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Ask a Question / Re: difficult shape for tile
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:04:16 pm »
It would be really useful if you could grab the points and move them, and reorder them in the list. It's a bit of a shame for an otherwise great IDE to require graph paper for this particular case :)   Reminds me of designing fonts for the 8-bit machines...ah, nostalgia.

Thanks, turning off friction did fix it - had the same problem with the Run & Jump kit, which I'm familiarizing myself with now :)

@Greg - oops, hadn't noticed that - I assumed that it was the same Walking behaviour as the tutorial game, 'cos it had the same name. Should have been suspicious that the tutorial one was so simple :)

@Alexin - Not sure what's going on at your end, but walking anims are playing fine for me and accel values >1 cause the velocity to change noticeably faster. But I will add more comments. I must also fix the bug that allows you to cling indefinitely to a vertical wall :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I've just uploaded a tweaked Walking behaviour that incorporates simple acceleration/deceleration, giving a feeling of weight to the player character. If you're working on a platformer using the Walking behaviour, try swapping it for this one and see how it feels.
It's downloadable from StencylForge as "Inertia Walking", and it's totally public domain. Enjoy!

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