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Ask a Question / How to remove an image from the screen?
« on: October 16, 2017, 11:56:26 am »
Hey guys,

So I know this is going to seem super obvious to some, but I'm scratching my head here and I didn't see my exact problem elsewhere in the forums.  In a nutshell, what I want to do is put a picture on the screen if a condition is true, but then be able to toggle it on and off as that condition changes.  I tried "attach instance of image..." and "remove image from parent" but it doesn't seem to do the trick - the image stays on the screen regardless.

Ask a Question / Re: Limit to number of pictures you can use?
« on: August 27, 2017, 07:56:43 am »
Almost all of the images I'm using are 300x400.  The only things that are bigger are the backgrounds; they are the same size as the scene.  I'm not home to be able to check, but I'm pretty sure my scene size is 40x28 tiles.  The funny thing is that I've been using these backgrounds all along without any issue.

Ask a Question / Limit to number of pictures you can use?
« on: August 26, 2017, 03:33:36 pm »
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is a limit to how many pictures you can have in the extras folder.  My game was working fine with about 700 images in the folder - when I tried adding about 600 more, I got an error saying "maximum string sized of your images is too large", etc.  All of my images are exactly the same dimensions though, and most are under 150kb, so that doesn't make much sense to me.  So I thought maybe there were just too many.

P.S. I know, that's a ton of images lol, but it's basically the whole game. 

Ask a Question / Re: How to compare unequal list items?
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:41:06 pm »
I ended up figuring it out.  The text items in both lists were very similar:  ex, "John.jpg vs Johng.jpg".  What I did was use the "replace text with text in"  block to basically make the game look at both items as if they had the same name.

Thanks for suggesting maps though, I'm going to look into them and see how I can use them going forward.

Ask a Question / How to compare unequal list items?
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:17:31 pm »
Hi all,

I've run into a bit of a stumbling block - I suspect it's a simple solution, but right now I'm just not seeing it.

I have two lists; one list is set at the start of the game, the other is added to throughout the game.  Both lists contain text - one has the characters' names and the other has the file names for images of the characters.

What I need the game to do is look at the list of character names and then find the appropriate image in the list of image file names when needed.  Because the order of one of the lists will change as the game goes on, I can't just say "look at item 4 in List A, and get item 4 from List B"  because they won't be the same.  I thought about just comparing the text from each item in each list using a "for each item in list" block, but the problem there is they don't have the same text.

Basically, I just can't figure out how to make two different things equal - if that makes any sense.

Ask a Question / Re: Issue with random number generation
« on: May 18, 2017, 04:27:34 pm »
You could be right;  I haven't run it with a very big number of samples yet - more than 100 times anyway.  it might just be me nitpicking lol.

Ask a Question / Issue with random number generation
« on: May 18, 2017, 03:26:06 pm »
Hey guys, I have a question about RNG.  Right now in a game I'm working on I have  a certain percent chance that something will happen based on a character's stat.  Basically, if the stat < Random Number between 1 and 100 , then the event happens.  So the higher the stat, the less likely the event.

The issue I'm seeing is that even if the stat has a very high value, let's say 80, the amount of times that the event happens seems to be statistically unlikely.  In theory, if a random number between 1 and 100 has to be higher than 80 for this event to happen, the event should only be happening close to 20% of the time.  In practice, it seems to be happening more often than chance would allow - maybe like 4 times out of 10.  It seems like things get even more out of whack as the stat goes lower:  for example at 50, when it should be a 50/50 split as to whether the event happens, it seems like it will happen 3,4,5 times in a row.

Has anyone else had issues like this using random numbers to assign a % chance of something happening?  Are there better ways of doing that, or adjusting the random number approach to be more accurate?

Ask a Question / Re: Can't Select Individual Regions
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:50:53 pm »
They say always look for the obvious solution...upgrading did the trick.  Thanks :)

Ask a Question / Can't Select Individual Regions
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:24:58 pm »
Hi all,

I've noticed that lately when I use blocks that refer to regions, I can't seem to pick a specific region like I used to - I just get the option to pick the last created or an attribute.  I have my regions attached to the scene itself.  Everything still works just fine, but when I try to add anything new, I can't tell it to use the region I want.  Anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it?  I'm using build 8734.

Ask a Question / Re: Can you position text based on length of other text?
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:08:11 pm »
That's actually exactly what I did - I kinda used the wrong situation from the game as an example in my question.  The other problem I was having was similar though;  I needed to have the character's name written next to another word, but there are several characters, and their names are different lengths.  So I needed the text that comes after the name to be able to move based on the length of the name in front of it.

Actually I think I figured the whole thing out, I just didn't understand how to use the "get width for text..." blocks.  Sorry for the confusion.

Ask a Question / Re: Can you position text based on length of other text?
« on: February 20, 2016, 12:39:37 pm »
Okay so I'm a bit of a dumbass.  I just realized that as a number gets larger it's going to draw it further to the right.  So as long as I keep a small gap between the word gold and the number, it will never overlap.

I do have another instance in the game where this actually is still a problem, I just totally gave the wrong example lol.

Ask a Question / Can you position text based on length of other text?
« on: February 20, 2016, 12:24:39 pm »
Hi all,

I tried playing around with the "get width of text" blocks, but couldn't quite figure out what I needed to do.  Is there a way you can draw text in a variable position based on where another block of text is? 

For example:  I have a number attribute that acts as a gold counter.  I have the word "Gold" drawn at 35,35 and then the value of a number attribute drawn at 70, 35.  As long as the number attribute isn't a large number, it won't overlap the word Gold and all is well.  But is there a way I can have it adjust for the length of the number being drawn and draw the word "Gold" an appropriate distance away?  I could just leave a big gap in between the two, but then it looks silly.

Thanks very much for the help

Ask a Question / Can you use a list to refer to behaviors?
« on: January 21, 2016, 05:50:45 pm »
This one's got me puzzled.  I ran into a situation where being able to use a list to store behaviors would really save a lot of time and effort.  Is that possible at all? 

What I'd like to do is to have a random event happen at points during the game.  Every time an event happens, I want it to choose from one of 5 possible events randomly.  Each one of those random events will do something different, and have a different behavior attached to it.  So if I can somehow put each of those behaviors into a list, then I can just have it pull a random numbered item number from the list and then execute the behavior. 

Funny as it may sound, the game I'm working on has no other scene behaviors - this is the first time I'm trying them.  So I'm not sure if this is doable in the way I described it.  I appreciate any and all help.

Dialog Extension / Re: Reference a list item in dialog?
« on: November 25, 2015, 08:32:11 pm »
Aha! I did some browsing around on the forum and sure enough I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Shame on me for not looking first :P  Thanks again for the help.

Dialog Extension / Re: Reference a list item in dialog?
« on: November 25, 2015, 06:05:06 am »
You da man Justin!  Me however, not so much lol.  Having a problem getting this formatted right.  Here's what I have:

<show <listget <getattr Characters Owned> 0> >

I wasn't sure if I needed to have those [] brackets in there, or if you just put those in to help explain things.

Sorry, noob here.

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