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Chit-Chat / What's your favorite game?
« on: May 12, 2012, 04:48:53 pm »
We all have those previous games that stand out for you. This can be any kind of game; a Flash game, a game you bought on Steam, perhaps a classic from your NES.

Mine would probably be;
For Flash-game: Random Heroes by Wobly.
- A nice adventure platformer where you have to choose out of several random heroes, me being the sire I am, chooses for 'the Gentleman'. The graphics are pixel-ated, which is Wobly's tour-de-force.
For Computer-game: Terraria by ReLogic.
- A great indie-game that's often referred to as the 2D version of Minecraft, only this game has a lot more features, and is visually much more appealing, in my opinion. There are a lot of unique mobs and bosses and contains hours and hours of game-play.
For Console-game: Pokémon Leaf Green by Nintendo.
- The classic Pokémon games (yellow, blue, red) in a new, modern, more colorful jacket. This game, originally for the Gameboy SP has made my childhood with all the great Pokémon you can catch with it and the many challenges, it's easily one of the best games ever.

So what are your favorite games, share it with the rest and describe why you like it so much, perhaps you will show the light to others.

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