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Ask a Question / Re: Failed to compile to Windows after Updating to 4.2
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:44:30 pm »
Did you install Stencyl over a previous install? Perhaps try uninstalling Stencyl and installing it again, or just install it to a different location on your computer.

Ask a Question / Re: Failed to compile to Windows after Updating to 4.2
« on: January 09, 2020, 05:47:53 pm »
Try cleaning your project and compiling again. Tools > Game > Clean Project.

You can drag the folder inside the DMG anywhere you want, including into Applications, and then run it from there. Don't try to run Stencyl from inside the mounted DMG.

Ask a Question / Re: Confused. How do I add an image?
« on: December 26, 2019, 10:07:25 pm »
In a "when created" event, try something like this.
Code: [Select]
set imageAttribute to [image from file [CorrectNixon.png]]
set imageInstanceAttribute to [instance of [imageAttribute]]
attach imageInstanceAttribute to screen at x, y

Images are different from drawing. Drawing happens every frame, but images are created whenever you want, and then attached to the screen. They're more similar to Actors.

Ask a Question / Re: Confused. How do I add an image?
« on: December 26, 2019, 06:36:51 pm »
In the "image from file" block, you're supposed to type in the name of the image in the extras folder.

Does your Stencyl install have a folder at "plaf\neko-win32"?

Dialog Extension / Re: Dialog Extension with 4.0.2
« on: December 20, 2019, 03:03:10 pm »
Did you try running the sample project first?

If that works, then it's just a problem with how it's configured in your game. You can copy the settings from the sample project over to the new game to get a headstart (see the "Optional Step" section in the getting started guide).

Try running the following two commands in the command prompt. See if they work normally and print the expected results.

Code: [Select]
D:\Stencyl\plaf\haxe-bin\windows32\haxelib.exe version
... should respond with ...

Code: [Select]


Code: [Select]
D:\Stencyl\plaf\haxe-bin\windows32\haxelib.exe run openfl help
... should respond with ...

Code: [Select]
.d88 88b.                             888888b 888
d88P" "Y88b                            888     888
888     888                            888     888
888     888 88888b.   .d88b.  88888b.  8888888 888
888     888 888 "88b d8P  Y8b 888 "88b 888     888
888     888 888  888 88888888 888  888 888     888
Y88b. .d88P 888 d88P Y8b.     888  888 888     888
 "Y88 88P"  88888P"   "Y8888  888  888 888     "Y888P

OpenFL Command-Line Tools (8.9.5-LoqcFr)

 Usage: openfl <command> [arguments]

 Basic Commands:

  config -- Display or set command-line configuration values
  create -- Create a new project or extension using templates
  clean -- Clean the specified project and target
  update -- Copy assets for the specified project and target
  build -- Compile and package for the specified project and target
  run -- Install and run for the specified project and target
  test -- Update, build and run in one command
  help -- Show this information

 Additional Commands:

  trace -- Trace output for the specifed project and target
  deploy -- Archive and upload builds
  display -- Display information for the specified project and target
  rebuild -- Recompile native binaries for libraries
  install -- Install a library from haxelib, plus dependencies
  remove -- Remove a library from haxelib
  upgrade -- Upgrade a library from haxelib
  setup -- Setup OpenFL or a specific platform
  process -- Process a SWF asset for use with OpenFL

For additional help, run openfl help <command>

News / Stencyl 4.0.2 - December 14, 2019
« on: December 12, 2019, 10:45:55 pm »
Stencyl 4.0.2

This is primarily a bugfix release for the 4.0.1 release earlier this year. Notable improvements are the new 64-bit distributions for Windows users, better compatibility with macOS Catalina, support for the latest Xcode and MS Visual Studio versions, and a higher default memory limit for Stencyl itself.

Download Now


Subscribers: This release does not include all of the features in the current subscribers-only builds. If you're currently using a private build and would like to update, please update with the latest private build.

If you find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker.

Other issue tracker links:
[4.0.3] tag: issues planned for the next patch release.
[4.1.0] tag: features and issues planned for our next minor feature release.


- Don't allow resources to be opened while already loading (#1663).

Scene Designer:
- Avoided index out of bounds error causing scenes to not open (#1552).
- Don't try to use custom cursors on unsupported systems (#1498).
- Fix "bring actor to front within layer" functionality.

Design Mode:
- Don't allow dropdown menus beneath blocks to be opened (#547).
- More accurate tinting of Design Mode blocks on macOS/Linux.

Actor Type Editor:
- Don't read in ghost shapes (#1517).
- Always refresh collisions page when animations are added/removed (#1553).
- Fix size of collision bounds of drag-and-drop imported animations.

Behavior Page:
- Behaviors Tab cuts off behaviors with a lot of text (#1591).

External Tools:
- Added missing dependency needed to unzip 7-zip files, including Pencyl (#1531).
- Retry running external commands if they fail due to CreateProcess error (sometimes due to antivirus/cloud sync/etc creating short-lived locks).
- Make VsCode work on macOS if the .app is selected.

- [creation] Prevented higher scale images from being created on import if higher scales are disabled.
- [creation] Fixed a bug with number of rows/columns being swapped when importing tileset image.
- [duplication] Fix: font images not being copied when duplicated (#1542).
- [duplication] Fix: multiple copies of higher scales appearing when duplicating Actor Types (#1554).
- [duplication] Fix: custom blocks in duplicated behaviors still referring to the original (#257).
- [importing] Set atlas ID for imported resources to 0 if atlas does not exist (#1504).
- [importing] Fix loading of tilesets with images that don't match the claimed number of tiles.
- [importing] Fix importing of resource packs with behaviors using each others custom blocks (#1646).
- [exporting] Fix bug causing potentially high size of exported resource packs

Game Settings:
- [scaling] Don't read in enabled scales that have been disabled in project scales (#1548).
- [android] Fixed custom Android keystore paths so they would actually be used.
- [android] Limit allowed Android platforms to ones that have been tested.
- [android] Allow accepting Android licenses from within Stencyl as needed. (#1545).
- [ios] Fix iOS launch storyboard scaling (thread).
- [web preloader] Preloader images can't be cleared (#1538, other little bug).
- [atlases] Fix: Atlas button on scene tab wasn't opening atlas page due to refreshing
- [atlases] Fix: Scene listing in atlas scene manager only shows scenes not in any folder when first opened
- [engine-extensions] Fix: labels extension not appearing by default.

- [codegen] Fixed compilation error with certain number formats that are valid in Java but not Haxe, parse as text instead (#1537).
- [codegen] Don't let faster code generator erroneously succeed if blocks are missing.
- [issues] Hidden pref for showing errors dialog even if there's only warnings. "prefs.compile.showwarn=true"
- [resources] Ensure that we never write out scales that are excluded from project (#1548).
- [windows c++] Fix visual studio detection when vswhere.exe exists but returns bad path
- [ios] Fix Xcode warnings when using deployment targets newer than 9. (thread)
- [ios] Fix various errors when min iOS versions other than 10 are selected.
- [windows] Use the 64-bit release to allow compiling larger projects (thread).
- [windows] Default to 32-bit output for Windows desktop games.
- [windows] Fix typeinfo.h error for recent MS Visual Studio update

- [rendering] Fixed drawing position for simple physics actors with top left origin points (#1506).
- [rendering] Made camera movement smoother by not rounding layer positions (#1525).
- [rendering] Fixed gradient background center being shifted by text/image drawing blocks in previous scene.
- [rendering] Fix tilelayers being cut off when zoomed out in Flash
- [rendering] Fix font width/height blocks for default font when scaled.
- [rendering] Make scaled text respect antialiasing.
- [rendering] Fix crash when reloading screen with scale changes if an actor with no anim is present.
- [rendering] (rare case) Fix drawString on non-flash platforms when tilemap rendering is disabled.
- [rendering] Fix crash when actors are z-ordered in certain ways (#1539).
- [input] Fixed actor mouse detection when x and y scale values are different.
- [input] The "control key is down" block now also works with the command key on Mac (#1489).
- [input] Handle gamepads being added and removed at runtime more gracefully
- [input] Enable multitouch on non-mobile platforms (#1544).
- [sound] Fixed bug with sound channel event not working after pausing and resuming a sound.
- [sound] play/loop sound blocks always start a sound with default volume and pan (#1505).
- [game logic] Added log message clarifying that a transitioning scene cannot be paused (#1520).
- [game logic] Don't retain Instance Customization of actors when recycled (#1558).
- [game logix] Fix native events not being disposed when attached to actors (#1645).
- [preloader] Don't show preloader image in front of preloader bar (#1538, bug #1).
- [coding] Small change to typing of event listeners due to Haxe 4 (#1604).
- [coding] Engine setting for preserving offscreen tolerance (#1601).
- [android] Fix potential crash when gpg signin fails (thread).
- [android] Don't crash when purchases is disconnected mid-operation (#1516).

OS/Tool Compatibility:
- Fixed HTML5 and iOS compilation bug that occurred for some macOS users (thread).
- Stencyl is now bundled with Java 11 on every OS
- Windows 64-bit release now available
- Except for the win32 release, Stencyl opens with an increased default memory cap of 4GB
- Include example java parameter in linux script for hidpi displays
- Xcode 11 support
- Support for using the Desktop/Documents folders on macOS Catalina
- Stencyl dmg releases are notarized for Catalina
- Android API 29 support
- Allow JDKs other than Java 8 for Android compilation.

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Haxe: 3.4.7 -> 4.0.2
- Update Hxcpp: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.19
- Update OpenFL: 8.7.0 -> 8.9.5
- Update Lime: 7.2.0 -> 7.6.3
- Updated hxp, polygonal-ds, hxtelemetry

Ask a Question / Re: How to link new files in Stencyl
« on: December 11, 2019, 05:19:38 pm »
Don't copy them in from another project. Just delete the files and try again.

Ask a Question / Re: How do atlasses work?
« on: December 10, 2019, 03:48:00 pm »
Likely a bug that was fixed some time ago (I'm assuming you're on an older build here). Not a big one though. Just click the Folder filter, where it says "All Folders" and change to a different one. Then go back to "All Folders" and it should display them all.

The Main Atlas doesn't need to be loaded for all scenes, but it is where all resources get placed by default, so it's probably a good idea to keep it loaded for all scenes.

When your primary view is "Scenes", you can choose which atlases to include in specific scenes, or you can disable atlas-binding for that scene. Then whatever was loaded in the previous scene will remain when you load that scene.

When your primary view is "Atlases", you can choose which scenes to include the atlas in, or you can decide that the atlas should simply be loaded in All Scenes.

Sorry about that, there was some spam here and I deleted it.

Ask a Question / Re: Unoptimized APK from Stencyl
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:17:19 pm »
Hey Guzzz! Sorry about this.

The first error you ran into (undefined reference to 'hx::gMultiThreadMode') is likely caused by old code being cached and not being updated when you build your game in the new version. You should be able to fix this just by cleaning your game.

The errors you ran into with the text blocks, I'm a little surprised about. Some text blocks were updated recently to fix issues with line/letter spacing and how text draws when scaled. Stencyl has a mechanism for automatically regenerating code when a change like this is made. For some reason, it doesn't seem to have happened for you, so it makes you open the behavior to trigger the code update. This is why the errors went away after opening the behavior.

HeyZap is a third-party extension so I don't know right away what might have happened with that. If you want to message me on discord, we can try to figure that out live, or you can continue the conversation here.

Ask a Question / Re: Xcode Project Won't Build
« on: December 05, 2019, 03:40:06 pm »
If you run the game in debug mode it should give you more info, showing you the behavior that's coming from. (I'd suggest testing in Flash or HTML5 since they're automatically debug mode and will compile faster.)

Ask a Question / Re: Xcode Project Won't Build
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:34:43 am »
If you download Stencyl fairly recently, you may have gotten a version that has an issue installing Neko. can you compile for any other platform at all? If so, that's no the issue. But if that is the issue, download b10470 or later (the current subscriber's build) and try again.

Did you open Xcode through Stencyl, using Tools > External IDE > Launch Xcode? If not, please open Xcode in this way because it allows it to use the same build environment that Stencyl does. Then, to build in Xcode, select the default target (it should be the name of your app), not "Build Haxe". However, don't delete "Build Haxe" either. That's a workaround that you don't need if you open Xcode through Stencyl.

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