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- Also Justin mentioned something I did notice in Fireside Hero: Moving a lot of actors forward / back a layer may slow down performance, since in this case the engine cycles through all the scene layers to find which one is the target. 

Yes that makes a lot sense!

Cave background for the combat mode in Fireside Hero.
Nice one!

Very good stuff!

3. Use handler events for updating animations, font colour, sound etc.
Basically, instead of "Switch animation for actor..." you may want to use a custom setter "Set animation requested to...". The separate handler will then check if the requested new state is different from the current state, maybe remember the current state as "previous", check additional conditions and only then do the hauling part and actually switch the animation. Besides improving performance, it allows to easily tweak the code in one place without sifting through your whole project.
I find this interesting! Is this improving the performance? wow. Only if in always?

5. Use procedural animation if possible.
I have a simple dying animation for my monsters and heroes. It erases the character image (sort of "the Infinity Gauntlet" wind effect). I initially stored these animations as actor animations (roughly 20 frames per character x 18 characters = 360 frames, 240 x 240 pixels each, with 5 default scaling variants Stencyl includes). The way Stencyl works, all of these are loaded into RAM at the start of the scene (I couldn't exclude some characters via memory atlases, because my game has procedural generation and I need all the monsters in my scene). What I did instead was: create 1 animated Eraser actor (left-to-right + right-to-left variants, 17 frames each, 120 x 240 pixels), leave only 1 static image for each of the 18 characters, and use the "clear image using image" block "every [duration of the eraser frame]". This is almost 350 sprites less than the original solution and uses 10x less RAM and disc space (at least 20 MB saved immediately).
You can expand this to other situations. Just ask yourself what is used again and again. I have for example one explosion actor for the whole game which changes depending on the situation.

Thanks for your comment :)

I definitely need to work on my backup system and will take a look.
Hi again, I get a runtime crash when I Start a game -> Exit to menu > Select New Game -> See warning about existing game -> Press Escape.
What you are describing is design. Pressing ESC on the main menu will kill the app/game. I see how it can be confusing if you have the warning prompt open though.
By the way, is Visual Studio / hxcpp debugging disabled for your public builds, or it only works on the developer's machine? I wanted to send more info but it doesn't allow to Break the execution.

All debugging should be disabled yes. What would you like to send?

Hola Space Pirateros!

...oh it has been very quite here...let me explain why.
I was going through the whole game with the author of the script and revising it. Polishing levels, advancing the endings as you see here:

I actually had to create an earth tile set just for one of the endings. You could argue that most of the players might not see it but i hate endings which are not satisfying.

I also had to replace all drawing events because they would crash the game in fullscreen and cause performance issues without any understandable pattern. So i recreated them with pixels:

All this....working 4 weeks a lot and hard on it. And then my notebook started to burn.
I am a backup guy but you know...not for the last 4 weeks though.
I cried.

...but got my energy and focus back and started recreating everything.
I am almost done :)

Stay tuned!

Unofrtunately thats part of the development :)
And getting better FPS can also be fun if you see the result.

I wrote down some thoughts a while a go which might be helpful:

Journals / Re: A Foresty Game
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:23:53 am »
The answer should be: What is the purpose of the player?
Use your mechanics to reach this.

Could you share your latest build and i could give you some advice.

Extensions / Re: Custom Controls Extension
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:02:31 am »
like customizable controls?

Hi Space Pirates,
i am going still through the whole game fixing bugs but also still polish the levels.
Level 12 felt for example a bit empty so i added another mini boss:

Have a great day :)

Hi yoplalala,
fixed the link above with the latest build.
I removed all last 40 versions form my server last week ;)


iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Ghost'n Brothers is out now!
« on: May 11, 2020, 05:48:21 am »
Nice :)

hi guys,
quickly sharing version 0.532 here because it is a very stable build with a lot bug fixes just in case you haven tried it and want to.
Main fixes...went through all text labels because the newer Stencyl version changed how it renders fonts and all were off, removed a lot edge cases where players could get stuck, worked on the difficulty of some enemies like the grenade launchers, game remembers fullcreen and your game pad now, did a lot fixes on the starmap which works how intended now and so many more :)

Press W,A,D,SPACE to active or deactivate the cheat mode.

This will give a you:
A lot of credits
20 skill points to spend.
Laser Weapon (3) Maximum is 5
 Health (10) Maximum is 20

It also allows you to jump levels. Press 1 to go to mission 1, 2 to go to mission 2 and so on. Press F1 to got to mission 11, F2 to mission 12 and so on. There are 24 max. You will not understand the story if you do that but its a nice way to check the different levels.

Towers of Vallas is done!

Big cudos and congratulations!
All the best fun with the new game :)

Thanks for the input. It didnt fit the game anymore. I think i will still do Space Pirate with this engine but this is another story ;)

What can I say - a wonderful experience!
Well thank you so much for the nice feedback :)
Its very appreciated! Also merrak thanks for your comment :)
Regarding the feedback:

- Navigating the Main Menu with arrows (in addition to WASD).
I had that in but it confused players with game pad (because then you have double functions)
- Use Esc to get back to the root screen of the main menu.
Which exact point are you referring to? I have it in almost everywhere.

- Maybe show controls after start of a new game, not before the main menu? It's very easy to skip the splash screen, then I explore the menu and clean forget what I saw just before it.
I might add that but it needs a bit more work (players could change their controls before) but good point.

- The Credits screen is illegible due to overlapping text strings.
This is fixed in 0.528

- Maybe don't reset the main music theme when I get back to the root of the main menu from a submenu.
Also a nice to have thing i might add.

- When the Shop window is open, use Esc to close the shop window first (not open the main menu), or add a big on-screen button for closing the shop window, which could be selected by arrows. I saw a red cross in the top right corner but I couldn't figure out how to press it.
Just moving right will select the cross :) I will work on it.

- Separate the icon of the weapon from the life bar by more space or a vertical line of sorts. Otherwise (especially with the green colour of the health bar) it looks like charge level of the weapon. Or at least maybe make the health bar orange?
Mabye i just at a heart icon:

- Enemy AI: I noticed the guards simply follow a direct line to the player, which means they'll hit the wall and start to slowly slide against it (which means I can safely kill them while they are moving from around the corner). Do you have issues implementing the AI Tools extension? It has a choice of pathfinding algorithms that create a hashmap with tile coordinates for an actor to follow. I used it in a scrapped RPG prototype and it worked fine.
A very good point. And yes it would make the game so much better but...i decided at a certain point not to add more features.  Its sounds maybe weird but this game already creates so many weird bugs that i didnt want to add another system. I am thinking about having that in a successor  where i would streamline and kick out some features and focus on that as well.


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