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Paid Work / Re: Composer for hire + Free Music Library!
« on: October 28, 2017, 04:51:24 pm »
Heya guys.

Just a couple of things for the upcoming Halloween season!

1) I'm available for custom music!

2) Up to 50% discount on my scary, suspense and fantasy libraries!

3) If you're looking for some custom music for your project(s). Hit me up at:

4) Check out reviews here!

Thanks all and everyone have a safe Halloween!

Peter Gunder

Paid Work / Re: Composer for hire + Free Music Library!
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:05:36 am »
Hey fellow media producers.

I'm a media composer available for work! If you're creating a high-end game needing lush flim orchestration or background music for media, I can produce multiple styles ranging from classic cinematic (Williams, Elfman, Shore), old school arcade to ambient atmospheres. I'm also available for those who have lower budgets. Please check out my Tier System to find the right match for your projects. Serving all sizes!

For those on a low budget or those just needing high-end music at an ultra-affordable cost, I've put my top 3 libraries at 50% off which also demonstrates what I can produce for you for those looking for custom music!

Epic Cinematic High-Fantasy: 3hrs+ of music Now with a bonus track: High Elves Theme (A very beautiful choir with solo vocal)!

Cinematic Fantasy: Some amazing quirky & fantasy music – all orchestrated. One of my favorites is 'Room of Mischieveous Clocks: Time Warp'.

Sci-Fi: Large library of sci-stuff!

Custom Music!

Thanks for checking out my music and feel free to contact me via my Bonix site for custom music or questions!

Peter S. Gunder

Paid Work / Composer for hire + Free Music Library!
« on: July 13, 2017, 03:53:44 pm »
Hey guys,
I’m back in the USA doing custom music for small and large indie projects!

If you’ve ever wonder why would you want custom music for your project, check out a practical list of reasons here

I also offer various pricing structures for professionals and those just starting out in the industry.

For those on a really tight budgets, music libraries are a solid choice. Currently I’m putting my libraries up to 20% off.

FREE??? Yep, a free library (at least for now) can be yours. Simply credit the composer (me; Peter Gunder) in your project(s) and it’s yours for the taking.
Grab it here and enjoy! :)

Thanks and enjoy your summer / winter!

Peter Gunder
Multimedia Composer

Hey guys,

I've just released a FREE music library and a paid library (extremely affordable) for those needing high quality music cues. Perfect for those just starting out in the video game industry or seasoned professionals. They're both variety packs with brand new material that highlight my existing music libraries. Included are some very cool 'Atmosheric Sound Design' cues, a new cue based off of the popular Kingdom of Light Premium Edition library, Heroic cues, and more!
Go here to get the free music for a limited time!

I'm also available for freelance work. I'm able to do a variety of styles from intimate piano pieces to lush orchestration scores.  Please check out my site for demos and here for reviews:


Peter Gunder

I"m available for custom music. Starting at around $35 per minute. (For very basic cues). To hear samples of my work, simply go to my site and listen to my music libraries. Lots of variety.

Also, for those needing cinematic fantasy music, I have the Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection for 30% off for a limited time.



Quick reminder, last day for those needing a great adventure underscore at a huge discount. So if you or you know someone needing high quality fantasy type music, today is the last day. 

Need custom music? Feel free to hit me up!

Thanks all!


Quick update!

Hey guys,

For 3 days only (July 24-27), I'm putting the Kingdom of Light Basic, Standard, & Premium Edition at a HUGE discount. Don't let the low prices fool you, this is a great sounding underscore for an amazing deal. If you're in the market for a professional soundtrack for your epic fantasy adventure game now or in the future, you won't want to miss out on this deal.



Premium Edition includes the following with 3 hours of cinematic music:

Time of Day / Dungeon & Caves / Special Cues / Combat / Town & Taverns / Mystical / Themes / Shadow Kingdom / Haunted Nature

Thanks for checking it out and best to you and your projects!

*Need custom music? Please don't hesitate to contact me about your project and needs. I work within various budgets.


Hey guys, I'm giving away a handful of free cues to help indie developers and media professionals with little to no budget.  How does this work? Simply credit the composer for free usage or donate a minimum of $1 per song to vouch out of crediting.  Enjoy the free music! Need Custom Music? Go to my site and contact me and we can discuss your needs.



Get similar genre at

MARIMBATASTIC (Loop) - Happy & upbeat!
Similar style at

ROYAL BLOOD - Adventure. Suitable for games.
Professional all-in-1 solution at

FUSION CHILL 90BPM Loop - Laid back groove.
Similar styles + more at

ATMOSPHERIC SOUND DESIGN: SCI-FI. Very cool ambient cue for Film/TV/AAA Games.
Similar styles at

Peter Gunder

Hey guys,

I'm open for custom music. I specialize in orchestral cues, but can produce a wide variety of styles.
Prices start @ $35 per minute of music for very basic cues.
General info for custom music at
Pricing at

KAOS ELEMENTS – Mystical Dreams
The last library I've produced can be heard here,
It's definitely a great bargain for the quality. Initially the KAOS ELEMENTS libraries were set out to be bargain libraries at the quality that reflects the price. While doing the KE libraries I found myself spending much more time orchestrating and mixing then originally planned. However, instead of increasing the price to reflect the quality, I decided to keep these at ultra-low prices to help indie studios & indie devs just starting out. Hope you enjoy them!
(My personal favorite from the KE-Mystical Dreams library is 'A Hero's Dream').

Kingdom of Light,
Lastly, for those creating epic-fantasy adventure games, be sure to check out the Kingdom of Light Editions (33% off – limited time!). It's an all-in-one music library solution for moderately small land masses to enormous land masses..think EPIC SIZE. (over 3 hours of cues – tavern music, travel, themes, mystical, large battles, skirmishes, dungeons, etc.) All music was compose and orchestrated by me over the course of approximately 4 months, to be cohesive, same harmonic structures and instrumentation (orchestra) throughout. This sounds closer to a 'movie score' as my approach was very similar to scoring to a feature film.

Here's one review, ”The music provided in this package is of an entirely professional standard and would not sound out of place in any top-budget or AAA title. For this reason, the package's price is potentially one of the best I've seen anywhere. This is an absolute must-have for any developers looking to improve the quality of their work ten-fold through the use of this music."  T. Trevell at
All reviews,

Thanks guys! And on a side note, 2 other composers are available if you're wanting something different then what I offer, Nick Felix & Scott Stevens, Both very talented and nice guys! (what they charge may be different from my prices for custom music)

Peter Gunder

Hey Guys,

Two updates!
First, I have an ultra-affordable new product line for professional indie game devs! In a nut shell, you get 5 songs for the price of 1. Each KAOS ELEMENT library is reduces to $15 each so it's well within reach for hobbyist too! (each cue is just $5 for those just needing a couple)

Here's the links (Main KAOS ELEMENTS page)

The Explorer (Diverse exploration music for rpg, fanatasy, & sci-fi. My favorite is Ancient Kingdom Revealed)

Ambient Drones  (Travel music for rpg stuff like WoW or sci-fi. Includes loop versions. I like 'Vast and Mysterious' best from this collection..I think)

Ambient Strings (Not PRETTY at all! These are ambient cinematic stirng beddings to bring suspense or terror to your games (my favorite is cue 04) . All include looped versions)

Secondly, I'm available for more custom music before I ramp up for a couple of projects.
If you're needing custom music, please visit for why one migh want custom music. And for pricing.

Thanks and feel free to contact me at should you have questions!

Best Regards,
Peter Gunder

Game Art / Re: Film/TV/Game Composer + Royalty-Free Music and Free Samples
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:06:51 am »
Hey Peter,

Can you make something like this TV commercial Piano/whistle music for my game?

Hey there,

I wrote something somewhat similar for a Coke commercial contest not too long ago (minus the whistle).

Depending on your budget, I can make this happen for you.   Shoot me an email through and we can discuss it further. Thanks!


Game Art / Re: Film/TV/Game Composer + Royalty-Free Music and Free Samples
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:05:15 am »
Hey game devs,

I'm available for more clients for custom music! Need a huge sweeping orchestral suite or perhaps atmospheric music? Basic cues start around $50 per minute. Get started by going to:

New library from Nick Felix is now available with a special introductory offer of 30% off! Strong Persian undertones with ripping electric guitars and cinematic drums.

I'm also running a deal of 50% off on most libraries through the rest of the month. Need UI sfx, cinematic score for your fantasy games, a sci-fi underscore and drones? Here's a couple of highlights:  All ASD libraries. Ranging from sci-fi ambient to suspense and horror cues, all 50% off! This is an ultra-affordable music pack for rpg/fantasy type games. A great solution for those on a tight budget, yet needing a great underscore for your game. The ultimate all-in-one Fantasy Adventure library for games that demand professional audio. The Premium Edition brings together all KoL libraries to complete your adventure games (battles, skirmishes, taverns, exploration music, special event cues, & more). It now includes library which boost the total cues to over 200 minutes!

Thanks guys!

Peter Gunder

Hey guys.

Just a quick update.  New RPG/adventure library available at a low price of $33. 'Bard's RPG'.  8 songs total including battle music, tavern, explore x2, fail & victory cues. Enjoy!


Hey guys. 50% discount on all Atomspheric Sound Design Libraries and Bundles for a limited time.

Great for sci-fi, ambient, nature, and more.
Currently not taking on more clients for custom music –but  If you're interested drop me a line and maybe I can work you in in the very near future!
(unity3d sample site: – cheaper to buy at currently)

Thanks all!
Peter Gunder
multimedia composer

Hey guys. (HUGE discount for 1 wk 5/18-5/25 on Bargain Zone libraries. Check out info below)

I'm available for hire as a contractor or full-time / direct hire for studios looking to bring on a versatile composer. My style leans towards John Williams and Danny Elfman with a touch of Zimmer. To hear this, check out
For those who enjoy the Middle-Earth sound by Howard Shore, check this out . (This is a huge all-in-one music solution for fantasy / epic based games. Combat, taverns, mystical, cities, etc..) ..and it's cohesive, all 192 minutes of it! This huge library was inspired by the original 3 LOTR films. I wanted to give people the ability to have top quality cinematic music in their games w/out breaking the bank. I offer modules of each category (combat, villages, time of day-travel, …) and 3 editions; Premium, Standard, & Basic. Comparison chart is top right of main KoL page.
Killer deals for those on an ultra-tight budget, but great quality. Go to the Bargain Zone page. All 3 packages (cinematic, mystical and suspense, pop/synth) are $15 each. Styles range from cinematic and thematic, to side-scroller music. ONE wk only so get the libraries you want now. (5/18-5/25)
If you're thinking about custom music, check out this page to get started and pricing. Contact me through my site for further questions or if you're ready to work with a composer to bring an OST to your project(s).

My Main site is
(unity3d sample site:, but limited libraries currently)

Thanks guys and have a fantastic week!

Peter Gunder
multimedia composer

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