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Chit-Chat / Please correct these few lines!
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:50:41 pm »
Hi everyone!
I'm currently making a game called Miss Anonymous, which is a platformer, where you play a girl, who fights against time to die (you lose the game, if you don't win it in 15 minutes).

Anyway, in each level, there's going to be a short line of text, to explain the story. This is what I've written:

I'm afraid.
Afraid of... the timer.
I got 15 minutes.
And nothing more.
That's 900 seconds.
If I complete it...
I'll win.
Win everything.
If I win, I'll die.
And if I lose, I'll live.
But death is the beginning of the end.
In death, people will know me.
Maybe, I will even become happy.
But only if I die.
In life, I was unhappy.
Nobody knew me.
I was just that lonely girl, who had no friends.
I was Miss Anonymous.

But since English is a foreign language to me, would someone please correct it?

Chit-Chat / Do I still got it?
« on: March 24, 2013, 02:44:15 am »
Hi everyone,
I haven't worked on my art lately, but I just saw the Stencyl Jam, and I'm in!

But I have no idea if my art is as good as it was, so here's the main character for the game (remember to zoom in!):

As comaparision, this is something I created some time ago (probably the best thing I've ever made, got 2 favourites):

Are my art still good? I have no idea.

Chit-Chat / What 3D art program?
« on: February 02, 2013, 11:53:35 pm »
Hi everyone!
I think I'm going to learn to model in 3D, since that would open up more doors in my art.

But what free program is good for making 3D art? I've heard about Blender, but I wanted to hear about there is better programs out there.

Could you also post some "get started with 3D buildings/enviroment/characters"?

Game Art / (Please Help!) Game, Novel or Movie?
« on: February 02, 2013, 01:08:07 pm »
Hi everybody!
I got a great idea for a story! It's about a young woman, she's sick of her work, her family, generally everything. She drinks and smokes. The player/reader/viewer follows her, as she gets more and more insane and depressed, while she starts to mix up reality and fantasy.

But I have one very, very important thing to decide on before I can make the story. Should I make it in which of following ways:
Game (a lot dialog-based)
Movie (would be made with vector art)

Please help me decide, since I can't write the story, before I've decided how to write it.

Chit-Chat / (Community Project Idea) Switching Lessons!
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:44:19 am »
Hi everyone!
I thought of an idea. Why don't we make a group on Skype (or somewhere else where we can talk and show pictures of our screen), and then we at Stencyl (who are some experienced artists, programmers, musicians, level designers and game designers) switch to make a lesson in whatever we want to (about game making). If you don't have any skills yet, you can just watch the lessons without having to offer anything.

Does it sound like a good idea? I could give the first lesson in pixel gradients or something like that.

Paid Work / Artist for 'hire'
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:04:34 pm »
Hi all!
My name's Benjamin, and I'm an artist, mostly pixel (but I can do a bit of vector and handdrawings). I've had kind of an artist's block the last couple of months (=doesn't know what to make), so I could never decide what to do.

So I'm looking for someone to collab with (who already knows what they want to make) (shared revenue) or someone that only needs a couple of pieces done (I'll gladly make a couple of pieces for free).

Since I just got a new laptop and the most of my artwork is on the old, and I haven't moved the files to my new computer yet, I don't have much to show.

My portfolio (which neither has my old art) can be found here:

And here's a bit (they can be found on the portfolio as well):

Chit-Chat / My new portfolio!
« on: January 11, 2013, 02:18:03 pm »
Hi everybody,
I've just made a portfolio. Check it out at

What do you whink of my art style?

What do you think about the site (layout etc.)? I haven't uploaded all of my art yet, because I got a new computer recently, and a lot of my art is on the old one.

Game Art / Tomato-Zombie-Living-Thingy
« on: December 29, 2012, 04:08:50 am »
Hi everybody!
I'm working on a Tower Defense game with living vegetables (!). I'm looking for some advice on my first enemy, a tomato, since I've never made top-Down looking sprites before.

Here's the file:

Ask a Question / Never-Ending Level
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:22:38 am »
Hi everyone!
For a long time, I've been trying to find out how to make never-ending levels in Stencyl.

How do I make never-ending levels?

Chit-Chat / Debate: Is it possible?
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:44:06 pm »
Hi guys,
I've been thinking a bit about an idea for a cooking game/tool. It's like normal cooking games, except for that the cooking is 100% realistic. Fx tomatoes, you can cut them any way you want, prepare any dish with them that you want to in a realistic way, even without the programmer have made the dish in the game!

Do you think it's possible to make a game with 100% realistic cooking? Both considering today's engines and the future generations of games.

Game Art / Creepy Light
« on: December 03, 2012, 10:07:22 pm »
Hi guys,
I've been thinking about making a game. It's like a platformer with a story on a dark night.

I was thinking about making the creepy light effects that is in some halloween-themed indie games (the game is a bit dark, and it keeps flashing with extra light/dark).

But I have no idea of how it's made. Should I make a vector animation with low Alpha, or is it something you make in Stencyl?

Chit-Chat / Looking for ideas
« on: November 28, 2012, 11:24:01 pm »
Hi guys,
I'm kind of in lack of ideas for games to make. So does you guys have any ideas?

My skills (from 0 to 10):
Art: 7
Programming: 3
Designing (detailed game plans etc.): 6
Music: 1
Sound: 0.5
Writing: 4

The most important about it, is that I make the art. Maybe, when I've made half of the art, I'll co-op with a programmer (or not).

Game Art / My first Song!
« on: November 13, 2012, 11:46:54 am »
Hi everybody!
I've downloaded LMMS, and I've just finished my first song! Yay!

Do you guys think LMMS is good? I was thinking about getting a program to make guitar songs/music pieces (I've been playing guitar for 4 months now, and wants to try something else than only play other peoples music), but is LMMS good for it?

I wanted to share my song with you, but don't know how to.

Game Art / Check out my vector art guide!
« on: November 11, 2012, 02:23:37 am »
Hi everybody,
I'm working on a big vector art guide (that uses the free program Inkscape), that I've just published. Check it out if you want to learn vector art. You can find it at

It's focused a lot on pictures and small paragraphs (1-3 lines long), so it's easy to read.

Note: It isn't finished yet, I've only made the first guide so far. I'll keep working on it.

Chit-Chat / Looking for free software for making Android apps
« on: October 25, 2012, 08:13:55 am »
Hi everybody!
My name's Benjamin, I've been using Stencyl for a couple of years now, and I want to try something new. So I decided to make apps. Not games, but guides and other stuff. I would like to start out by making apps for Android, since that's what my phone has.

But I don't know what software to use for it, and I was hoping that you guys could help me out. I can't use a single penny on it, and it has to be able to make fast/good looking apps (my first idea is a Minecraft guide, that is going to have hundreds of pages).

Do you know any good software for it? Or should I just wait for Stencyl 3.0 (I've been waiting for over half a year now)?

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