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News / Re: Legacy Releases (1.x / 2.x / 3.x)
« on: November 14, 2015, 06:10:36 am »
the  first gen legacy links just take me to the stencyl download page. trying to download pre 2.0 builds and cant :(

Paid Work / Re: Has anybody using Stencyl got hired with success?
« on: January 14, 2015, 06:18:14 am »
i got a playtester gig  working on prototype 2 for radical entertainment/activision because I included stencyl projects with my application. they were looking for varying demographics, and they were keen to have a dev. in on our week of testing

Game Ideas / Re: The Legend of Radtron
« on: August 18, 2014, 12:24:30 pm »
forgive my ignorance, but where can I find a pre- 3.0 build to download? Im having some troubles

Game Ideas / Re: The Legend of Radtron
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:02:23 am »
Sorry for the necropost....

Trying desperately to get this project back into my stencyl...I need the pixel art, actors, tiles, and animations so badly, but its no longer in the there a way to remedy this?

Right after I bought my pro subscription, I pretty much left the interwebs for ever...please for the love of god tell me there is a way to retrieve the actor animations? There were SOOOOOO many in there that hadnt been used

all is well in terms of research. Away on a long ass- business trip right now, but have a couple of people internviewed, and am keeping this in the back of the mind for the next month or two until summer ends and I can get fully into a project!

Game Ideas / Re: Animations in actor
« on: June 12, 2012, 08:07:49 am »
Hi there. I think you can do this by opening the item up with the edit button, and manually getting rid of the mistake with the editor of your choice.

But you would get better advice, if you were to ask this in this correct forum board.

This board is for Game Ideas.
But youve posted something better placed in "ask a question"

Chit-Chat / Re: What Have You Been Playing Lately?
« on: June 12, 2012, 12:01:03 am »
 PVP Multiplayer games are not my cup of tea usually... but started playing Drakensang online... a game like diablo at face value.I found it much more challenging though.... the paid item mall was a turn off at first... but any money i spent was purely my own choice. I came around. Grinded...pvp arena And then before I even realized it, Im at the level cap and prettymuch being awesome. Not for everyone. But its worth a play just for how nice it looks for a browser game. It has a HUD that looks too close to diablos for comfort...but the game is open beta and much is undergoing overhaul before official release. Some prices are in need of a tweak though.Its kepts my attention for a few weeks solid though. Beta currently does not work with mac or linux yet though

Annnd....then a few hours ago they hired me as an Unpaid intern...And exploring future options... but would have to consider'll probably get me a good reference if nothin else
I didnt mention the game because of the job though mind you. Ive been playing it and spreading the word gingerly for a while now... As such, im gonna refrain from  giving any details about my account name, or player files. But despite this, give it a whirl. Its quite nice looking. And the models are very well done for lowpoly and browser.

I'm sorry can't you convey your ideas in shorter pieces of text and not walls? The walls are very intimidating to read I've only read the first post

 If you cant be bothered to read what you are replying to, then please refrain from posting here.

again, came to post some news... but again, you've decided to try and douche things up.
Im not asking you to like my idea. But I am asking you to follow forum guidelines and stay with the topic. If you cant do that, and cant offer constructive feedback...could you please bugger off?

Medevenx, Dont bother reading past this point. Obviously large paragraphs and stream of consiousness narrative in first person are not your cup of tea. Thanks for  you valued input though/


Got a sort of volunteer gig with BigPoint Games today. Applied last week. I do some voluntary forum modding for a title of theirs... and During the probationary period, I get a bunch of game credits...neat.

One of the development leads for the project I am working with is trying to get the okay from their Bigoint people upstairs to let me get in on some oddjobs for game content. Possible modeling some animals or items...and the odd skin or two for now. They are trying to get me on board for the time being, and mentioned they were going to hand my portfolio to the  Bigpoint guys, after Ive done enough volunteer stuff for their paid internships in Graphics. Its all maybe, but Its a lead on a possible ill take what I can get.

But the lead developer for the game im currently with seems to be quite interested in keeping me around, and in close proximity to the current team....which is long as he isnt planning to steal my body and shapeshift his way to my family and eat them...I guess.

This does not really progress things here directly... and an project like this is Not really the sort of thing I could see Bigpoint wanting to get on board with. The singleplayer non linear art drive market is not so much their thing. But bigpoint is big enough that it might lead to some networking. Even though a I know squat about Java... but my training is in the for of an internship towards Jr Graphics lead... so given they still like me in a few months, It might go somewhere.

Ive thumbed around, and made some ghetto flow charts....and I think I can determine everything i need to know psychologically in 4 steps before starting the game

1 being the name selection
           Determines the need for individuality 

2 being character creation.
            Will determine a indentified Gender role and level of interest in the superficial
3 being a start bonus. 3 items are presented to choose one  from
            Determines the Sensory system preferred by the player   

4 Difficulty
            Determines the level of ego, selfreliance, co-dependance

All this would give me a certain about of base attributes that could essentially power the whole game flow....Not sure if maybe im missing something  that could help on me end here though
I think adding some arbitrary things to ensure the player feels lulled into the game unsuspecting. Zodiac sign and favorite colour come to mind....pets...not sure....dumb stuff.... makes the player think the game is really going to need all that info.

News / Re: Stencyl 3.0 - Design Once. Play Anywhere.
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:21:45 am »
man... it sounds more bummer and cheesy than i wanted it to. Its just nice to have an outlet. Its harder for me to go out at night with a backack full of spraypaint and climb roofs an billboards. Im 31, and allthough im generally well, i gotta not put myself in risky situations. Been trying to get accustomed to staying in...and Stencyl has usually been around...and time and time again, im amazed at how much ive learned with it. I dont learn things like this well, so i mean, I stand by it. The staff have always been great...the community grows, and lots of people dont know me, but i see the same dudes when i come back, and you guys are all rad. And you are always really cool about throwing the love out for something ive been toiling at, even if its doomed to development hell. I like you guys, and i like stencyl. It was worth the was worth the effort, it was worth the money, and is worth Not dumbing down. A hobby develoer is still a developer. A newbie Developer... still a dev/

Nobody is download it, and execting a play space invaders and have it shit out zelda when you finish a level. Its already fun. If i could give any input, is that every time you add a new set of features, my stubborn and awkward brain has to re-learn the UI. Please, after 3.0, can we leave the scene designer generally the same in its UI layout? I havent even bothered with 2.1...even though im pretty sure I bought Stencyl Studio the day I updated it. I was going to tinker, was a bit drunk, opened it, saw a new layout, and was like "WHOAH DUDE.NOT NOW BEN. GO PET YOUR CAT, BEFORE YOU DAMAGE YOUR GAME" and then i decided to wait until 2.5...but i guess its 3 now.

Im gotting ready to give a super gift to the stencyl community in the near future here. Ive made something rather usefull....oor I should say just shy of 750 interchangeable somethings.

Then the art in this game has to be mind blowing because it's an art game.

And by mind-blowing i mean it conveys your idea perfectly (not exactly the most detailed piece of art, but shows the emotions and vibe properly)

Im sure there is an art game out there with some minimalist theme and a piano soundtrack you are using for a frame of reference. Go play it. And then right after that...and when you finish that with all three ending after twenty five minutes without having to use your brain to understand things because its all written in a minimalist pixel font...load up a couple of high res bosch tryptichs and maybe some of the more modern surrealists ( post one)...then go see how many in depth literary papers have been written to deciper the possible meanings of that little sad flash game.

That is the difference between art and artistic.

So far, there are no games, ever made that are classified as art by any repuatble institution.
And even still, mine likely will not be the first... but no other art game has really set out attempting to meet the critera. By implying art games exist, in the context youve used, lets me know you are
talking about something you very little about, but are certain that you are an expert in. The older I get the less I know. Except for a couple of key areas...I can say without boasting, that I am really good at my vocation. An expert, by definition.

I typically work in fields of visual arts that are not considered art. In my years as a professional and journeymen tattoo artist (16- to about 27 or 28 before i put away the guns) I was part of a group lobbying to have tattooing recognised as an official art form. We did expos, shows, presented cases to prove by definition that exempliary tattoos, preserved post morten and on display in  top name gallerys, were by definition fine art. After a whole lot of years of pretending we were getting anywhere... tattooing is recognised in some parts of the USA, Canada, Russia, and the UK as a FRINGE art. That group still lobbies today. But  its as a means for  certain tattoo artists to promote themselves. It will never be "art" in the eyes of the scholars, and art historians.

And Tattoos have a better shot at such recognition than a game ever will. Its impossible for me to hang an orginal copy of a  game ive made, on the wall of a gallery and have it viewed in its intended form. Its not art. However, ive got a history of doing this Ill take up the cause. And I honestly have nothing but respect for the developers that create them, when labeled as a minimalist or conceptual game, those "art games" do not bother me. Much as calling Down tempo electo hip hip as such does not exist. But when you call that hip-hop "trip-hop" myself and anyone else with involvment in  music production pertaining to the genre, will flat out tell you that you are a cancer to the music industry. And I feel about eight times as strong with "Art games". If having graphical imagry that perfectly illustrates the concept makes an art game. Tetris and bejeweled are art games. What you are referring to, is played out hipster concept games....that are usually not games...they are overtly simplistic  and desperate attempts at post modernism in interactive design. And leave it to a generation of  of soiled kids, that grew up with entitlement complexes, and thinking hunger is only having rice and beans for dinner, and hardly any toast for breakfast. Its this ignorant approach to design, and a lazy creative drive that would rather set the standard for ingenuity at minimalistic, and lacking an artistic sense of credibility or communicative skill that allows a designer to let an observer reach his own conclusion.
These designers act as if they are carrying some sort of artistic message....but the message is often far from artistic.

Art conveys ideas without words to guide the observer to a reflection on the works on their own accord...

But these games assume the player is a simpleton, and guide them to the end point, and often smear the meaning in my face with lyrical quotes, and often entire pop songs.

Art will let the observer take the meaning that they percieve from the work.

But again, often, if there is any ambiguity about the simplistic hallmark message conveyed, the
designer will take that extra step to ensure the player "gets it " the way the designer does. This is the practice of Fiction writers, playwrights and film makers.

Art will often employ masterful techniques to achieve unnoticable results to the untrained eye, making the process of observation  a more rewarding experience for the observer trained in the observation of the craft.

And again...designers of these games will slap a series of vector images, or basic shapes, and assign the attributes of the subject using means outside of their craft.

Ever look at the piece "American Gothic"?
Ever ask yourself what it gothic about it?

Sorry guys. Im done.


Great news!!

Ive been getting in touch with friends of mine that can help me figure out how to approach the research end of this

This wednesday Im gonna meet up with my ladyfriend the headshrinker, and were going to drink booze and imma pitch the whole idea to her. Ive given her a rundown so far, skimming the surface and she said she would hear it, and help me figure out some criteria for a set of interview questions for people that i can weasel horrific stories from.

Our other lady friend, who works at an addictions safe injection site,said she would see if she could find anyone that would be into doing anonymous interviews...She is joinin on wednesday as well. That will be step one.

Ive got another friend Im going to quiz, who is my old roomate from last year at this time. Dude got his doctorate in language and has been wokring as an english prof at a university in taiwan...I think Taiwan. I get those mixed. He has written some crazy stuff, and was kind enough to share as much of his fancy book learning with me as he could back when. Getting in touch will be a pain, but I know he will give me a shout assembling the wholething into something resembling a literary scheme. I imagine the "wirting" is gonna end up pretty postmodernist and self indulgent....and full of blank spots for pending interview results, and artistic liscense.I sent a mail off to him just a while ago...he is usually pretty to get in on anything that will destroy ones  comfort zone with ideas. He is an evil genius and I love him.

Ive contacted the only three friends of mine of any scholarly repute. I excited to  hear their thoughts and suggestions.

And then, Ive gotta get somebody to pull the interview off on myself. And a couple of friends I know of whom i know have seen some things. Funny thing with those types. They are usually pretty good at  stone face reciting those sorts of things that actors lay it on thick to tell in films. Ive had friends who have really casually told me stories about shooting civilians when they served... or getting totured...And those are the best kind I could hope for I guess. Honesty will make this way better.

And I know other people...that i might rather avoid...but I have a good deal of experience of my own to contribute as well, and am going to try craigslist. With luck in about a week, I can have some criteria and interviews lined up for research. (The idea of the research isnt even for the stories, so much as the little things the brain associates with them. I imagine its different for everybody, and depends on experience... but maybe Ill find some recurring visual symbol or smell or mood leading up to or following...I dont want this to be drama heavy....less drama. A lone protagonist is less inclined to have drama anywhere but within his own circumstances. More looking for mood, and the shock that comes with different forms of trauma. Im so excited....but the whole thing is rather morbid I guess. meh

And then in the end I need to find a way to communicate it all with only visuals, colours and sounds. There will be no text aside from the title screen, and the players name input and creation screen. All presentation will be done without words. As proper art should be.


the idea is to disambiguate shitty words like  right and wrong in relation to any persons struggle through life.

It does not matter what I call it. The title would have to be vapid, and not elude to the actual game.
Ill call it Milktoast.

The conflict mechanism is not the some events would be "Fortunate" and leave you with an discomforting response.

The point is not the struggle.The point is non verbal.

see, yes.... these sorts of things would be like...tier one and two misfortunes that would set player on a course towards the next horrible misfortune. After your tv was stolen could choose to presumably pick up the phone and call the cops, or start looking at things in the room...books windows.... or you could pick up a weapon and  go find the guy the next day.

The days would get worse or better....but the folow would seem a suprise to the player....and the reactions and what  room items were interacted with following each set of conflist would somehow translate into one of many forks.I f a person chooses to drink and sleep as a result... it would trigger events inclined towrds addiction related misfortune. If you called the cops, and relied on the system rather than accepting that your tv is better off gone, knowing they wont do anything, you get a fork towards paranoia and codeendance etc.

But eventually it would turn into things way to real for a game, for anyone who had seen that sort of thing. For instance somebody with addiction issues is going to notice things that people without wouldnt. SOmebody who had tried smoking crack in their life is going to notice things...and theres a good chace teyll try to shut them out...because its a very subconscious response and detection system in ones brain.

SOmebody who has a history of sexual deviance or opression, will react to certain things. They will look a bit longer at something...or they will avoid certain things, the only tip would be a disclaimer that the game was trying to gague the players reaction time to stimulus to determine their character and motivations. A bit phych I guess.

And so on.

I need to find people with real examples of their own misfortunes, or bad habits or things like that....and find cues that will let me pick up on these things without first hand input from the player. It would not be concrete...and would not work with other people in the same room as the layer...some people would work at all on...but if you can find some authentic imagry and behavioral norms in could make something that would potentially get in the players head a bit.

Not to scare.... but to kind of just bring the ugly inside them to the the player is confronted with the fact that the game is a bit too much, and hitting a climax, the idea would be to insert  oposing but complemantary material or stimulus to eveoke an uneasy comfort in the player as a result of this building negitive response....and hopefully the juxatposition of the two mental states would be enough that consciously or not, the player would be told... "Its okay man. Everyone is shitty. Now that you know this... just move on and look forward" in a non verbal way.

If you know anything about NLP, this will make more sense.

The first thing i would have to determin from the player is the Primary sensory system they use.
The character creation would do this. The player is either  kinesthetic (touch) based in cognitive process, Visual or Sound based. Everyone relies on one of those three...And I guess having an edit button beside the players name in the HUD would help me gauge how important a sense of personal identity was....determined by how quickly, how often and when the player attempted to fix the name they input, as it would slowly change and lose its word-structure turning into something vapid. The player could keep trying to re-enter their name, and it would just keep fading. the frequency of editing before they gave up on their own indentiy within this fake little reality would help me determine how imoportant things like... who they are as oposed to who they were or are pretending to be (Im not sure how, but if there was some manner of non malware approach i could take to finding a computers user account name....for non malicous purposes... this could help when coparing the game name to an actual name. for error. just ideas.

The game needs to hijeck the users brain and trick it into giving away more than it realises. It is bound to get complicated, but would need to look simple and unassuming...and it is going to take some body better with logical thought and whatnot than I am...Im very right brained, and i dont think i could pull it off without creating a mess of things too convoluted for me to work with. I might put an ad out... or see if I can find anyone here willing to help, for a cut of future earnings or bride people with what little cash I have.And thats like... fifty bucks, so I have doubtshahaga

I had so much more written intitially. It was perhaps a bit unselltling for me to read and wonder what the reaction would be. The premise itself would take some research, and I would want to get some stories from other people, anonymously, who have had to deal with horrible things... the kind nobody talks about...vile and insufferable things hapene to everone, and face it...some of the best and most adjusted of us have had to do terrible a means to an end. The idea would be to both mock and brutally validate these things, and the reason why people have to do them, in hoes of illiciting an understanding more comprehensive then simle "Greed" or "Selfish pride"...and I dont think I could do this without development help... but the visual end of things I have covered, the conceptual is mostly there (I have some pretty solid frame of reference, and  the things that dont stem from personal exerience are from watching other peole do terrible reasons, because they had to...I need to interview folks, THinking about maybe craigslist...allthough I have no budget to pay people, Im hoping just the premise of getting something like this out to a stranger for the sake of giving it some artistic merit rather than being a dark spot in life might be enouragment enough for strangers to tell me stories. I want nothing from professional writers...just real stuff.

Trying to make a list of disturbing necessities that will hit people close to home...and givent that it would generally be first world centric, for the sake of the audience...
Most of them come down to addiction, guilt, starvation/need, self loathing (not self esteem. invalid. Not even worth my while) sexual perversion/fetish, sexual preference and denial, self benefit... them or me...abuse... victim guilt, munchausen syndrome, infancide, homicide, suicide, discrimination, hatred, and other things....but Imk having a hell of time even tryin to categorise these things into something that would work in a forking mechanic, that would fit in.

Basically, I think Im on to something really... valid. I think this has the potential to get noticed, and go somewhere... but man... i dont know how. haha. Its easy enough to get impassioned about once you start embracing the idea with objectivity...but its also a tough one to get onboard with because things like this are hard to make an objective piece of artist commentary about.

Any ideas... questions... anything... i really would appreciate discourse on this idea to flesh it out.
Im hoing to find people to get on board, but i honestly think its a bit too much to ask somebody, so I dont even know. I need help figuring out mechanics, or implementation ideas. I need sound and story board adive. I need brains...that i can pick and that will pick mine.  None of my own experiences I plan on lending are particularly personal to me pretty honest and non emotional....and have embraced most of this a bit with art at some point... but its always been too vague to drive the point home. I am open to ideas. Any inut that will help me make this clearer and plan a list of to dos... right now its hazy, and im trying too hard to piece ideas.

Anyways.... thanks....

Do not hesitate to pick this apart, tell me it sucks, tell me I suck, or speak your mind. I dont think there is anything, negative or positive that wouldnt make this a bit less fogger for me to plan.

Ideas on how to gather info?

Ive got many bases covered... but need more terrible life stories... I need matter of fact, objective, fact and event based recounts or terrible life stories, and the events leading up to or after, if it pertains. Smells, sounds... dumb things that stick out in memories.

How do I find damaged people that are still undamaged enough to realise the merit in this, and lend their experience i wonder.

And how the heck to I mathematically catergorise the worst events in peoples life in a way that I can disturb my audience the most?

clickity clackity clickity...

"Wait a minute.... this game.... its so fun. as if somebody made the cotrols using every button i would have picked... its like this game is inside of my head and pulled out all my ideas, and the filtered them through my technical limitations, and then...that music.... its so....

Who made this game?!?"

click click

"Holy mother of god. I have to tellt he world.?"

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