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Ask a Question / Is it possible, Stencyl and Visual Studios?
« on: July 22, 2019, 07:24:36 am »
Hello to whom it may concern,

   I was browsing on Stencyl, Tools and notice that in Tools under External IDE, there it shows reinstall visual studios. When I seen that, it had me thinking, and I was wondering is it possible to take a walking behavior I created and saved on Stencyl, and import it onto Visual Studios to see the C# coding aspects of it? if so, could someone please tell me how to do that or a site where to learn that at please?

thank you

Ask a Question / chest behavior understanding lists and text
« on: July 15, 2019, 06:38:09 am »

        I've been trying to figure out a simple way of lowering my game attribute lists. So I have been trying to teach myself playing with text and figuring out a way to save. When it came to creating items that I can craft and place in the game I would use  3 to 4 game attribute lists. 1 for actor, 2 for X pos, 3 for Y pos, 4 for scene name.    I feel like I use way too many game attribute lists. I recently created a chest and set it in one of my scenes. The scene has 4 chests total.  Each chests  has a random pick and amount of 3 different items.  this behavior partially works. I can take all items out the chest and it reads it as empty and then do the same to the other chest.  I can take one item out in each chest in a order. But if I take 1  item out in one chest and another item out in a different in another chest, then go back to the first chest the game will crash. If I take an item out and then try to open a chest after hitting continue in the main menu the game will crash.
I don't know what its not reading properly hoping to get some help please.  heres the pictures of the code one for player one for chest and one for scene. Any help would be great.

Hey People,

Been working on this game for a while now.  Same issues. Hoping 4.0 will soon have its update.  However I read certain foruimns had some replies and still not getting it. Trying to be thorough this time....    In the beginning when 4.0 arrived. I made a back up file for 3.4 to switch to 4.0.1.  I was still learning a lot back in therefore some actors I bought may have downsized to 4x . those pictures was big. There's also characters I made that are 1x. This first scene I created I call Beach Cave 0.  When I Uploaded to 4.0.1 , I would work on this scene. I would play it and everything would save good. When I exit out the scene created and doulble click on my scene again, it would read a error. So I can't work on it anymore.  So I would go to the stencil works folder, go to scenes, delete that file scene, and copy and paste another of the same file scene, from another back up scene folder in a previous game. (Same game  different back up game folder in stencyl works) (The folder is Scenes).      Then I can now work on that scene, sadly having to replace my actors again.
However, eventually the error happens again. Can't work on my seen anymore. So I took the time to type this error in my notepad to copy and paste it here...……….
Could not parse "". Defaulting to : 0.0. Stencyl.core.snippet.IVariable.getRealValue (line: 257)
Unexpected problem on thread AWT-EventQueue-0: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsExeption: Index 5, Size: 0
Theres also another error that shows Line:231
When I look in the Stencyl Works folder I do not see a Line to 257, 231.
 My conclusion is ….. There are actors that I can place in the game that I can see but the game scene cannot read. I'm not sure if its actors or tiles, but I'm finally done with my tutorial mechanics.  And I would like to finish placing the actors in the cave scene. I hope someone could help Just incase heres a log. Also to be more thorough I had made a back up file and then clean up my game and reinstalled images that was 4x to 1x after shrinking them down to my liking in Inkscape to save memory in Stencyl.

Ask a Question / about publishing a game?
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:47:22 am »
I was just curious, if had the stencyl plan, so I could publish a game. can I publish a game that is from an older stencyl? or does stencyl games have to be published from a new updated version of stencyl?

thank you

Ask a Question / Stencyl 4.0.1 runnning windows fps issue?
« on: March 18, 2019, 06:25:38 am »

I've been doing some testing on 4.0  trying to receive a better fps. I've been  working on this game for awhile back on 3.4.  Figure I would try 4.0 again. So I made a back up. then loaded my game on 4.0. I literally deleted almost every behavior I have. Except for walking.  I have few new scenes ive been testing on. Ive notice if I make a small scene the fps is working great with my tiles. However, when I make a 50x40 scene at 64x64 tile size and add my wall tiles that have collision, if I my pc starts to walk I get a 9 fps on windows not running on flash.  But with stencyl 3.4 the fps is running great even with the tinted screen behaviors. Could this possibly be a error in 4.0.1 update? I don't understand why stencil 4.0 fps is so low even when everything is deleted expect for walking. the Flash I tried works great I might add, but I plan on making the game for console. Any suggestions?

Ask a Question / Please help... 4.0 i want 3.4 back my game wont work
« on: February 04, 2019, 03:14:54 pm »

I really need some help on getting stencil 3.4 back. I seen the new 4.o and downloading it now my game does not want to work. do not know why. I just want to get 3.4 back some how.

Ask a Question / a question about how many tiles can i use?
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:18:16 pm »

ive been working on this game for awhile now. been ready to finally create my open world. however there is a problem and im not sure why. I recently created a scene that is 5000x5000 tiles. In 64x64 pixels. is this too much for stencyl? I have a lot of actors and only a few scenes. also running on windows. not flash. every time I hit test scene on the big scene it loads then says not responding. could I atleast do 3000x3000tiles and not have a issue? Or would it run if I bought the stencyl4.0? please send some knowledge

Ask a Question / Help with shaders please....
« on: October 26, 2018, 10:24:34 am »
I've been working on a new game for windows not flash. I figured out alot of logic using shaders like creating my own night and day cycle. I've also created a inventory system and a crafting menu system. i am able to craft a torch. however, i cannot figure out how to make a torch lighting effect for when it is dark outside for the game. I've been trying to figure this out for a month now and i could really use some help. i never messed with coding and i feel like this involves a little bit of coding. could someone please spare some knowledge on what to do please. I've tried looking up alot of info for shaders and cannot seem to find what I'm looking for. please help. Thank you.

Im looking for someone who would be interested in making custom sprites to finish my video game called Euka and Babs Journey across the World.  Looking for someone who would make bosses for me and 2 more enemies I have mind. If things go well I hope to make another game survival rpg style. I can pay half now and half later royalty free You will of course have your name on the credits screen in the options menu. try my game out please if your are interested so you know what im looking for as far as animations go.  if interested I already have a list and please email me

thank you

Paid Work / Looking for sprites or animator(Royalty Free)
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:37:46 am »

I am now currently looking for a new sprite animator.  If interested, please try my game so you have a idea of what I am looking for. Also please send a drawing or game reference so I can see the art work. If you believe that you can match the similar art style in the game please contact me.  Be looking forward to future projects as well. This is my first game so I am looking for Royalty Free only. Need animals and small costume designs. I don't know how to draw on computer.
I am looking to pay half now and half when finished.
If you are interested I can provide a very detailed list. Only need boss animations.
Thank you,

Ask a Question / Free to use softwares, music and sounds?
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:58:51 am »
I am wondering if anyone would know of any free soft wares that can be used to make music and sound effects for video games? I have experienced a little bit with a software called Musagi that I enjoy making sound effects. However, I'm not liking the making music part it sounds way too old. Any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. thank you

to stencyl team,

hello, I just wanted to say that I love Stencyl to me it's the best free software ever created. thank you for the free knowledge and education kit I love it. I hardly don't play video games anymore because I'm too busy working on  my game. now since I started creating my own logic instead of using stencyl forge, I find it being more fun and challenging. I have one small request since I downloaded the educators kit yesterday. I'm a little stuck on lesson 6, the teachers guide as the lessons go up seem to be a lot less educational. can the teachers guide be updated for I am having a issue figuring out this puzzle making the bullets shoot away from the direction the player is facing?
thank you.

Ask a Question / simple question for dialogue...
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:25:59 pm »
ive been watching these youtube videos about dialogue... trying to make a rich story game. however, on the Stencyl page where I can download the dialogue extension there seems to be a problem. the page is not found or broken. I'm currently using stencil 3.4. is there any way around that or a tutorial to create my own? thank you

I am new to stencil and I love this software. I'm trying to make a game similar to Mario. However, I cannot figure out how to create a grab and throw behavior with the blocks. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I need my character to be able to jump on the enemy, grab and throw him to other enemies like in Mario. I really can't figure out the logic blocks on that if it's there.
thank you

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