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Ask a Question / Font problem
« on: January 26, 2014, 08:12:47 am »
I downloaded a free font (
It works perfectly with Inkscape and other tools, but when I try to import it to Stencyl it ignores it without any error message. I'm pointing to the *.ttf file in the Font Style -> Choose Custom.
Any idea, where I go wrong or how I could make Stencyl accept this font?

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Avoider - WIP
« on: February 21, 2013, 12:08:20 pm »
Avoider - Minimalistic Bullet Hell game
Welcome to the  heart of the Circle Empire. Being a Red Rectangle, one who is different from any other inhabitants the Empire can be a dangerous place to stay. Dodge circles and collect bonuses, and survive as long.

You play as the Red Square, and move with the arrow keys
P to pause and unpause

The difficulty curve might be a little steep but I wanted to make a game that you can play even if you have only five minutes (I never even survived three minutes yet  ;) ) You get points for every enemy who leaves the screen except bomb fragments and gun shots.
I'd be pleased if you'd take a look at the backbone of the game:
All feedback are welcome.

People: (0+ points) Basic people of the Circle Empire. They're small and can appear in different colors and at different velocities. They're mindlessly go through anything that stands in their way but usually ignore red squares.
Boss: (20+ points) This white big white circle looks like a joke at first but it becomes your most persistent enemy on the later levels as it follows you for a peroid of time determinated by your score.
Drunken cianoid: (50+ points) This little cian guy cannot travel in straight line, his path contains circular parts. Hopefully he won't vomit on your screen.
Bomb: (100+ points) These big yellow-red circles make their way to near the center only to explode into numerous smaller circles. The circles must have something against lonely red rectangles.
Commander: (170+ points) These big brown dudes are the backbone of the Circle Military. Any circle that dares to approach them will get a direct order to turn against you.
Assassin: (260+ points) When everything else fails, the CM sends assassins to get rid of red squares that are unable to fight. These guys look just like the normal ones except they're blinking and has the ability to turn 90 degrees and double their speed.
Gunner: (370+ points) Last, but not least, there are big black circles who are slow and easy to avoid. However they use some automatic weapon and fire 2 targeted shoots at you every second.

The next level would start at 500 points. The first who achieves this score can suggest a new opponent :P

Scary cross: the brown cross has the ability to scare off the enemies. It should be noted that several circles are immune to the effect. The effect only last for a moment and even if the scared circles leave the screen, the new ones won't be affected.
Shrinking cross: the red cross has the ability to shrink you. However the effect only lasts for a small period of time.

Resolved Questions / [Solved] How to call code based global blocks?
« on: July 27, 2011, 04:26:11 pm »
While reading an other topic about trigonometric issues I decided to implement a few functions that can help the user to decide which way to turn. Maybe even some other. However I quickly ran into the problem, that I can't call my function from design mode. In the attached behavior I inserted a code block that calls my function, but it's kinda ugly (however fully functional). I'm almost sure there is a way to make my function visible for the designer, I just missed the lesson. Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Resolved Questions / Collision performance questions [Solved]
« on: July 20, 2011, 08:18:51 am »
I'd like to ask three questions.
First, I creating a big maze (about 32*100 tiles). There is a small part of it in the attachment. I signed three places with a question mark, there are currently no tiles there. Would it be better to put there a tile with a square collision shape? I can see that Stencyl merges the collision shape of tiles when possible. If it would help, should I use transparent tiles or black tiles (background color) or it doesn't have any effect on drawing speed?
Second, when I have a small actor like a bullet or something, the collision shape doesn't really matters influences weather the bullet hits something or not. So I'd like to chose the shape that has a lowest cost on CPU time. Would it be a circle or a square or maybe a triangle?
Third, as far as I experienced collision shapes of dynamically created tiles don't get merged by the engine. Is there a way to tell the engine: "Hey, I'm ready, start merging"?

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Sutyimok and the Haunted Treasure
« on: July 14, 2011, 11:03:00 am »

Sutyimok the Forest Ranger got tired of breaking one bow after another during his never-ending fights with bandits and decided to get some magical stuff from a nearby dungeon. However the dungeon is filled by the ghosts of the fallen.


Basically this is a maze game where you need to outsmart baddies like in Pac Man. Instructions are on the first level, but they're simple - arrow keys to move, avoid ghosts and drop obstacles with space to distract them. Obstacles are removed after a period of time so have no fear from blocking paths.

The game is still under development - needs some animations on stairs and obstacle graphic (now its just a black block), etc... Maybe even some difficulty settings. Consider this one the hardest for now. Levels are randomly generated - some of them are impossible to beat, sorry for this.

Sorry for the crappy graphic, I'm really bad at drawing. Also, if the music drives you mad, you can mute it with Stencyl's build in volume controller (press numpad minus). Evil laugh is from Halloweens, music created with MuseScore.

Any feedback would be welcome.

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