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Ludum Dare 32 / Turbo Moon Hero!
« on: April 18, 2015, 12:55:00 pm »
Its a dangerous world galaxy out there for a world. Meteors and pirates, oh my! That's where you come in... as the MIGHTY TURBO MOON HERO.

In Turbo Moon Hero, you take control of your host planet's heroic moon, ramming into nearby debris and space nuisances to dispose of them. And equipped with your mighty "turbo" power, nothing can make it past you... right?

  • Control your rotation around the planet to block incoming galactic objects.
  • Watch out for meteors, pirate scouts, hostile battleships, etc.
  • Destroy enough objects to fill your turbo gauge and unleash your incredible "Turbo Frenzy."

This idea has been pretty simple to implement so far. Hopefully I'll get it cranked out in time. Here's a WIP in picture screenie, though the moon doesn't look very heroic thus far. :)

For the next 60 minutes, I'm accepting any and all offers to make custom behavior/custom blocks/etc. Open until 10:00 PM of the original post's date.

Short sob story: I recently had my wisdom teeth out and its been... complicated. In an attempt to alleviate my boredom and distract myself from the discomfort, my intent is to go on a coding spree.

  • Although I obviously intend to deliver, I make no hard fast guarantees. Read below for more details.
  • Be specific on what exactly it is you want the behavior to do (give me the "what" so I can handle the "how" more easily), especially if its multifaceted. Vague requests may be ignored.
  • Keep it reasonable. If its excessively complicated (the core mechanics of an RPG game, for instance), don't post it or it may be ignored.
  • I have no intention of setting a deadline, particularly if there are a lot of requests.
  • I intend to enforce the deadline relatively hard to prevent a constant stream of requests being added. If you miss the deadline, then don't post please.

All right, let's go. 8)

Ludum Dare 29 / Sub-Terraria Zero
« on: April 26, 2014, 10:16:04 am »

Are you ready for a game that features a girl in a parka, amazing treasure, and a very hungry arctic anglerfish?

STZ is about a girl who travels underground to recover treasured crystals, but in the process ends up falling right into the lair of a terrifying monster who lurks in the snow beneath. Equipped with your special crystal-powered gun, try to escape. You may even find more treasure on the way or more crystals for your gun. But the strange fish-thing is waiting for you to slip up and fall into its clutches, and other small monsters can make your life more difficult; of course, those other monsters might make nice distractions for the anglerfish, but you don't want your fishy friend feasting on a buffet of energy and strength either.

I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I think if I can stay motivated (that's a big if!), I can handle it even as a solo guy. I'm keeping the graphics 8-bit style, and besides making that a bit easier on me I think it'll contribute to the atmosphere I want to have quite nicely. Music... that'll probably be last on the to-do list, but even if I have to go with a single simple tune with creepy ambience, it's better than nothing.

Right now, the big hurdle I think is going to be the main monster's AI, so that's where I'm starting. If I can have 80% of that done my mid-late afternoon, I think I'll be pleased.

And now, some (lame) teaser pictures for you. Back to work!

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / Scenes and Custom Blocks
« on: March 05, 2014, 03:15:57 pm »,10593.0.html

Ran into the custom block and scene bug mentioned in the referenced topic with 3.0. I would imagine this would be a pretty straightforward fix.

Journals / XII
« on: March 05, 2014, 07:14:17 am »


"XII" (roman numeral twelve) revolves around the massive, tantalizing clocktower built in Yera, a land known by some as the "Land of Engineers." According to historical lore, the clocktower is home to massive stores of precious ore upon which Yera's technological foundation is forged and upon which the clocktower itself runs. To preserve this resource for future generations, the clocktower was granted a very peculiar defense mechanism against thieves and other undesirables:

When its doors open, any may enter and take as they wish of the ore scattered about the tower. But they must watch, for the clocktower remains open only until the midnight hour. Once the twelfth sound of the bell is heard, the doors close... and any still that remain inside are never seen again.

And so it remains to this day. Many Yera natives brave this tower still, titled as "Scout Engineers," and return home with the substance as their livelihood and as the continued lifeblood of Yera, for this ultimately was what the tower's founders had always intended.

You are one of those "Scout Engineers." Your objective is to acquire as much ore as you can in your tower runs. The greater your skill and strategy, the greater the reward may stand to be. But know your limits, or else your name may simply fade into the lore of mystery that surrounds the tower and its curious ways...

Game Overview

"XII" is a platformer that nods to the creativity of the "Endless Attack" mode in Mega Man 9/10. That being said, though the general concept is there, "XII" is meant to be quite different in many ways. I'm quite excited about this idea and I've managed to get a little momentum by actually using a little something known as PLANNING. I tell you, it makes quite a difference when you've committed to paper a more concrete idea of where you are going instead of throwing stuff against a wall and hoping it sticks.

"XII" works like this: you enter the tower, you collect goods, and then you GET OUTTA THERE. Its a game where planning and finesse are meant to take a bit more precedence over brute force, as this platformer doesn't necessarily behave like your traditional platformer. The game revolves around the looming time limit, and game mechanics are going to be built with an eye on that. Its not so much about surviving the clocktower as it is about escaping it. Those who take risks may find themselves reaping the rewards... or never being heard from again.


So some tentative facets of the game:
  • Players advance through a randomized series of chambers, much like advancing through screens on MM9/10's mode, by utilizing elevators. Different elevators can advance you a different number of chambers, which is important because the more rewarding (and challenging) chambers lie higher. As well, every 8th floor (or whatever number I end up finalizing it as) will also have an exit elevator that takes you back to the first floor. Plan accordingly and don't put yourself in a corner while short on time.
  • The elements of the clocktower aren't necessarily about being impenetrable but about being time-consuming. Slip-ups may not cost you a boatload of health (more on that later) but may set you back fifteen to twenty seconds. In situations where you're pressing higher and higher, keep your cool and don't succumb to the pressure of the clock. Stay calm... one hasty mistake may not bring insta-death but may rather serve as the wary precursor to an impending demise.
  • One of the key features of this game is the lack of a traditional health system. Your health, technically speaking, is infinite. Rather, your player has something of an endurance gauge. Sustaining "damage" is what lowers this gauge. As long as it is full, your player can perform actions normally. But if the player is subjected to repeated punishment from the elements he may incur temporary penalties, such as limping instead of running. Although the gauge recharges over time, failing to make the most of every second due to injury may not always be an option.

* * * * *

Well, there's a short preview of what I've got planned. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sense of urgency I'm trying to foster with this game. The end-product is still a ways out, but I want to put this idea out here so I can start to generate interest and share some of the game-making quest with fellow devs.

Just remember:

Don't survive--Escape.

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