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Many thanks everyone!! This helped me a lot!

Sorry, but how to get the "PlayeractorID" for the block you mentioned?

What if the player is also added at runtime? (I have a multiple character choice)

Thanks a lot, I am working now on each case for the rights conditionals. :D

THanks friend, this solved this specific case indeed. :)

But do anyone happens to know about a more general approach to animation overrides? So I can "stop walking - attack - resume walking" for example

It's a question that happened before here, but I did not find any answer about how to code it:

-I have a walk animation, and when I switch to "jump" animation, it sticks on the jump animation and never goes back to the walk animation.

How can this be fixed, please? Thanks in advance

Resolved Questions / Re: Some troubles with number lists
« on: January 28, 2012, 02:09:58 am »
Oh ... m,y... god...

I feel so dumb, I was wrapping things int "as number" blocks, and then wrapping then in the general list getters. Now with the single block it works!

Thanks so much for helping me, Abigayl!!

Resolved Questions / Re: Do Every X seconds problem
« on: January 26, 2012, 04:13:36 pm »
It's exactly what djip said, it was creating many actors cause the always block runs at each frame (many times per second) so each second it was creating many timer events that in turn created actors

Resolved Questions / Some troubles with number lists (SOLVED)
« on: January 26, 2012, 04:00:33 pm »
Hello there!

I am still having some troubles with list type game attributes

I have a list with several items(indexes) and set them to default number values, but when I set a variable to a given index of this list, it returns a Not a Number (NaN). It happens even if I wrap the "get item X from list Y" in a "as number" block.

Am I understanding this list thing all wrong?

Thanks in advance

Ask a Question / Re: Selecting character
« on: January 23, 2012, 02:14:37 am »
I just did a character selection for my game, here is how I did:

-First I made the character selection screen, with Actors using the images of the characters, on each actor, when clicked, it would set a game attribute called "Character_chosen" to a number.

-Second, in the game itself there was a conditional that "added actor X to the scene" depending on what was the value for the "Character_chosen"

I think this is an easy way, the one I made actually saves stuff in a list for using different save slots. Hope you can get it working.

Thanks a lot Cole. :)

hmmmm thanks... but anyway then I am not being economic on resources by using the same spritesheet for many different actors, right? (given it will save a different version for each actor)

Hello there,

Given I have two different actors (like turtle and flying turtle enemies) who use the exact same spritesheet, when I create both actors and set their animations to this spritesheet, is it being duplicated?

like, does stencylworks detects the use of the same spritesheet for the two actors or does it duplicate the file?

I was planning having many actors with totally different behaviors who use exactly the same animation spritesheet.

Archives / Some kind of version control
« on: January 21, 2012, 05:29:18 pm »
Hello there,

As games will tend to get more advanced with Stencyl's evolution, I think that it would be nice (if not life-saving) to have some kind of version control. Something like Tortoise SVN but simpler.

Maybe just a easier way to make backups of stable versions of the game. Something like a "save as stable version"  and a "Revert to version X" on the file Menu.

(Ok, right now you can actually do it just "saving game as" and save with another name, I'm just trying to figure a more advanced and friendly way to do it)

Thanks Jon, it's all goin right now. :)

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