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Extensions / Re: Rebuilding iOS Extensions to include 64-bit support
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:44:04 am »
Submitted a new app today to apple and was rejected due to missing 64 bit support. Looks like they started it earlier than Feb1 as they previously noted. I understand stencyl 3.3 will resolve this issue? Your post says download stencyl 3.3, I assume you mean to wait till it is available? Or is there beta build we can get now?  If you mean wait for 3.3, do you have an idea of how soon it will be available?


cool. i'll download the nightly build now and give it a shot and update you! thanks

The log says built successful. then i select creat iPA for publishing to apple and i get this error:
usage of --preserve-metadata with option "resource-rules" (deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10)!

I looked online and found that the fix to this yosemite error is this: Found the fix !
Click on your project > Targets > Select your target > Build Settings >
Code Signing Resource Rules Path
and add :

BUT HOW DOES THIS APPLY TO STENCYL!?! I am not good with code.
Please help with this error. this in new after yosemite upgrade when publishing to iOS.

Follow me on TWITTER: @vanhaylo and identify urself as a stencyler!

The Downloads did slow down a bit this week but it's still not a bad load. I will attempt some advertising strategies and let you all know how that pans out!

Just to clarify for people asking. I am not going to accept any paypal or money in return for my help. I'll be glad to help u all for free as best as i can. If u wanna help,  like my facebook page and invite all your facebook friends to do the same! Im not gonna take your money, we're all in this together.

Facebook  page:

Matteads. Make sure you draw your graphics at 4 times magnification on photoshop or illustrator. So ur whole scene on photoshop should be 4 times your phone screen size. Then in stencyl import your graphics at 4 times scale.

Tharaa. I just tested iad and it is working fine for me. I can log in easily. Did u try a different browser? Like firefox or chrome?

no that;s nothing just refresh and log again it will open. sometimes it does that.

yes i think i can help u with that since i went through a lot with it.
first of all when u log into what is the status of you application? does it say receiving live ads? or does it say receiving test ads? is it sending requests or is that number still zero? if u can screenshot that status bar i could help u more regarding what to do next.

what? omg! no way! i embeded the game on my site and informed my university network to spread the word  and send a mass mail to all students to check it out. i didnt think it would get that high! but that was few days ago. i didnt notice the plays number coz i cant see them on my site! i wonder if they keep goin up!

Hey guys! I made a facebook page for the game:

Please visit it and press "like" and if you feel like helping out more please invite your friends to like the page as well. It takes a couple minutes only. Thank you!


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