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it appears my tiles are jumpy/flickering when i walk past them..its a slight wabble back and forth..i have pixel snapping enabled, the actors move somewhat okay, any help is greatly needed...ive tried no smoothing, aa off etc. its def not those that i know of.

update: going to try messing with the camera and see if that helps, will post back..

Ask a Question / SOLVED: Flash player full-screen FPS 40
« on: March 11, 2019, 05:28:23 am »
I noticed my fps was dropping to 40 when in full screen flash player, had this same problem with windows but luckily changing the scaling settings around brought it back up to 60...cant solve this in flash yet, any ideas?

right clicking flash player, settings, unticking hardware acceleration fixed my fps, and dare i say it runs better than pc now lol...

Ask a Question / SOLVED: weapon behavior, collision.
« on: March 09, 2019, 01:59:24 pm »
trying to make a weapon behavior, i realize there is a few ways to do this;

1. use multiple single frame animations and call them one at a time to create per frame swing collision..endless animation extension i believe would achieve something like this? not sure if its still functional but the theory should apply.

2. spawn a dummy actor with the weapon swing collision at the actor and then kill it, not sure exactly how this one works.

3. spawn a short range bullet that acts as a sword, i believe ive seen this in-game before, it can look really interesting for certain games but not really what im trying to achieve.  "a curved bullet in the shape of a sword swipe"

so in conclusion, trying to achieve a sword strike, orthographic, angled top down view. i tried simply adding a collision to my attack animation frame, but as many of you know the collision will not be very sword like and play on the first frame of the attack animation..i feel like frame by frame collision "option 1" would be the easiest/best but eh, any opinons or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

windows build, "cant compile destination folder is in use"...i have cleaned my project files, closed reopen stencyl, sometimes it compiles half the time it stuff..doing some testing will update.

QUESTION A: building in windows takes forever and i have to restart stencyl each time i test the scene or i get the error folder in use...any solution to this? was considering doing most testing in flash if that's the case and only building periodically for windows, target is desktop.

Ask a Question / "SOLVED" camera scrolling actor jitter
« on: February 28, 2019, 11:47:19 am »
"Actor jittering and or shaking during camera scrolling."

did some testing, only seeing these issues in the flash build, windows appears to run very smooth, maybe something wrong with my flash install/configuration? trying to solve now, will update with findings..

still experiencing these problems no matter what platform, it seams turning  vertical physics to 0 makes a lot of the shaking go away...

Update: it appears the higher vertical gravity is set the more the actor shakes when moving/scrolling

Update: found known box2d issue  "Jittery Side Scrolling with Box2D" researching, will update..

Update: turning on pixel snapping under settings has helped a great deal, going to experiment more with camera and character movement, slide block, different x speeds/velocity. marking this solved for now.

as the title indicates, i try to compile to windows, get the "compiling" status, goes away and nothing outputs.
using visual studio 2015 with tools installed. thanks for any help.

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