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Ask a Question / Access the webcam and microphone
« on: May 04, 2019, 01:28:59 am »
Hello everyone, I do not know where to put this topic, so please excuse me if it is not in the right place.

I would like to find a way to access under Stencyl data returned by the microphone and possibly the webcam. This would be to do real-time data processing (voice recognition and visual recognition).

What would be the most effective method? Is there an extension? Can a programmer wring me?

Thank you for your answers.

Extensions / Re: External Data Extension [2.0.0]
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:15:02 am »
No. Don't work. Don't understand.
I go to the "extras" directory. I right click> property> attributes> I uncheck "drive only"> I do "apply" then "ok" ...

It still does not work.

The actions print well in the log that indicates the "success" of saving the data in the file, but in reality nothing happens. I am very fussed.

Extensions / Re: External Data Extension [2.0.0]
« on: February 01, 2018, 12:40:15 pm »
Yes, do it but don't work !
Merci de me répondre en français.
J'ai bien réalisé ce test et dans le log pas de souci, c'est "Sauvegarde réussie" qui apparait lorsque j'effectue cette action. Par contre, dans le répertoire "extras", rien... J'ai créé un fichier txt vierge pour voir au préalable, mais toujours rien. Bien sûr je me suis assuré que ma valeur contient bien quelque chose, c'est à dire du texte, et oui pas de soucis la valeur Page contient bien le texte voulu. Donc, pour le moment je sèche complet...

I realized this test and in the log no problem, it is "Backup successful" that appears when I perform this action. By cons, in the directory "extras", nothing ... I created a blank txt file to see beforehand, but still nothing. Of course I made sure that my value contains something, that is to say text, and yes no worries the value Page contains the correct text. So, for the moment I'm dry ...

Edit :

Nothing to do with Stencyl, it is a problem of authorization in writing under windows 10.

Extensions / Re: External Data Extension [2.0.0]
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:43:06 am »
Hello, I'm confused. I'm trying to use the "save data" block. I want to save the contents of a previously defined value to a "test.txt" file and it does not work. I work under Windows 10 as administrator with all file write permissions. Of course, I created the directory "extras", but nothing to do, it does not work.

The block is used not in the main loop, but in an "actor" object. For the moment, I do not have an answer to this problem.

I tell you what I'm trying to do because maybe I'm not using the right method. I created a parser able to read xml format and naturally, I would like to save the result in a file. Maybe there is another method than this extension to save xml data, for now I'm doing just that.

Thanks for reading me.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Happy New Year 2018
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:40:42 am »
Hello everyone

With a little delay, I present you my best wishes for this new year. It's been a few months since I learned to use Stencyl, and I had the idea to make a little playable greeting card. It is not really finished, two things to change, and some bugs, but overall it works well.

Right and Left to move
in touch, touch on the right or left of the screen (the commands are deliberately not visible) ...

To throw a ball, first there is a gauge at the top left to fill, with this gauge,
you can throw 3 maxi balls. You have to move with the snowman to fill the
snow gauge.

Arrow up on keyboard or touch to the middle of the screen in touch (not in the center,
it can be the middle down, for example) ...

In the top right, it's the number of times you hit your target.

There is no end, you can not die, no "game over" and the characters you touch do not die.

 This card is a simple demo to test my functions and improve them. All code will be reviewed and optimized for future projects.

I wanted to add this game in my personal space on the Stencyl site, but I do not know how to do it.

Thanks for reading me and testing my card.

Ask a Question / Re: Distort an image by its corners
« on: December 14, 2017, 04:22:12 am »
Hello Mdotedot,

Thank you for the example.

I preferred creating a blank project, just to apply this example as shown. I created a new scene and went to "Events" to open a new block flow> advanced> custom code.

I pasted the code above, first without any modification to check its operation. I see that here there is a creation of colored rectangle, and that there is the possibility of adding an image.

Code: [Select]
// var bitmapData: BitmapData = cast (getGameAttribute ("Image"), BitmapData);
// or make a color one yourself
var bitmapData: BitmapData = new BitmapData (800,600);
bitmapData.fillRect (new flash.geom.Rectangle (12,12,800,600), 0x99999900);

But I left like that, without modification. I launched (for windows) and this brings me the following error message:

Events for 'test': Unexpected bitmapData
from scripts.SceneEvents_0
line: 88
columns: 0-10

What does this error mean?

Thanks to Sadiq too and thanks for your help.

Ask a Question / Re: Distort an image by its corners
« on: December 14, 2017, 02:51:03 am »
Hello SadiQ,

Great ! I have some questions that will probably seem silly:

Does this method go through hardware acceleration or just the processor?

This code, where should I apply it, exactly?
I wanted to use it in the brick "code", first with "updating": it does not work, then with "created" and it does not work either. Of course, I placed an image in the "extras" directory with the correct name of the file.

For the moment, I can not apply this example, probably because I do not put the code in the right place. Once I understand the principle, already where to put the codes, I can modify the method for my needs.

Of course, if other ways of doing exist, I am listening. If it's about applying codes, I need some precision to know how it fits into the stencyl brick system.

I thank you for your patience...

Have a good day.

Ask a Question / Distort an image by its corners
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:06:44 am »
Hello everyone,

Here is my problem: I would like to know if it is possible to use Stencyl base to distort an image other than by width or height but by its corners, by stretching for example one of the 4 corners.

I did not find an in-depth discussion for this question.

If that's not possible, could someone give me a track? This is the technique of mipmapping, if I am not mistaken. It should go through Opengl in stencyl, but how?

The goal is to distort a 2d image.

This is a question, but it is also a suggestion of extension creation for more seasoned programmers.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards.

Extensions / Re: Web Extension
« on: August 23, 2016, 07:48:20 am »
Here is an illustration of what I would fit my project.

I used the sources of the demo and there is no problem. Of course, this is the web development. Stencyl on, I discovered your web extension, and then I told myself that I could perhaps do with my web project. Moreover, I can thus benefit from greater interractivité with css and other items, without having to break my head with js.

I understood that I had to do with the DOM, not canvas stencyl for better fluidity.

Only I would therefore like to begin, insert a simple html image.
I can not indicate the correct path for the image.

In the address of the project, I created a "images" directory to copy my image. I tested with relative and absolute address.

Code: [Select]
JQuery append <img src="E:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\stencylworks\games\Site Val\Images\fond_mini.jpg"> to element : body
It does not work.

Code: [Select]
JQuery append <img src="Images\fond_mini.jpg"> to element : body
It does not work.

The picture link is dead. I do not know where to put my image to make it work with stencyl?

In your opinion, is it possible to work with css and div elements using tags stencyl to create dynamic events, like any other stencyl project ?

Thank you.

Extensions / Re: Web Extension
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:19:55 am »
Yes, easier, Thank you !
I did not know you could insert code here. I discover each day.

But that's not really what I wanted to do.
To better explain my problem, I refer you to this topic:

In fact, I want to keep the original resolution without "upscaling" or "stretching" the pixels.

I thought one thing would be to detect the width and height of the screen to launch to dynamically adjust in height and width (html5 in browser / web navigator). But I do not know if that's possible. The problem is specific. It is not for a game but to a "site concept."

Another solution might be necessary would be to use your web extension. But for this, I understand, I have to do without conventional actors stencyl to work directly with CSS elements.

It means that I can do without the basic stencyl playground for failing to display? I want to apologize for my technical shortcomings about stencyl. I have everything it takes to work in css / html5 / php but stencyl I learn how.

I do not ask that chews me the job, just to blow me a possibility.  :D

Ask a Question / Set Screen Diagonal problem with HTML5 project.
« on: August 21, 2016, 02:59:40 pm »

I started a mock game in stencyl. It goes well. I use the parallax method to produce a depth effect, classic. Some items follow the mouse and it happened when I traveled a shift level after activation of parallax.

By adding :

- When Creating -

Code: [Select]
_ScreenDiagonal = ASNumber (Math.sqrt ((Math.pow (getScreenWidth (), 2) + Math.pow (getScreenHeight (), 2))));
propertyChanged ( "_ ScreenDiagonal" _ScreenDiagonal);

The problem of shift is resolved.

Here is my problem :

Then I wanted to create a model for the web, with html5 exporter. This is another project. I noticed that this solution does not work. Worse, add this line destroyed the project will not launch correctly but freezes. Even after the complete removal of this line (set screen diagonal) and clear the cache. When I run the project, nothing works. The only solution is to re-create a new project for the current project appears corrupt. And not to use this method. I have no explanation for this problem.

Thank you to those who bring me a light.

Extensions / Re: Web Extension
« on: August 21, 2016, 05:15:32 am »
It's me again ^^
Here is my problem and why I use the web extension. It may not be the right approach, or proper use.

Originally in stencyl, I do not see the possibility to launch an application or game html5 covering the total area of ​​the browser: width: auto; heigth = 100% (full page) ...

Because when you go here:
Settings >> Display >> you have the possibility to specify the width and height in pixels ... but not as a percentage. Now in a browser it would be nice to work with a percentage playground. So as to make responsive. But this is probably not possible with basic stencyl in HTML5 (?) I have not found a satisfactory answer.

That's why I use this web extension. I wish I could open my playing surface that covers the browser area fully.

It seems not to function correctly. Here is how I do:

(When created)

Code: [Select]
Web.f_css ( "width", "auto", Web.c_openfl ());
Web.f_css ( "heigth", "100%", Web.c_openfl ());
Web.f_css ( "margin", "0px" Web.c_openfl ());

CSS area properly covers the total area of ​​the browser, but it does not change for stencyl playground. The coordinates are always those I have indicated in: Settings >> Display >> px size ...

Do you understand the problem and what I want to do?

Can dynamically change the size of the area stencyl for HTML5?

Thank you.

Extensions / Re: Web Extension
« on: August 20, 2016, 09:30:36 am »
It works ! Thank you very much !

Extensions / Re: Web Extension
« on: August 19, 2016, 03:51:37 am »

First of all I would like to congratulate your beautiful stencyl initiatives to support the project. I am new to this tool, so I get to know and master the first to realize my various projects. Subsequently (in months), I intend to buy an annual license to actively support its author. Until then, I will certainly have some questions on this forum that I travel already assiduously seeking already written responses for known issues.

Well, regarding the proposed extension web, I find it suitable for some of my web projects. It is excellent. All this opens up great prospects. But I have a slight problem and that is the main purpose of my message here (a little long but this is my very first message, the next will be much more concise), thank you. So :

- I would like to benefit from this extension, but I can not install it. But I respect the procedure, but without success. I'm on Windows 10.

- I downloaded the web4.2 file (zip)
- I run stencyl,
- I open my project,
- I click on Settings and extensions,
- I click on "install extensions"
- I open the zip file "web4.2" ...

Nothing happens.
No visible extension added.
I do not understand.

So I continued the procedure:

- I close the stencyl project
- I quite I stencyl reopens,
- I open my stencyl project

Still no visible web extension. So I can not activate it by clicking on "enable" since the extension is not visible.

The addition does not operate.

An explanation possible?
Solutions ?

Thank you very much for reading me and I hope in the future I also bring my little stone to the collective.

Have a good day !

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