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The "chain" dont works, because the links can collide the obstacles and the chain "tangles" in the obstacles.

Thank you merrak, in the end if I give up and I can not create it from the examples I will use one of those 2.

Now I have a new idea for a pathfinder, I will try to explain it (then if I have time I will try to try it in a game)

The idea is to create a "chain" like an enemy type "worm" made of several objects that are stuck but with freedom to move.

This chain would be "tied" to the object that has to follow the path at one end and the other would try to go to the destination, but as it would be tied would be something like a "Chain Chomp" of Super mario.

Now, this chain could "collide" with the obstacles, so it would be altered and could form curves.

The object to be guided would move in direction to the end of the nearest chain (that is tied to it) when this link moves to follow the next link  the position change and the object to guide have new direction to follow.

What do you think?

Ok i will install a stencyl extension with pathfinder. 

What of this extensions have pathfinding ?

PD: For the next version of Stencyl put some kind of pathfinding, Gamemaker for example has it.

The  Haxe site have a Trojan (Malwarebytes say it) so i cant see the  link

So, for a real game its better downlod the A* Extension or another similar ?

I like more if im making the things by myself, but, thinking about it, im making this with stencyl, if really i like all "maked by my" i should programing by code, no ?

Hi, it's me, the one who never end its projects. Now i have the idea/challenge of create a pathfinder algorithm like the A* but, because im  retard i like challenges i will try to make only whit stencyl blocks. Ah, in real time, not  in steps

It is possible ?

Im tryin creatin a "clever tiles" but it consume so munch memory.

Each tile every 0.05 seconds set a atribute to 9999, if the player is too close to one tile the tile set this atribute to 1

then if the tile is not an obstacle the tile check if the nearest tiles have a movecost (the atribute) smaller than his movecost, if is smaller then change her own atribute to the smaller +1

So i have in each tile the number of "steps" to the  player

Enemyes instead going to the player check the nearest tiles and go to the smaller atribute tile.

But is so slow...

I know Stencyl have extensions whit the A* algorithm and IA, but i like to know how is made.

Ask a Question / Re: 1 light ok, 4 light = game crash
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:23:21 am »
Hmm....   I create all my "game attempts" in flash, maybe that is the cause of all my problems.

Thanks a lot.

Ask a Question / Re: 1 light ok, 4 light = game crash
« on: November 11, 2018, 09:46:24 am »
I'm thinking stencyl is not a good tool to make RTS like starcraft. I have problem after problem. If 4 static light are too hard to process imagine a full army of 100 warriors with torchs in a night battle...

Maybe if "Drawing" a rectangle in screen and clearing holes (not image API, just "Drawing". But, its posible create holes in a draw figure ??

Ask a Question / Re: 1 light ok, 4 light = game crash
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:37:11 pm »
Yes but, in the future,  the static light will be mobile enemies. so i need redraw the image per each enemy light in movement.

Ask a Question / 1 light ok, 4 light = game crash
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:01:38 pm »
Hi, i'm the noob who sometimes try to make new thing in stencyl.

Now i'm trying to make light effect with image API. I create a black wall and clear some circles for the light.

It works for one light, but whit 2, 3 or 4 the game go more and more slow.

In this game you have a light in the mouse, and can create more static light with click:

here is the code, what i'm doing wrong ?

Ask a Question / Re: Many actors but is a RTS
« on: September 25, 2018, 04:31:15 pm »

Hello people, maybe it took me a long time to answer, but finally I found the problem.

All the actors have a "for each actor of group" and each unit compares its distance with ALL the units of the enemy side and the same with the enemy.

So when you have 200 units and 200 enemies each of your units has to do 200 operations, if you have 200 units it is 40.000 operations and another 40.000 for those of the enemy.

The solution would be not to calculate those of all the enemies but only the closest ones. How I do this?

With regions? Or the regioes also calculate all the actors of the group or type that you put them?

Possibly I start the project from  the begining, maybe this post helps someone.

PS: if instead of 200 enemies and 200 allies I only have 400 allies and 1-20 enemies the game works

Ask a Question / Re: Many actors but is a RTS
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:13:06 am »
I have 2 ideas for a possible solution:

Option A: no bullets, no collisions. If a unit is in range the unit just damage the enemy unit ant the enemy loses life. And animation of shooting at same times.
Is like the marines of starcraft.
The bad thing is, units cant dodge, fast units loss one of his skills

Option 2: No collisions, if the bullet is too close to the enemy the bullet is destroyed and the enemy loses life.

The bad thing is, in need a list global atribute per any bullet type, or any kind of bullet have the same damage and maybe this is too slow, is lke if the actors have a circle shape collision.

I just got home, I'll try these things now if I can.

Thanks you all.

Ask a Question / Re: Many actors but is a RTS
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:24:51 am »
Good morning, thank for the answers.

Q: Have you removed any collision shapes you don't need?  Lots of simultaneous collisions is a common cause of lag. Even if you think you do need collision shapes, look at a workaround. Should be quite easy for a rts.

A: Yes, the units only have a collision whit ally ammo (bullets, misils) the game have 4 types of actors:
Ally (only colides whit enemy bullets)
Enemy (only colides whit ally bullets)
enemy bullets (sensor)
ally bullets (sensor)

Q: @Usernoob, in the Game Settings, select the Simple Physics mode.

A: Is already selected

Q: But for someone wants to make collision to tile/terrain
better just go to sleep

A: No tiles allready, just a scene to create and test units.

If i have time today i upload the "game" to show the problems.

Ask a Question / Many actors but is a RTS
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:10:17 pm »
Hi, long time without trying to making games.

Im trying to make a "Real Time Strategy" game, but i have a (maybe) the typical problem.

When the game have 100 or more actors the FPS go slow.

I change all the "updating" events to "do every 0.05 seconds" that help, but
is not sufficient.

All is simple graphics and only have a draw event thats draw the green bar of life (and other draw event for the minimap )

only 1 room/scene at moment, 16.000 x 8000 pixels

The actors are all always active ,because i need the enemy's workers farming and soldiers patrols out of the screen.
Maybe is for the minimap that create points of green or red for each enemy or ally unit.

Units (only allies at the moment) have each one a weapon that its "fixed" in the unit, can be this the cause? (is the only updating event)

IIt's hard imagine how to create a game like "starcraft" or "command and conquer" whit maybe 100, 200 or 500 actors.

Anyway, it's only a hobby.

Ask a Question / Re: Why bounce? (collision problem)
« on: October 24, 2017, 06:30:35 am »
I find an easy solution that works with simple physics and allows you to rotate objects:

In the bullet/arrow/projectile

Collisions ---->  Physical properties---->Is a sensor?  V (mark)

then you can have actors and bullets with rotating sprite.

Ask a Question / Re: Why bounce? (collision problem)
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:03:29 pm »
I have removed the rotation to the bullet and the actor who hit him and the bullet continue bouncing or staying still next to the actor ...

Is it possible that the problem is the part of "kills the last actor collided"? maybe if the actor who hits the bullet is colliding with something else, it eliminates the latter ...

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