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Chit-Chat / My first Game Jam Experience with Stencyl
« on: January 24, 2017, 03:44:37 am »
Greetings all. :c)

Well now that I've recovered from Game Jam 2017, I figured that I'd like to share my experience here.

For the jam I developed a game called 'Blighters' Locker' and while it may not be much to look at or play, it was also my first digital game, with a fair portion of the Jam spent learning the ins and outs of Stencyl.

And on this note I would definitely like to thank the developers of Stencyl for having enabled me to do that which I have failed to achieve in some 30 years - 'a digital game'.

I also learnt a lot from the experience and am looking forward to trying something different - with Stencyl. ^_^

Incidentally, one thing that I was a little concerned about and remain unsure of is whether it is possible for two or more persons to work on Stencyl for faster development. It does not appear so but I'd like clarification.

I intend on elaborating further about the experience gained in a subsequent reply. In the meantime, thank you Stencyl!

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