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I am definitely interested in playing your game and seeing how it goes on in the future! I don't have an expert opinion, but I feel something around $5 might be a good price. I am your customer either way you decide  :) Also, when the game is this neat, there is a replay value even in going on trough the same story once more.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Save To Kill on mobile
« on: Today at 06:59:17 am »
Congratulations on releasing your first mobile game!!! As you already know, I have rated it and reviewed on both platforms. It plays nice and smooth. I like the controls, buttons swapping ability and especially I love the new art of the icon and start screen. Vampire now looks more menacing. Nice work altogether!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Big Shot Boxing
« on: Yesterday at 01:10:32 pm »
Congrats on another brilliant game! I downloaded for apple, played briefly for now... so far without losing a match and enjoyed it very much. Have beaten 3 guys (Leonet was a decent opponent!)  I will play it more for sure but I already rated all stars and left a review.

Didn't encounter any ads at this stage, I guess they begin appearing a bit later. I especially love my coach appearing which emerges me in the story giving me the feeling like I am really a boxing champion. Also the referee illustration is awesome! I suggest when opponent is knocked out perhaps you can make him count even a bit faster to enable quick return to the game. Since opponent doesn't do actual tapping to recover, it just might be an illustration how many seconds did him take to get up. Once more congratulations on crafting another brilliant mobile game!!!

Oh this is beautiful! You too, have a nice weekend!

No, it is just that you have to release pushing the bars at exact moments they reache green, isn't it??

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:22:43 am »
What is the strategy behind your teams marketing? Do you just submit and hope it hits? Or did you guys reach out to several agencies/publishers? How did the armor sponsorship take effect? Do you just say "I have a game, give me monies"? lol I'm just trying to get an insight into this aspect of development. Any tips or knowledge would be greatly be appreciated. I would personally DM you guys, but just hearing any aspect of your teams stories could benefit alot of aspiring devs here including myself :)
I sent mails to Armor, Kong and Newgrounds. They all said they liked the game, but Kong and NG said they no longer have sponsorship programs. I think it is most important to send them the mail once the game is like at least 90% finished, beta ested and polished as much as possible. If Armor didn't offer sponsorship, I would have launch to Kong exclusively the other day. Luckily, Armor got us first and suggested the very much needed improvements. The difficulty I set was way too hard and there was no proper score counting. So we worked on the game for a few weeks more and improved it further.
In the pitch mail I also enclosed a few screenshots and links to bigger GIFs of the gameplay, described the features of the game etc.
Like Ceosol said, no publishers or marketing, except for the cross promotion from Flash to mobile with "get more gems" buttons. I did invest $24 on FB marketing but it really doesn't give good results because of such low budget (I was already warned about this once, but could not resist, they have such nice analytics haha).
That's amazing! Also you're making a sequel?
Yes! Hope to create it by the Summer 2018 or even earlier if possible. It should be the same concept, but with better graphics (I hope!!!!), more content and more complex economy and fighting system.

It is amazing and looks professionally created! I especially love those cute dialogs! The trailer video is also right on spot! Keep on rocking!!!

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: October 08, 2017, 01:50:46 pm »
Ha, thanks! Actually a lot of this revenue went on the licenses, outsourced work and we share the profit within our small team. So I think I might net around $1k this time. Still a great pocket money! :-)
It will mostly go for necessities like food and clothes for me and dog stuff for my beagle.
But I hope the sequel next year might bring similar or even more so I am already warming up for a nice graphic tablet and these can be pricey! This one I like in particular and it is almost $1.9k so I will leave that for the next year :-D

As for the ads, Ceosol takes care for that stuff. I am way too clumsy with these things. We still need some time to see what ads bring good revenue I guess. AdMob is pretty easy to set up actually. It was just that in all the rush and hard work around launching, I didn't pay attention to what companies we had so I didn't link it or confirmed my payment info. Currently we use adbuddiz, vungle, inmobi and admob. There are interstitial ads that jump out after each game over or reset of the game. And of course the famous 'watch video to get gems' reward ad. I read how Colin likes to avoid banner ads because they are always there on the screen taking up the space and being all ugly and such. Interstitials don't go in the way so much. When they are gone, player can immerse in the game in peace without any ads around. I like that way of thinking and I used the same principle in Woodwarf.

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: October 08, 2017, 01:21:56 pm »
Thanks all!

Here are some nice statistics - applyzer is saying Castle Woodwarf is top 100 strategy games in four countries. I especially like the fact we are 66th place strategy app in China!!
Mobile downloads continue with around 1.7k new daily units. The mobile ads revenue also improved, especially after we fixed what I missed at AdMob settings. Even though ads were showing, we didn't get any revenue until we properly linked the app and I confirmed my payment information. It was a mistake that probably cost us several dozens USD. Currently we earned more than $50 mobile ads revenue. With AdMob properly set up, I think we might keep receiving something between $20 and $30 daily as long  as people continue playing. Combining all previous earnings from Armor sponsorship, Kong's prize and Kong's ads revenue the game earned more than $2.200 by today.

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: October 06, 2017, 08:16:01 pm »
Thanks, guys! I think many of submissions were created in just a few weeks or so by single devs. Woodwarf has been made  for around 4 months and I had help from Armor Games testing and suggestions. Plus our team has 4 people - Greg for music, voices and effects and everything else, Theo for part of the art, Ceosol for programming optimization and me. Plus we hired a YouTuber Chelsey for girls voices. So we have some  advantage compared to many submissions and I think we can be proud on the accomplishment.

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:45:11 pm »
Thrilled to see Woodwarf won 3rd place in Kongregate September 2017 Contest!

Currently it has got 3.89 rating, which fell from 3.95 during the last ten days. It probably went down because of the lag many people got on Kong but it was still enough to anchor us in 3rd position. Mobile games got some attention after all and currently there are around 6k of downloads combining both stores. Still, there are so many uninstalls and ads revenue is  not that great at the moment.

For me, this is such a nice success story and I am grateful to all that helped and followed this game on its journey!
In Woodwarf 2 I will put much more focus on the gameplay itself and I am already eager to see how it will turn out.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Space Pirate (June 2017 demo available)
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:26:21 pm »
Looks so nice and fun! Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to playing it as soon as it is out!

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:17:18 am »
I believe you are right! I did a few things to reduce lag but didn't succeed completely. I didn't use images API or Atlases at all so that might be the main cause. Kong has many active ads on screen and that eats the little memory Woodwarf didn't take already. AG and NG don't have these issues. I think it's too late for correcting. I should better focus on planning the sequel. But this lag did really cost us a few points and getting a better prize. Lesson learned... In the meantime mobile versions get around 100 or more downloads per day counting both platforms. It is too low number and looks like we might end up with an audience of only 2-3k mobile players. That is too low for ads revenue. So it seems investing time and $300 won't pay off at all. The reward is the experience I guess.
EDIT: More powerful computers don't have lag on Kong. Also, zooming out browser window helps a bit. CTRL -

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: September 21, 2017, 09:46:59 pm »
Alright! Tanks for the feedback! My mistake  about the ads, I have no clue why'd they appear a few times in a row. It is not intended to work that way for sure. Currently mobile game didn't pick up on the downloads... I hoped for some more audience but currently it is only like 30 on GooglePlay and 700 on AppStore. This doesn't generate any revenue. Ceosol told me a long time ago I need hundreds of thousands downloads to get a  proper ads revenue and I think  he has got a point.

Journals / Re: Castle Woodwarf
« on: September 21, 2017, 12:46:52 pm »
Thanks!! Yes, looks like we'll win some nice prize! I can't believe this... I am so happy people enjoy playing it!

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