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Okay, doing that now.
Its called Chun LI character test.

From my I'd say 16+ odd hours of Stencyl its a messy game in the works.
Thank you also for expressing so much time and advice in helping me. Im very grateful!

How do i put it up on stenycl forge? Its on i see now. I downloaded your Demo games and I'll see if i can reverse engineer them.


Thank you for your replies. I have uploaded the test game onto forge and provided a link for it and uploaded some screenshots too.

Big thanks to my hero Tuo!

Hi everyone,

Im totally green at stencyl. I need som help figuring out how to make my character move. I've have mixed success.

Starting by getting a Chun Li sprite sheet and uploading all the animations for the different actions. Then adding 2 way directional movement. I have added in code from Abigayls tutorials 2.0 number 1 also and Chun Li when a button is pressed is is laggy, unresponsive and refuses to move cleany and past a few tiles on the screen.

Here is the game on  Stencyl Arcade

Im totally new to this so please can someone help me. If someone could break it down for me simply I would be very grateful.


Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:33:26 am »
hi guys

Im Jack or SketchieDemon.

Made my first game last summer 2012 for my graduate exhibition at college and doing a part time game design and content course. Assignments are for making games in Stencyl. Its all a bit new to me so I will be asking foolish and obvious questions on here and looking for help. Thanks guys.

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