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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Poppytail Series
« on: December 12, 2018, 03:26:39 am »
Not much time before the Christmas Eve deadline... I might have to take January to finish the game in the worst-case scenario. Every role now has a voice actor, but some are still not done yet. I still have quite a few characters to do myself.

Chapter 6 is nearly done. Except one bug has returned out of nowhere: Skelisa will kill you out of nowhere in any room (and no animation will play because no kill animation for that room exists). So, I think it’s her. I just realised I could draw the jumpscare character attribute on the screen if necessary, but I think I’ve found the problem (especially important since Skelisa isn’t meant to be in Chapter 6.

So, by the end of January, I want this and AGATH:FV done. I have changed my mind and have swapped around the deadlines for OM and AGATH:FV. AGATH shouldn’t be too spoiler-y for Pixeltail since it’s now incorporated into the series lore. While PT1-4 and PXT are set in 2017 and 2018, and PT5 is set in 1994, AGATH:FV is now the new earliest game in the series despite being a side game due to its setting in 1989.

I also want to say that if anyone still decides to try and look through the lore of the games, I hope you can figure out the controls for the original games. If it helps, you can access any minigame or nightmare from PT1-3 by pressing the N key and the number of the nightmare/minigame. For PT4, you can access minigames from the menu after beating the game normally (and same goes for PT4:SE).

N + 1: Poppytail Challenge
N + 2: Easter Bunny Challenge
N + 3: Gremlin Girl Challenge
N + 4: Snarly Dog Challenge
N + 5: Lizard Hunter Challenge
N + 6: Enderguy Challenge

N + 1: Catch the Humans
N + 2: Heart of the Snarl
N + 3: Experiments
N+ 4: Save the Kids
N + 5: Lock It In
N + 6: Beachtime Celebration
N + 7: Italian Baguettes
N + 8: Feed the Chickens

N + 1: Catch the Humans 2
N + 2: Templates
N + 3: Hunter vs. Liz-Liz
N + 4: Electrical Leakage
N + 5: Destroy the Door
N + 6: Database Hacker
N + 7: Run, Turnbull, Run!

Also, if you’re playing PT2-4, look out for pictures of the Dizzy character. Minigame entranced will always be nearby. ;)

Another quick note: If I do finish both PT5 and AGATH:FV early, I was thinking because some people have trouble playing the game because they haven’t played first person perspective games before, I was thinking of making a top-down 2D version where you get to use arrow keys to move around. I’m also sure it’ll use up less memory because there won’t be 1000 background animations. Thoughts?

Chit-Chat / Re: Share Random Game Ideas!
« on: December 06, 2018, 02:22:08 am »
Here was my idea for The Poppytales: What will happen if I spent a ridiculous amount of time drawing animations, digitalising them and doing this for hundreds of characters across all of my games so far and combine it into one "non-canon" world. ;) The answer is still maybe a few years away.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Poppytail Series
« on: December 06, 2018, 02:19:46 am »
Quick news:

1) Chapter 6 is nearly finished.
2) Ennyeux has been modelled:

3) Binary and Petal will be voiced by Nintendoboy (same person who voiced Jawlock)
4) I will now also be voicing The Dog.
5) Dingo Cool, Bad Bunny, Skelisa, Cinder and G'day Gecko will be excluded from Chapter 6 for issues with difficulty.
6) The character list has been updated with new images and voice lines.

Message from Ennuyeux: If you don't like these games,

Ask a Question / Can the Memory Limit be Removed?
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:34:53 am »
This isn’t a question I’ve seen asked, probably because it’s a stupid one. Is there any way to remove Stencyl’s memory limit. Answer’s probably no, but I’m interested if this sort of thing is possible without breaking Stencyl or my devices.

Thank you

Journals / Re: The Poppytales (Journal Thread)
« on: November 29, 2018, 03:07:28 am »
NOTE: Point #3 contains potential spoilers for a game that will not come out in a very long time. Skip that point if you want to avoid them.

Hey everyone,

Not much progress on TPT lately but I have a few things I wanna say and perhaps get some advice on:

1) Soundtrack. Currently I have not started on this game's soundtrack since I am so early in development. However, my current idea is that battle themes and music for different areas will be remixes of or themed around the types of music in my different games. I want to do the game's soundtrack myself, but I'm still figuring out what to do with this. Any advice?

2) Animations. At my current rate, it may take several thousand years for one person to hand draw, digitalise and animate every single frame of the game at this current rate. Animations such as the Poppytail gif you can see in my signature run at 25 fps, but considering my hand-drawn backgrounds as well, this could cause major storage and memory issues. So I'm thinking of maybe downscaling the frame rate of animations because there will be loads in this game. Maybe if I can manage 10fps for animations? To make this easier to understand, 10fps is one frame every 100 milliseconds. My current rate is one every 40. Considering the large amount of characters this game will have, animations like the one in my signature may be in their tens of thousands by the time the game is finished.

3) Content. There will be loads of levels in this game. I want to somehow make sure all of them have some sort of twist or something that doesn't make them too boring, so progressing in the game doesn't feel like you're always fighting the same enemy with different moves each time you go into a fight. There will probably be at least 100, so this project is massively ambitious for one person.

In this game there will be ten major "areas":
1) Geometria (Century Game)
2) Easter Island (Easter Fun)
3) Rosemary Games (Pixeltail)
4) Old Rosemary Games (Poppytail 1-4)
5) Non-Existence (Poppytail 4: Special Edition)
6) The Training Grounds (One Million)
7) Trapdoor Graveyard (Poppytail 5)
8) Hedge Avenue (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
9) The Elecreature Territories (The World of Elecreatures, my book)
10) Boompaint Island (The cancelled sequel to Elecreatures from 2016)

Some of these worlds will be quite small. My estimates for how long each will be from smallest to largest is this: Geometria, Easter Island, Non-Existence, Trapdoor Graveyard, The Training Grounds, Old Rosemary Games, Boompaint Island, Rosemary Games, The Elecreature Territories.

Pretty much the idea behind this is you have the major antagonist: Wracedevil. Picture below.

So, he has twelve minions which will need to be beaten in order to get to him by travelling through The Elecreature Territories. Along the path are ten gates. There are two of these minions who can be beaten before encountering any gates, but the first nine gates require you to have beaten any other world to unlock. After the first two, the path to one of these minions will be behind each gate. The tenth one has a different objective I will not say. So that world will be quite long.

So, I'm going to working on Poppytail 5 and Pixeltail for quite a while. My goal is for the game to be done by mid-2020, but I can't make any promises.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Poppytail Series
« on: November 26, 2018, 01:01:14 am »
Quick Update: Other than voice acting, Chapter 4 is finally finished (after many weeks of procrastination), Chapter 5 got done in a few days (which I am yet to beat; my PB is around 4pm; didn't see my time after how quickly Vehicle Dummy slammed into me). Currently working on Chapter 6. Chapters 5 and 6 are easy because I know how to program characters to move in room to room cycles like that (except Petal and Binary move in sync).

So, in short, 13/25 characters programmed, the next three enemies for Chapter 6 (Rumble, Tumble and The Dog) are simpler modified versions of Jawlock, Nursina, and Exister are easy, and then we get onto the more interesting ones.

So far in the game, every time William Brown (the player character) turns around or moves to a new room, all they can see (excluding the text telling them what room they're in, what day it is, and what time it is, APPARITION's timer, the compass, the subtitles and the arrows, as he does not have these literally imprinted in his vision) has been just one image. There's no layering except for layering one 2D image on top of another in one image file/Stencyl animation.

Papimannequin (Chapter 7 enemy) will appear in the north side of Your Room. However, there are already so many animations for this space (empty, empty with door selected, Jawlock, Jawlock with door selected, The Dog, The Dog with door selected, APPARITION's jumpscare, Jawlock's jumpscare, The Dog's jumpscare, Shyyon's jumpscare) that it would be highly impractical to do this considering how many memory and storage issues I've had to the point where everything's just shoved in its own atlas and Poppytail 5 is now the only game I have in the Stencyl software (the others are backed up as .STENCYLs). Same goes for Chapter 7's other new enemy, Nope Nope, who is supposed to appear on every single image in the game except in jumpscares or rooms where he is ready to attack. This would make it a pain to program this and it would again be highly impractical to double the game's amount of images all for the sake of adding this one character. I'm going to have to figure out some sort of layering arrangement.

I might have to do this for Twistwitch as well. Although I think that all of the other unprogrammed enemies should be fine without layering their images on top for the following reasons:
1) Ennuyeux's only image is his jumpscare animation
2) Banana Prototype and End Prototype have one image of their own each
3) Cakeface, Tripper and Summer-Rose have areas where they can go so they do not overlap spaces where other characters are present, unlike how Jawlock and Shyyon overlap sometimes, for example:

No one by ------- Campbell's desk.

Jawlock alone by the same desk.

Shyyon alone by this desk.

Now both of them are together by the same spot.

If there were a door behind them, there would be double the animations because of whether the door would be highlighted or not. This is why I want to avoid this; it means less animations in the long run and makes everything more torturous for the player from having to keep turning around, watching out for enemies from all angles.

Sorry if this is difficult for anyone to understand. You may have to look at the character list and perhaps play the crappy and old test version.

Also, about character modelling. In all of this time, Ennuyeux (I still keep misspelling his name as "Enneyeux") and Summer-Rose still don't have models.

Chit-Chat / Re: Where I've been, and What I've done.
« on: November 11, 2018, 02:13:13 am »
Welcome back!

Journals / Re: The Poppytales (Journal Thread)
« on: November 09, 2018, 12:36:24 am »
More art:

Ecto (One Million)

Mandarin (One Million)

Copper (One Million)

Dizzy (The World of Elecreatures/Poppytail Series/Easter Fun)

Virus Dizzy (Easter Fun)

Journals / Re: The Poppytales (Journal Thread)
« on: November 04, 2018, 12:47:36 am »
Your parentheses aren't closed ;)

Thank you. I'll fix that now.

That is a lot of characters. I can imagine doing all the animation frames for each of them will take a long time!

Yes. It will. I wouldn't be surprised if I went over the time I allowed myself to get this done by mid-2020. Without a doubt it will take a long time. (I'm still going to do it anyway ;) )

Distort (A Game About Trimming Hedges

Purple Shirt Guy (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Century-G Block (Century Game)

Edit: Here are some other characters I found that I hadn't posted

Wicked Poppytail (Pixeltail)

Virus Poppytail

Virus Pink Poppy

Journals / Re: The Poppytales (Journal Thread)
« on: November 03, 2018, 03:57:29 am »
New Character Art:
Hood (One Million)

Cotton Candy (One Million)

Bonnet (One Million)

Chocbar (One Million)

Ampere (One Million)

Frozen Treat (One Million)

Carrot (One Million)

Sapphire (One Million)

Strawberry (One Million)

Miss Trimm (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Ghost (A Game About Trimming Hedges

Also created drawings for:
  • Distort (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
  • Purple Shirt Guy (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
  • Tiny (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
  • Leapyear (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
  • Rabby/Revenant Rabby (A Game About Trimming Hedges)
  • Century-G Block (Century Game)
  • Sundine Block/Toby (Century Game)
  • Classic Alex (Poppytail)
  • Papimannequin (Poppytail 5)
  • Banana Prototype (Poppytail 5)
  • Cakeface (Poppytail 5)
  • Wicked Towelwich (Pixeltail)
  • Ecto/Mandarin/Copper (One Million)
  • Python/Toxicity/Chewing Gum (One Million)
  • Alien/Martian/Spook (One Million)
  • Shark/Caramel/Rose (One Million)
  • Mushroom/Frostbite/Blizzard (One Million)
  • Popcorn/Snacks/Party Time (One Million)
  • Goat/Shadow Goat/Wizard (One Million)
  • Dizzy/Virus Dizzy (The World of Elecreatures, Easter Fun, Poppytail Series)
  • Lambie (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Haunt (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Chocster (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Barry (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Greg (The World of Elecreatures, Easter Fun)
  • Ratty Tatty Squirrel (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Watermelon Sorbet/Sky Sorbet/Lemonade Sorbet (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Moon Chompa (The World of Elecreatures)
  • Solar Power (The World of Elecreatures)

To sum it up, this game will have a crap tonne of characters.

Also made this Poppytail gif.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: The Ghost (Test ver)
« on: October 25, 2018, 11:42:11 pm »
This project is currently canceled until further notice due to massive problems

What happened?

Game Art / Re: Do these look good?
« on: October 23, 2018, 10:20:53 pm »
Looks great! :)

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Poppytail Series
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:57:27 am »
I have not posted in a while. I have news. I have not worked on my games recently (excluding Easter Fun), which I will start getting back into after a couple of weeks.

I want to get Poppytail 5 done this year. It has been nearly a year since I started and I have had to do other things in my life instead of making progress on the game. I plan to release the full game on GameJolt by the 24th of December, 2018, or a year after I officially released Poppytail 3.

I'm working on Chapter 4 at the moment. I'm thinking of working on some minigames soon. The minigames in PT5 are not exclusive to the new characters. Pink Poppy, Auto, Wicked Easter Bunny and Cheesestick will be getting their own minigames too (to give a few examples).

Still haven't modelled Ennuyeux or Summer-Rose. Still need to do those. I have a plan here which I want to try and follow to get my games done by:

Poppytail 5 (December 24th, 2018)
One Million (January 30th, 2019)
Pixeltail (October 12th, 2019)
A Game About Trimming Hedges: Final Version (October 20th, 2019)
The Poppytales (June 19th, 2020)

The dates listed above are not final. I'm hoping to get my games done either before or actually on those dates. Let's see how I go.

About the AGATH update. It's going to be canon to the Poppytail series. So will One Million. I won't state how they link together. When the Final Version of AGATH and the first version of OM release, you can find the links on your own if you're thinking of getting the games. I want to release the AGATH update after Pixeltail. It may be easier to find the links if one has completed Pixeltail first or at least knows the game's canon storyline.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Easter Fun
« on: October 15, 2018, 02:30:46 am »
New Easter Fun update coming out tomorrow morning: the Dash Update!

This update adds in nine new characters: Purple Shirt Guy, Rabby, Ghost and Distort from A Game About Trimming Hedges, as well as five other new characters.

I think I mentioned another small project I was making a while ago (called One Million). I haven't worked on it, but it is nearly finished and will hopefully come out soon. Five of the game's playable characters also make appearances here: Hood, Chocbar, Bunny, Midnight and Daggercat.

You can also move at twice your normal speed in Insanity/Eggxtinction mode. If anyone still does not know how to access this game mode (also available in the Insanity, Crossover and Eggxtinction updates), type INSANITY into the character select screen before selecting your character.

This update is paid, by the way, although it's only for 50 cents. If you want a GameJolt key to play it (Windows only, sorry), then just PM me.

New Characters:

Purple Shirt Guy (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Rabby (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Ghost (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Distort (A Game About Trimming Hedges)

Hood (One Million)

Chocbar (One Million)

Bunny (One Million)

Midnight (One Million)

Daggercat (One Million)

Paid Work / Re: 2D illustrator/concept artist looking for work
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:18:43 am »
Hey dear admins, I tried bumping up my elder post, no idea how to do it, sorry if I'm breaking any rules here! Love you! (How do I do that? Can I even do that?)

No, you can’t I don’t think.

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