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I've been throughout many errors lately that needed to be fixed one by one,
Now I'm trying to update an application in android google play, when I upload the new apk in the android developer section it says:

Quote from:
Error de subida
Has subido un APK firmado con un certificado diferente al de los archivos APK anteriores. Debes usar el mismo certificado. Tus APK están firmados con un certificado digital que incluye la huella digital

[ SHA1: A5:65:A5:5E:C7:F1:5F:D7:7B:9E:55:0F:D3:EB:67:D2:39:0E:A5:5C ]

, mientras que el certificado que has utilizado para firmar el APK que has subido tiene la huella digital
[ SHA1: 88:81:08:C2:7E:54:2E:E5:E3:ED:24:97:B8:84:D1:4D:71:4B:2F:E7 ]

El código de versión del APK debe ser superior a 7.

Translated to english should be:

Quote from:
Upload failed
You uploaded an APK signed with a different APK files of the previous certificate. You must use the same certificate. Your APK is signed with a digital certificate that includes fingerprint

[SHA1: A5: 65: A5: 5E: C7: F1: 5F: D7: 7B: 9E: 55: 0F: D3: EB: 67: D2: 39: 0D: A5: 5C]

While the certificate that you used to sign the APK you've uploaded has the fingerprint

[ SHA1: 88:81:08:C2:7E:54:2E:E5:E3:ED:24:97:B8:84:D1:4D:71:4B:2F:E7 ]

The APK version code must be greater than 7.

I've tried deleting the certificate for completely and remake it with the exactly information that I used in the previous APK version, but the fingerprint are still different thus it doesn't let me update my app.

However I realized that when I click in the Stencyl option View Fingerprints, an unexpected problem appears (logs are attached to this thread).

this message even appears in a newly empty created game

I've tried reinstalling Stencyl, Java, Android JDK with no success. I will try to do it again later.

Also, I have bought a new laptop and the PC where I made the first version of the app has been reinstalled its Windows system.

Thank you very much in advanced.

Stencylforge did help me so much to understand a lot of concepts, hopefully that feature gets improved instead of erased.

AdMob / Re: [IOS/Android] Google AdMob Extension [3.3.6]
« on: December 15, 2015, 07:07:55 pm »
Hi there,

After a few of days trying to solve this, with no success, I would like to ask you a question. Thank you in advanced.

I'm trying to add the interstitial ad to an android app, (banner admob works very well) but I still can't figure out what am I missing to make interstitial appear.

I've created two scenes, with the next codes shared in the attachment (SceneEvents_1 is the load Scene). Many thanks.

Edit: I'm on it Robin, thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi everyone, friendly community

I am trying to create something different with Stencyl in my first creation, which It's going to be a character maker, and I will explain as much clear as possible. Before I start I want to point that I have spent many hours trying to solve this by myself and guides but without success... yet, there's a particular point that stops me, so I decided to seek for help in Stencyl community.

Let's imagine that I have the next
10 different bodies animations (they're just skin colors where it match with faces & hairstyles) in an actor type
10 different faces animations in an actor type
10 different hairstyles animations in an actor type

The goal is to put the 30 different animations (bodies, faces, hairstyles) in the whole scene (around in the top, like floating but not moving) where, if I click for instance, let's say 1 hairstyle animation, then the clicked hairstyle will switch/appear on the main primary selected actor (should I make a 4th actor?), and also switch between different bodies, faces and hairstyles by only clicking the already explained animations that I will put around the top.

Bad design
The best thing that I was able to made in the time was by clicking in my primary actor (self) then it switches of appearance but It's a turn on/off feature, I will probably delete this as I want to click in any animation then change it to my primary actor, but I will share the screen of the failed attempt anyways, I joined less than a week ago.

 "on" is a boolean attribute, and "body1/body2" is an animation attribute

Thank you very much in advanced for your help any suggestion and help is welcome.

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