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Ask a Question / How to exclude older iOs devices in info.plist ?
« on: September 13, 2014, 06:44:23 am »

I would like to exclude older device like 3GS and that my game will still be compatible with iOs 5.0
I wish add a gyroscope required capabilities to info.plist, this is the code to add :

Code: [Select]

Where  do I put it in game folder to make it integrated into the generated game ?


Suggestion Archives / Particle Generator in Stencyl 3.0
« on: October 30, 2012, 12:50:35 pm »
It would be very interresting to integrate a particle generator in Stencyl 3.0, or maybe just a behavior.

The "Particles Examples" in StencylForge of Luyren is great but only works for Flash.
Is it possible to adapt to Stencyl 3.0 to make it compatible with all the plateforms ?
Luyren do you think it possible ?


Completed / Set Background with blocks
« on: October 21, 2012, 07:27:26 am »
Currently it is not possible to change Background settings while playing.

It would be great if it was possible to have multiple blocks in a category in order to set the Background for example :
- Set "Background" (Choose Background) "Speed"
- "Add/Remove" "Background" (Choose Background)
- Set Background Order
- Set Background "Color" (Solid Color/Vertical Gradient)


Archives / Particle Generator on iOS
« on: August 28, 2012, 03:28:47 am »
The creation of multiple Actors to generate particles is very consumer performance on iOS and this even if actors are lightweight.

Even if this is not a major functionality, I think it may be interesting to integrate Particle Generator in  Stencyl, like some other games framework proposed.

A view to creating very detailed and fluid games on iOS.



I made the whole procedure to initialize the Game Center.
It works perfectly in the simulator but when I tested on the device or Ad Hoc there is a message that appears with display:
"This game is not recognized by Game Center"

It's really strange to be recognized by the simulator and not on device ...

I would appreciate if someone can help here or have another solution.


Archives / Ability to select "Actor Type" in the dropdown box of blocks
« on: August 07, 2012, 08:46:21 am »

When using a scene where actors are created directly by Events or Behaviors and not arranged since the Scene Tab, it is not possible to select within the blocks with the dropdown box.

It is proposed only in the dropdown box:
  • for Scenes : Choose Actor
  • for Actors : Choose Attribute

It's really frustrating because all of these blocks can not be used if actors are not created since the Scene Tab.

I don't know why it is not already implanted in Stencyl maybe it's not possible.

But it would be really great if you could choose:
  • for scenes: Choose Actor Type
  • for Actors: Choose Attribute with an Actor Type Attribute

I have attached screenshots of blocks with examples to illustrate my point (first : for Scene and second : for Actor).


Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Set Background on iOs ?
« on: August 07, 2012, 07:38:22 am »

I'm looking for the equivalent of this on iOS :

Code: [Select]
setScrollSpeedForBackground (x, y);to adjust the speed of Background in Flash.

Code: [Select]
setBackground ("Background1", "Background2");for changing the Bakground in Flash.

I found here :,3466.msg73040.html#msg73040
to change the background, that you had to use this on iOs:
Code: [Select]
[[Game game] setBackground:25];But this does not work for me.

Anyone know the 2 equivalents for iOs ?


Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Counting problem in a collision !
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:49:47 pm »

I have a problem counting during a collision.
I created a behavior attached to a scene that allows me to count how many times the actor Player has collected of actor Coin or Asteroid.
But the number is multiplied by 2 to account for Asteroid and 4 for Coin.

Yet I have no problem when counting score points in the Events Tab of my Scene with the same actors.

I don't understand the problem, can anyone help me ?


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