testing)

Ask a Question / Is there a way to improve movement in flash exports?
« on: April 13, 2017, 11:42:55 am »
Basically, I'm trying to move actors and in flash they would rather snap to pixel grids than actually move smoothly.
Is there any way to get smooth movement?

To test, make an actor move on a diagonal at a slow speed. If you don't use integers for the positions, the actor snaps to the nearest pixel.

Ask a Question / HD zoom - 1 image
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:33:40 pm »
As the title says, I'm trying to create a way to zoom in on a single part of an image.
The idea:
On the death of the player / mission objective failure, I want the game to immediately pause, zoom in on the cause of failure (at the time of failure), and then slide aside to reveal a restart screen. However, zooming an image in shows how bad my graphics really are.

So, are there any ideas on how to do this?

Ask a Question / Box2d Collision Detection.
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:09:32 am »
I have a custom coordinate system that puts the player in the center of the screen and has everything around the player moving.
Unfortunately this doesn't work with the already-made coordinate system, which Box2d uses.
I want a way to use Box2d's solid collisions, but I haven't figured out how.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ask a Question / Dynamic custom event trigger?
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:35:46 am »
This will not allow me to compile.
The specific error is here:
Code: [Select]
Events for 'Menu': Unknown identifier : _customEvent_StringTools
from scripts.ActorEvents_9
line: 406
columns: 9-33
Events for 'Menu': Unknown identifier : _customEvent_
from scripts.ActorEvents_9
line: 476
columns: 5-18

So, what do I do? Do I write down all 15 of my if/else if statements?
Is there a way to compile anyway?

Ask a Question / Detect cursor over region?
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:51:37 am »
In my game, I have a map attribute that works as my menu. Major button selected, minor button selected.
The major buttons stay the same, so I could easily just write in 4 "on enter" codes, but I'm looking for a way that I can insert code into a "for each item in list" block.

I pulled this code from the mouse over code:

Code: [Select]
addMouseOverActorListener(_MinorButtons[], function(mouseState:Int, list:Array<Dynamic>):Void
if(wrapper.enabled && 1 == mouseState)

Any suggestions on how to use it?

Ask a Question / How to implement controls that can be changed?
« on: March 13, 2017, 09:09:22 am »
Basically, I want one of those panels which allows you to change the keybind for any control. I could program in every key as a control and then match it based on the letter pressed, but is there a better way?

Ask a Question / [Solved] The war on jitter...
« on: March 12, 2017, 07:42:17 pm »
Is there any workaround for jitter / pixel snapping? This is getting quite annoying, since using the set x and y blocks is important in my game.
I've tried to use speed blocks, since they don't jitter as much, but they don't always get the same distances as my calculations.

Ask a Question / How to get good graphical effects?
« on: March 12, 2017, 08:36:49 am »
I'm trying to make a whole bunch of fancy particle and trail effects, but I want to know the capabilities of Stencyl.
I've tried to use the image API for explosion particles, but even moving items anywhere seems to give my game a bit of delay.
In the attached file:
Press enter to create a new "ship"
Press Z to destroy all ships
Click and hold to make all ships turn toward you.
Arrow keys to move background (the images are on tweens, but they're attached to an actor which moves.
This is a demo of my explosions, except that it doesn't choose random shapes or display rotation.

For trail effects, I've used a list and custom draw, but that seems a bit shaky, especially when I'm drawing multiple lines over each other. It also doesn't look so good where  I use opacities that fade, and I'm wondering if I should use the image API for the trails instead.

I want lots of stars moving in the background too, but uploading gigantic image files like that would surely kill anyone's computer.  The code for filling a pixel isn't even that simple, it does a bunch of calculations based on the width and height of the screen, then fills in a rectangle of 1 pixel.

^ Pure gibberish?

I just need better ways of making graphical effects. Any help would be appreciated.

Ask a Question / Inventory system with "space"
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:18:29 am »
I want to make an inventory system that allows different size objects to be placed inside the inventory.
Basically, every object has a size, but they're all placed into a box that only has a certain area.
Does anyone have any ideas about how I could implement this?

Ask a Question / Game attributes vs Scene attributes
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:52:22 am »
In my game, I have an infinite scrolling scene and I need a level system.
Is it better to make everything play in one scene and load terrain off of a few list game attributes, because less memory is taken up?
Is it better to take up more memory with a hundred scenes, and use each scene's attributes to load for better organization / playing performance?
Or is there another option that's even better?

Ask a Question / Image Instance Backgrounds, Pseudo-RNG, Pixel Snap...
« on: February 28, 2017, 05:49:49 am »
I want to make a field of stars that is different everywhere. I tried looping backgrounds, but it gets boring quickly and just doesn't quite feel authentic.
So, I want to have a pseudo-random number generator that generates stars / particles in the background based on my coordinates.
How would I implement something like this?

Also, I can't generate the whole map full of stars, so I assume I'd need to divide the space around my screen to avoid bogging down the processor in too many calculations.

Also, I want objects to look natural in their movement, but they always snap to pixels when using the "set x" and "set y" commands. Is there a way around this, without using the "set speed" commands?

Ask a Question / Change Screen Size
« on: February 18, 2017, 08:13:39 pm »
I'm looking for a way or a workaround to change the screen size of a game to fit a browser window or constraints provided by an HTML file.
I don't want the size of any of the game objects to change.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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