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iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: Yesterday at 08:03:18 am »
Did you advertise your game at all? Did you write to anyone? How did it become so popular?

No advertising, I emailed TouchArcade and PocketGamer a couple of days before release but didn't bother w any other press than that. In the end PocketGamer wrote an article but TouchArcade never bothered.

People keep asking how this happens but there really isn't a magic trick to it. They either gloss over it when I say it or just don't want to hear it, but the goal HAS to be "make a good game". A game that's good enough to get featured by Apple, and then good enough that people keep playing it because they like it. (note: this isn't aimed specifically at you or meant as a complaint, Noroup)

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 21, 2017, 03:12:35 am »
Yo! is now available on Android!

I think I'll go that model as well.  What's the best reward video company?  . I know there's rules with some companies about reward videos.  What about get a skin or outfit when video is watched?

Unity is p good for video ads, I use them and Applovin at the moment. You can do anything you want as far as rewards go :)

Yeah both would be ideal. I'm not asking for all these features for one specific project; these are all things to expand on Stencyl's capabilities in general, so the more the better :)

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 20, 2017, 02:18:21 am »
The Android release should be happening very soon :)

Dude... How did it feel to make this much money? Are you overwhelmed?

Also, could you please give advice as to where to place ads, what ads to use, etc.

It was nice but I've made that type of money with other Stencyl games before so it wasn't super overwhelming! I'm just grateful to be able to do what I love and make a living, I owe Stencyl so much :)

Far as ads go, I tend to focus on arcade games so it's not too difficult to put interstitial ads in the game, every X amount of game overs seems to work best. I don't like banners (and I don't think they make that much money, though I could be wrong there!) so I don't use those. I try and put rewarded video ads in my games if I can place them in a non-intrusive way (in Yo a button to watch an ad is barely noticeable placed in one screen where players can earn a few extra coins if they want) just because I think it's nice to give people the option, and it DOES make decent money even tucked away in a corner like that. I also always have IAP in my games so players can remove the ads if they want.

Awesome. At least 95% of it would be from ad revenue isn't it?

More like 80%, the IAP did (again, surprisingly!) quite well, people have been very supportive by buying the 'remove ads'

I updated the OP to keep things current.

Thanks, have fun with it.

Any chance you'd be up for looking into the other requests in the thread? Would be appreciated :)

The orientation extension works really well, great work Squeeb and Robin!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:27:42 am »
To be honest I wasn't expecting Yo to do as well as it did so I didn't really bother with a dev log or getting press (though I should've!). I think Pocketgamer wrote a review but TouchArcade didn't.

I don't really have advice for people outside of "make a good game and hope for the best"

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:08:51 am »
yup. it's at something like $40K by now.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 04:40:29 am »
haha glad you like it, I always do that :) The music is triggered on the main menu so it never re-triggers while the game is going, just loops. i think it would be super annoying if a song restarted every couple of seconds if you died early a few times in a row!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:26:49 am »
There are features like screen recordings and airdrop sharing. Custom extensions on Stencyl??

Both ReplayKit and Simple Share are extensions that have been available for a while :)

Are you going to announce your streams here as well? I'm not checking into facebook very often and don't use twitter, but I'd love to watch your stream!

if you make games you should really use Twitter, I cannot stress enough how much twitter is THE social / networking tool for game developers.

Looking good, excited to see where it goes!

So icloud is cross-platform between android and iOS (and anything else)?

iCloud is iOS only. It's cross device syncing, not cross platform. 

That's a cool idea in theory, but it would be a gigantic waste of time for most games, definitely for mine. Nobody would actively press a Cloud Save button and then input a nine digit number on another device to restore the hats they unlocked XD

The way iCloud syncing works is all data gets saved, and when a player grabs another device that is logged into their iCloud account (which like 90% of them are by default), it loads the data. The sync button itself essentially just logs people into their iCloud account.

If I were to implement a cross-sync function, it'd have to require zero effort from players to succeed.

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