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as the tittle said, I'm making a platform game. And i still can't figure out how to make my actor dead when he step on spikes or get touched by enemy ?

as like some spikes, or the enemy character in mario bross.

any tutorial or suggestion how to do it? thank you :)

Ask a Question / Re: need help: can't set the tiles
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:15:23 am »
i do think i imported them correctly, and i tried to re-import them several times (and again after reading your comment) but there's seems no difference.

did i miss any step on uploading tiles or there's something wrong with my tiles ? .__.

edited :
i tried to make a new scene, and my tiles showing perfectly, but my actor can't jump or fall.
is there's any tutorial or anything to help me solve this problem ? thank you so much :)

Ask a Question / need help: can't set the tiles
« on: December 05, 2013, 10:41:48 pm »
Hello everyone !
this is the first time I'm using stencyl, and i found some problem with this.
I've asking several of my friends for this problem, but they have no clue.

I'm making a platform type game, my tile size is 60x60px. I've changed the setting in properties to 60x60px, but the preview looks smaller (?)
when i tried to test scene of the game, the tile got messed up. Can anyone help me ? what's wrong with this ?
here's the screenshot of my scene

Thank you in advance  :)

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