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Ask a Question / Game lags (Slow FPS) when testing my game
« on: May 07, 2015, 01:13:33 am »
I've used a lot of code for my game, and at some points there're a lot of actors on screen. I know that too much stuff will cause the game to slow down and makes the FPS drop. But If I export it as a stand-alone flash application, will it run normally with no lag?

Does anyone have an answer?

Hello Matt,

Thank you for the reply! Please find attached the collision shape for the red target (the same is for the green target) and a screenshot of the game in debug drawing.

Best regards,

I'm making a shooting game, and 2 targets pass each other (both on different ID layers),  and right now I have code where the target in the front layer where you can only shoot from there, and disables the other targets that are behind. However, when the front target touches the targets in the back, it disables the whole thing, and you can't click the ones in the back  even if they're not blocked.

As you can see in the screenshot (is not the final version of the game), when the green (bad) target is in front of the red (good) target, I can't hit the red target at all, even though it's not fully blocked, and I want to shoot the part of the red target that's still visible. Is there a way to make targets in the back shootable when parts of them aren't being blocked?
I've also included the code. Thanks.

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