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Maybe we have to replace the build-in googleplaygames with above openfl extension, that has the savedgame function

With iOS Game Center you can  savegame to iCloud as you said

I suggested Firebase because the cloud Feature is cross-platform.

I'll read up on the android side of saving
Go with Firebase:

There are a good example codes for both iOS and Android:

Extensions / Re: byRobin Extension Manager (0.1.2)
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:37:25 am »
Working on a Toolset Extension to handle all my extension properly,

This is how it looks at the moment...
(Free extensions can be download directy in the toolset, paid extension must purchase first.)

To do/done:
Code: [Select]
[X] Download and install Free extensions directy from github.
[X] Links to paid extensions page to my Store.
[X] Check if an update of engine-extension is available, if there i an update create an update button.
[X ] Add Local Notification engine-extension
To do:
[ ] Fill the generalPage
[ ] Add extra iOS and Android settings, like permissions etc...
[ ] Update all Engine-extensions to work with the Toolset.

Any chance you'd be up for looking into the other requests in the thread? Would be appreciated :)

Current i working on a toolset extension to manage all of my extension properly.
I help squeeb , were i can, to work on his skills to create extensions, so he can create great extension him self.
So i don't take new projects at the moment.

I am unable to work on any thing ios atm... I need a test device, hopefully I don't need a mac.
@Squeeb, you need Xcode to create games with stencyl for iOS, so yes you need a mac or you can use

The orientation extension works really well, great work Squeeb and Robin!
Thanks, have fun with it.

Extensions / Re: [iOS/Android] StartApp Advertising (0.0.3)
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:31:09 am »
@robinschaafsma does this extension include offer wall/app wall ad formats? Since chartboost is shooting down their "more apps" ad format i'm looking for a substitute and I read that startapp has an appwall/offerwall ad format. I found this article in their github ( it looks that their interstitials have 2 modes, automatic and offerwall, just by switching the mode it'll work as an offerwall but im not sure
It loads the atomatic mode and not the offerwall mode.
Startapp Recommend Automatic to show the best ads that is available at that moment.
Thats whyi implement the Automatic mode.

Extensions / Re: Spine Skeleton Engine Extension v0.0.4
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:36:18 am »
This is great! Any chance we could be able to set position for other bones beside root?
Maybe in the future..

I need logs from Xcode when crash happens. (You can just delete haxe in Xcode to get it to work see also

And again don't put blocks right after initialize block,  wait a couple of seconde to call load the ad.
Did you put your AppLovin SDKkey inside the include.xml file?

Did you also try to clean project after download.

The problem is then show ads.

Huh... what are you doing here?

You cannot use Applovin blocks without initialize Applovin first, this is why it crash.
But if you use Applovin with Heyzap, use the Heyzap "load/show interstitial/video" blocks and not the Applovin blocks.
Then you don't have to initialize Applovin if you use only Heyzap..

In your Heyzap Dashboard enable Applovin under Mediation settings.

By the way, banner is showing at the bottom by default, so you don't have to move the banner to the bottom at startup,

Hello Robin, you know now compile OK with admob and heyzap. But when I try to show ads, game quit (crash).
What can I do to fix that ?
Don't know need logs from Xcode that tells why it crashed.

Hello Robin, now compile ok :)
I will test on my device later and update you! Thank you very much.
For Applovin have to copy framework too, right ?
Best Regards.
No for AppLovin you don't have to do that, only make sure you use AppLovin version 0.0.4 else it will not work with Heyzap 2.9

Hello Robin, thanks for you reply, but not works :(

I am sending the logs.

Thanks in advance.

You have below error, follow steps in link below. (download en replace Heyzap SDK)

Can you give me your logs...

What I can tell you now is:

1: Wait a couple of seconds after you initialize Heyzap before you use another Heyzap block.
2: you cannot move the banner if its not created yet, so first use showbanner and then move it.

Maybe this helps, if not please share your logs..

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