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Wanted to make a  local multiplayer game and came up with this!

The game is out on App Store, you can get  it here:

You can play the flash version here:

How to play:
Place your finger (or click mouse) on the screen, wait for 0 or max 4 seconds. There is a 50% chance to catch a fish. If after placing your finger on the screen the phone vibrates and the screen shakes, quickly lift your finger and you will catch a fish! The next player takes a turn.
Be careful! The next player can catch your fish, if he taps on it!
There is also a slight chance to fish out a boot, if so a player will go down to 0 points. Taping on the boot will give everyone 5 points, level the playing field and make for an exciting finish!

Let me know how you like it,

Out on iOS and Android, get a taste of the game in flash!

Three months in the making... releasing the game felt amazing!! It was my passion project and I wanted to make something special :)

The graphics in the game are hand made collage paper arrangements. The sound is simple, but the idea is that you are creating a melody as you are flying the pig bird and interacting with items objects in the levels. The control is also simple, just one (tapping).

There are 5 powerups that give you different abilities and across 5 handcrafted levels. Can you figure out how best to pass them? ;) . Levels can also be played in any order.  But watch out, the game is challenging. Complete all the levels to reveal a surprise!

Have you played the game? Or just got an impression of it? I would appreciate some feedback on how to make it better. Thanks!

Free on Android and iOS!



QR code to my game on Google Play Store:

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