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Ask a Question / Do one-time effects cause lag? (All platforms)
« on: September 03, 2017, 08:06:43 am »
Hello all,
I am a major image manipulator in Stencyl. However, I am trying to transition to HTML5/phone/Steam, and a lot of my strategies have bugs there (i.e. "get image for self"). Thus, I am re-evaluating the old "effects" method. Specifically, I am asking if the "Apply effect [] to self" causes lag if it used minimally (i.e. in "when created" and then just left there).

EDIT: I do know that the latest private build has issues with them, but I am using an older copy for now, so I am speaking more in general.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Kongregate: Geometric Destruction TD
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:25:31 pm »
My game has now been uploaded to the internet. Now, it's a matter of seeing if the over a month of focused work has paid off...

It is a Tower Defense game in the same general style of the classic Protector series.

For more details, you can read my journal:,51932.0.html

I welcome any feedback on it, both positive and negative. Also, don't forget to rate it (but only if you enjoyed it! :P)

I have made a custom cursor for my game, but I have an issue: when the mouse leaves the screen, the custom cursor (image) just stays there in the screen, which of course looks bad. I know that in AS3, there was an event one could use to detect if the mouse has lost focus, but I have searched in the forum and documentation and cannot find that for the current Stencyl version (I am using 3.5 if that matters).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Yes, I am aware of the method of using lists to store old positions and seeing if they are the same, but that is inelegant at best.

EDIT 2: The "Lose/Gain" focus only works if the user clicks off of the screen and then back on, which is not really what I am going for, so this is once more unsolved.

Ask a Question / Method for saving entire actor (including events)?
« on: August 13, 2017, 04:12:51 pm »
After having come back to Stencyl after a hiatus of many years, I have found that my favorite way to store pieces of code for future use (the StencylForge) is no longer accepting uploads.

When I try to export my actor, all it exports is the pictures. I want to export the entire thing. My actor in question is a dynamic button creation that I have spent hours perfecting (changes styles, sizes, colors, etc. at whim). With how much I have put into this, I want to be able to quickly insert it into future projects.

Thus, my question: Is there a way to export an actor in its entirety (including events especially)?

Please note that I do NOT need to export behaviors as I prefer to use events instead.

Journals / Geometry TD (PUBLISHED)
« on: July 22, 2017, 04:27:42 pm »
I am doing a set of Twitch streams to showcase the development of my project, which I am calling simply "Geometry TD". It's a simple title for a simple graphics game. The mechanics are to go far deeper though. I am attempting to take all of the aspects I loved from the Protector series and expand on them while ridding myself of the parts I do not like (such as capped units or "absorb"). The current idea is to do 6 different types of geometry shapes as towers, each with its generic pros/cons, but each one can be upgraded in the same ways (for example, one could have a slow-firing, low-range but total AOE circle tower that you upgrade to be a poison tower or have a long-distance star tower that is also a poison tower).

EDIT: Added in the dates/lengths of the streams

EDIT 2: As of 8/27, the game is now up on Kongregate!

7/20 (1:44): Startup: Creation of path code
7/22 (0:59): Finishing path code, start of tower placement

Chit-Chat / Mailing list to be notified when there are new contests?
« on: October 07, 2016, 08:03:38 pm »
Hello all,
I was going to join back up with Stencyl briefly for this contest, which I only learned about as I am still in touch with other Stencylers (I think it was Ceosol who told me about it).

Thus, I have realized that it would be handy if there was a mailing list for contests; just something that we could all put our emails into to get notified of some new contest going on. I think many (including myself) would really appreciate a setup like that. I know there are many game jams constantly going on (i.e. Stencyl jams, Kongregate's Game in Ten Days, Ludum Dare, etc.) , and it would be helpful to just get a quick note of each.

I do realize it would be a bit of a hassle for the coordinator, but I also think it could also boost interest in Stencyl (or at least see the return of some of us who otherwise would forget about it).

Chit-Chat / Twitch: FindingAnswers
« on: May 16, 2015, 06:08:49 pm »
During my work during the jam for this past weekend, I have realized that perhaps people do enjoy watching me work. The livestream has been around (in various forms) since almost the beginning of Stencyl, and I'm still the leader of it. Before, I led it under the name of "Abigayl" (yes, I am the one who wrote the tutorial series), and now I lead it under the name of "StencylTuo" (the one behind the "Demo" teaching games in the StencylForge). I run it as an optional help area for those who need help with the coding part of Stencyl.

Thus, I am creating this post as a simple way to notify people if I am actually live (I'm on the livestream whenever I'm on the computer; this is just for when I am actually "live"). If you want to be notified of when I go live, just reply to this thread (or otherwise "watch" the thread), and I'll add a post here. I also have a Skype group (my name is "Tutor KtoA") for this purpose too, so if you prefer that method, I can do it too.

I cannot give set times when I will be on simply because my job (IRL I'm a tutor) I'm rather "on call" all of the time, so the only day I can make commitments on is the Sabbath (Saturday) as that is the only day I take off. That said, I'm always on at both 10 AM EST and 11 PM EST every Saturday for the Skype Bible study I lead, which is open to all :). During other days, 10 AM and 11 PM are still the best times to try to find me online.



EDIT 02/08/2016: I am now going to try to start livestreaming almost nightly (with exceptions for my Skype Bible studies Friday/Saturday night). I cannot say when exactly I will be on, but they will often last until around 1 AM EST. I plan on posting on here when actually coding during the stream (might also be playing a game,  writing my novel, or just randomly doing stuff).

EDIT 07/20/2017: I am now doing a Geometry TD livestream on Twitch: FindingAnswers

Stencyl Jam 15 / No More Instructions (Game = Uploaded)
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:05:09 pm »
Yeah, that's actually the game's name. And yes, I am still alive :P.

I always like to push myself to use some new technique in any game I make, and while I enjoy coming up with custom collisions, this challenge proved to be nearly insurmountable... how does one program a game where the ball can bounce naturally off of any object, any angle? I began with a simple center-based approach, but that quickly fell apart as it made the collisions unnatural about half of the time.

I then remembered a trig-vector formula that I have taught to students: cos(theta) = u * v / |u| x |v|. It took hours for it to dawn on me that the formula was giving me the wrong side of the angle. When I changed it up to find the perpendicular version, it finally began to work. :)

I've been livestreaming (and saving the videos) of the entire process ( I'm up to about 10 hours on it, split into 6 parts (not including time spent in thought when the camera was off ;) ).

Even before the Image API came out, I've been wanting to make a game where you destroy the instructions (I hate making menus  >:( ), and now I might finally have the skills (and prayers ;) ) to make it into a reality. I still have many challenges to come... the next is to figure out which letter the ball is colliding with... but the [hopefully] biggest is now over with :).

Ludum Dare 30 / "A Pong Story"
« on: August 25, 2014, 02:41:43 pm »
I originally wasn't even going to join the LD again, but the timing worked out okay, and with the theme being "connected worlds", I decided it was time to break the fourth wall again.

The game is primarily told via the short story segments between playing the game. I don't know how well others will feel like it uses the theme as it's a different take on it, focusing on the story being the theme instead of the game (although the story changes how the game progresses).

Anyways, for anyone interested, here's the link:

Also, I'm uploading it to the StencylForge so that anyone who wants to see how it was done can do so.

Suggestion Archives / Get z-order for image instances
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:23:39 pm »
Can we please get a "getter" for the z-order when working with image instances? It's weird that we can set the order but not able to see it. :(

Also, as a temporary solution, can someone please tell me the hard code for it? I tried using "getOrderForImage(_tempInstance)" but it didn't work ("tempInstance" is the image instance I am referring to)

Ask a Question / Can't "set pixel" for a "blank image" until "filled"
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:04:49 pm »
I'm assuming that this is a bug. I just tried to use batch drawing to create a grid-like image (really wish there were line options like with normal "drawing" codes). I used a blank image with the width and height of the screen. I then proceeded to make the lines using a batch drawing. It didn't show up though. After about five minutes of debugging, I tried a fill option before the setters. Then the lines appeared.

Shouldn't the "set pixel" work with a "blank image"?

EDIT: Am looking at the API and I did now read that the "alpha" is preserved, which would explain the issue. It's still annoying, but I don't know if it can really be changed then.

For all of you who do not know, I am actually the one behind the "Abigayl" tutorials, both here ( and on Kongregate ( I changed my name first (actually back) to just4yoshi and then more recently to my identity of "StencylTUO" (the "TUO" standing for "The Unknown One" as I was originally going to hide my identity) since I'm actually a guy IRL.

Anyways, with 3.0 (and now 3.1 and soon 3.2) out of beta, I've been working on a 3.X tutorial series, just like I made for 1.X and 2.X (don't ask me why Stencyl didn't upload the 2.X series to Stencyl TV; I don't know why either). It's been a 3-month process, filled with setbacks (which you can read about in my game journal:,29931.0.html). However, I'm very pleased with the end result. My tutorials in the past have been called "interactive", and I felt that they never fully lived up to that name. Not with this tutorial though. After many years of coding, I finally have enough experience to create my own "Stencyl" within a flash game. Now, the tutorial is indeed fully interactive.

Now, I'm not willing to release it fully quite yet (will be sending it to Kongregate, possibly NewGrounds, and Stencyl itself for the Stencyl TV area). That's because I've only had limited feedback on it. While I've tested it a lot, I need some other people to look at it and let me know what works (and especially what doesn't :P). Thus, I am asking for YOUR help, to look it over and tell me your thoughts. Thank you.

TLDR version: I've made a new tutorial for 3.X, which I hope will help a lot of people learning Stencyl. However, I need feedback on what is explained well and what needs work (especially for how to use the tutorial). Thank you.


Teaching with Stencyl / FREE Educational Resources
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:59:09 am »
Since there's been some talk lately about the desire of tutorials, books, resources, etc., I figured it'd be a good thing to have a centralized location for all of the FREE resources. Please feel free to add to this list any free (needs to be free) resources you know of, as I doubt I know all of them.



SunriseKingdom's (over 50 I think):,1233.0.html
Game school's:

Rob's 5-part series:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:



Abigayl's First Series (covering 1.x):
Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:
Tutorial 3:
Tutorial 4:
Tutorial 5:

Abigayl's Second Series (covering 2.x):
Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:
Tutorial 3:
Tutorial 4:
Tutorial 5:

Abigayl/TUO's Third Series (covering 3.x):
Tutorial 1 (WIP, almost done):,29931.0.html

Other Entries:
Tweens Tutorial:
Using Drawing Codes for Actors (idea is obsolete in 3.x, but it also shows list manipulation, etc.):

DEMOS ("games" section of the StencylForge):
Publysher's TD Series (in the 2.x StencylForge, NOT the 3.x one):,9984.0.html
Tuo's 24+ Demo Games (in either StencylForge):,16160.0.html

Again, please feel free to post other links you know of for any FREE resources to learn how to use Stencyl. :)

As I mentioned in my LD entry (,31525.0.html), which letmethink also confirmed, the Stencyl Arcade seems to be acting up lately.

I just published the latest edition of my Stencyl 3.x tutorial ( and yet again, I get a blank white or black screen with Chrome. When I opened it with IE, it worked fine. When I played my LD game on other sites with Chrome (i.e. Kongregate, Newgrounds), it worked fine.

Something seems to be wrong with the Stencyl Arcade with newly published games while in Chrome. Older games still seem to work, but even those are acting up a bit. For example, I just tried my demo for Sonic-style running (, and while the game "works", the screen bounds seem off. I'm losing about 50 pixels off each edge. Gravity Runner ( is missing the right and bottom edges.

Chrome Version: 34.0.1847.131 m

I attached a screenshot of the Gravity Runner game. It's the one with the edge issue most visible (since the squares make an entire border around it, and you can see the top part of the bottom writing).

Hello all,
I'm going to give the Dare a go. The entire process will be livestreamed ( (see sig link)). I've already saved the first 43 minute segment from tonight in the recent videos. Tomorrow will be the main push in the creation as I work on Sunday. I hope to start around 10:30 AM EST.

My idea is pretty simple: Since so many times we've made games about aliens attacking from outer space, why not make a game about "aliens" attacking from within the earth. It's a mostly standard projectile "defend the earth" style game with the controls reversed to shoot below instead of above. Graphics and sound will likely be crap. We'll have to see if I have any time for polish at all. I'd rather put the effort into putting in more features.

If you want to see what I have accomplished in the 43 minutes, here's the link:

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