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Hello guys!

I was thinking that just replace everything (code to blocks) would be enough to update RPG Platformer Kit but something goes wrong :'(

I quit!

I got it!!!

Finally after 8 hours working, I updated all behavior from RPG Platformer kit! Just replacing blocks!

It works now in Stencyl 4... It works a little bit fine some things works weird. ;D

Hi Luyren!

I love that RPG Platformer Kit.

Have you got this kit in Stencyl 3.X version? ... maybe I can update to Stencyl 4... please!

I was updating old versions games and kits from Stencyl 2x to Stencyl 4... I got it except RPG Platfomer Kit (Luyren kit). Somebody knows something about RPG Platfomer Kit evolution?
This kit is very useful to other games genres too, AI behaviors are complex but those are awesome!

Hi, Squeeb...

Sledding. stencyl file and Bezier Curves extension are awesome!

I think that will be very usefull.


Hello guys

Wow!,51883.15.html    that´s very cool man!

Very bealtifull effect!
That´s perfect to cutscenes tittles or game tittle etc...

I will try to modify to roads now...

Thank you very much...

Soon I will to talk about it with you, tell my results  :D

Hello everyone!

I found this :
from forum:,
Diamond ou mine race, where can I find it?

This is very simple and works fine: straight road, curves, etc...

I was looking for it in Stencyl Forge but I can´t find it.

Ask a Question / Re: How do I make a Mode 7 Racing game?
« on: September 13, 2018, 12:47:47 pm »
Hello monkeyinamansuit!!!

Where a find Diamond or mine race?

I was looking for it in Stencyl Forge but there is nothig there!

Hey everyone!

Somebody already seem "7 Mode or Mode 7" in Stencyl?
Mode 7 was used in games like F-ZERO and Mario Kart from SNES wich everythig rotating around player (great 3º Person effect)

Look that:

Another engines can make Mode 7 effect (SNES and Sega Genesis)

Perfect Squeeb. Thanks for collaborate!

What ou think about my sugestion?

" To try to modify a 3d game example from Stencyl Forge that there is a little trees in it. Maybe if I put road lines wich use same behavior from trees be possible to recreate these flash effects."

I want to create a game like Super Monaco soon:

Hi Jeffrey.

That is very interesting, please look images below....
 Straight road animation:

Curves animation:


Please, visit and read:

You will like it...

Recreate that in flash OK, there is step by step. But I don´t understand how can I to recreate these effects into Stencyl.

I hope somebody can help me or indicate a kit or game on Stencyl Forge... maybe a link with similar example into Stencyl.

I am trying to modify a 3d game example from Stencyl Forge that there is a little trees in it. Maybe if I put road lines wich use same behavior from trees be possible to recreate these flash effects.

Hello Squeeb!

Where can I find this example (to download and test)?... snow race!

Hello everyone!

Please, somebody can help me about ... "How to make a pseudo 3D racing game"?

Somebody already make something  like this before?
I mean... Somebody already make some Stencyl game like this before? Is it possible to make it in Stencyl?

I read about this type of pseudo 3D racing game in these following pages (wich pages are very interesting):

Is there a sample, a game example or kit to use? Please... :)

Shared Resources / Re: 3.1 Top Down Racing Kit
« on: August 01, 2018, 11:56:41 am »
Hi, ETHProductions!

Yesterday, I already created a joystick and add to level versus (before I already replaced old blocks from stencyl 3.1, all revised)... I tested it first in Flash after in Android 4.4.4 from my old smartphone Galaxy J1 , Top Down Racing Car kit works very fine in both! This kit is awesome!

I'm very happy!

Next weekend I'll to change all sprites for my own images wich has old VW beatle and tilesets like grass... roads etc... without your support this project could be impossible! Thank you very much!

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