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Shared Resources / Just thought I'd share my Hand-Made Resources!
« on: August 15, 2012, 02:03:48 am »
... I had a poor choice of words when I was making the Subject Title... Argh...
I was wondering. Would you guys be interested in more? Also any criticism or wisdom you could give?! Tutorials are nice too! (Of course I search them!)

Oh... yeah, this is my first post! Be easy on the Criticism and if I did anything wrong, feel free to tell me! I wasn't sure if this belong on the "Graphic & Music" Section or here! X_X

YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE THESE SPRITES/ART! BUT CREDIT ME WHEN USED! ALSO LINK ME TO WHAT YOU USED THEM FOR! I'd love to see what you did with my Art~! It's only fair. v.v' Thank you!

Names of the Games I've created thus far:

Classic Gems: It was an idea of "Bejeweled" styled game where we would use old Classics or Pixelated Hits! Like Pac Man, Megaman, Minecraft, Etc... Sadly it was scrapped. Was going to release a demo for the mobile phones... but never got around that.

Little Knight: It was supposed to be a simple Platformer I was making like Mario and Sonic combined with some gravity type of fighting. Sadly, it was scrapped.

Protoype Paku: It was supposed to be for Newgrounds Stencyljam! I couldn't make it in time... This one is being aimed for something like Megaman and Little Knight. But more Futuristic type of Platformer RPG. This one wasn't scrapped! Still being worked on.

Kingun: Typical Galaga style game I was aiming for. I haven't finished it but you can consider it "Scrapped" until motivation kicks in!

Desukia: A Turn by Turn RPG Stragedy Game. I was planning something like Paper Mario with a Platformer type of movement. IT IS NOT SCRAPPED AND WORKING ON IT!
This is a game where I want to put my Group/Seki Family in!
Be expected that if you're part of my Family and you talk to me on a average basis, you'll be in it!

PLEASE, IF YOU WANT ME TO WORK ON THESE OR FINISH THE GAMES. MOTIVATE ME! INSPIRE ME TO FINISH THEM! If you don't show interest I won't either! Q_Q There to join my Family! ^_^! There to check out more of my works too! Feel free to support/stalk me! > : D

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