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1.) Why is Stencyl the game engine of your choice?
Stencyl's logical, node based approach to game design and simplicity with power is the key of my choice.

2.) Have you ever tried another engine, and why don't you use it anymore?
Yes i tried Game Studio.    Learn Curve is harder than Stencyl

3.) Do you have serious plans in chasing a gamedev career, or is this just a hobby?
Yes i got serious plans. 

4.) What are your biggest fears/challenges as a (hobbyist) game developer?

5.) How long do you prefer each tutorial to be?
I think, 10 minutes for each is good.   But of course, for complex tutorials you can extend duration.

6.) How often would you like to see a new video being uploaded?
if possible,  1 video / week.

7.) What are you missing in my tutorials?
I just saw your tutorials,  so cant say anything right now.

8.) Would you like to have more detailed explanations of complex functions?
Race Game tutorial is a good example.  You should give real world examples when you explain complex functions for better understanding. 

9.) If I would also create paid tutorials series, would you be interested in buying them, and why?
Yes,  i pay.   You should try a udemy course maybe.  there are only 3 courses about stencyl and they are outdated and too simple.

10.) Would you like to activly help and spread TiS content if there was a reward system in place?

Journals / Re: What The Ball / Monsters Roll In - Beta Testers needed
« on: July 09, 2017, 02:19:39 am »
I liked the new style of your game too.    keep going!

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