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Resolved Questions / Re: Sensor or Solid in Stencyl 3
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:56:29 am »
With the private build or with 3.2 when it comes out, you can do it with blocks ;)


Resolved Questions / Sensor or Solid in Stencyl 3
« on: September 28, 2014, 09:45:43 am »
I'm having a lot of trouble migrating up to Stencyl 3 because of the Sensor or Solid behaviour.

I've tried the code in the last post of but it only takes effect after switching to an animation with different collision boundaries (took me a while to figure that one out).

I had a look through the source code on GitHub and tried to stick the code in that occurs when an animation with different collision boundaries is switched to, but while this works for making an actor back to being solid, I can't get it to reliably work when making a solid object a sensor.

Has anybody managed to do this?

Ask a Question / Re: Getting game attributes with Stencyl API
« on: September 21, 2014, 05:05:07 am »
All I know is that here's a saving extension for 3.x here:

I haven't tried it out but it could be useful

Looks perfect - thanks.

Ask a Question / Getting game attributes with Stencyl API
« on: September 20, 2014, 05:15:40 am »
In Stencyl 2, I could use the following code block to store game attributes:

var sharedObject:SharedObject;
sharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("theLittleWhoSaves");
for(key:String in Game.get().gameAttributes)
{[key] = (getGameAttribute(key));

I need to do the saving manually so that I can load individual game attributes from the shared object later.

How do I do this in the new Haxe API?

Also, I have loads of other code blocks and my biggest issue isn't Haxe, but the new API. Is there a guide anywhere for transitioning between the APIs?

Ask a Question / Fade in/out after preloader
« on: June 14, 2013, 05:07:29 am »
If you use the 'play swf while loading' function, there is a fade out/in before the first screen of the game. Any chance this is removeable? Thanks.

I had this problem with one of my sponsors. Long story short (as ive posted it a few times in recent weeks lol), a sponsor wanted the preloader loading bar showing while the preloader was doing its thing (in this case, cpmstar), but it doesnt work like that as you know. His argument was that people on a slower connection cant  tell whether the game has finished loading (or crashed or something). He also wanted a button to appear once it had finished, but again, currently isnt possible. In the end he was happy to remove the preloader altogether, so i was lucky in the end i didnt lose the sponsorship.

In case you have this problem again in the future, here were my 2 solutions:

1) Put the words 'loading...' into the preloader and animate them so the player knows the game hasn't crashed and is still loading

2) My sponsor was adamant about having the button after it's loaded so I recreated what the final frame of the preloader looks like as a scene in Stencyl, with the button. So after the game is loaded, it goes straight to that scene and the player can't really tell the difference.

No, you can't edit the preloader.

Hmm okay, seems to kinda defeat the point of being able to use a SWF for a preloader because there is no way to show how much is loaded :/

So I have a sponsor who wants me to add his preloader to the game. It's not possible to do this with Stencyl games so instead we agreed with him to just take a swf with his branding and use Stencyl's 'play SWF while loading' feature. However, now there's no way for the player to know how much of the game is loaded... Is it possible to have the loading bar as well?

Stencyl Jam 12 / Re: Frank 'n' Slime
« on: May 06, 2013, 10:20:33 am »
Yeah I havent had comments about remarks on review scores as such - I just felt that for my last 2 games at least, Ive had bugs and issues thrown at me that never existed , and I didnt want the review score given to me based around these incorrect things. I know a score doesn't matter too much as a sponsor will always see what they want to see or what they like - but games with scores above 7 and certainly above 8, are almost guaranteed to sell - and sometimes very nice amounts! So I guess Id just like the best I can get without it being based on issues that don't exist lol

I think the most cringy/silly comment I got was about the music, something on the lines of 'this peice again, id change it as its been used a million zillion trillion times'. lol

Good luck with the bidding!


Stencyl Jam 12 / Re: Frank 'n' Slime
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:20:43 am »
Bidding has entered 4 figures :) 5 different sponsors have bid so far!

No worries, hopefully ill up a level soon anyhow, but looks good though. :)

Ah right, all my reviews have been by Rozek funny enough. My first was a 7, second was a 6.5, third was a 7.5, and... lastly Rollin Paint got a 7, but it was a bit of a to-do with that one. He played the game, came back to me complaining of bugs/etc and rated it a 6, but then couldnt reproduce this  bug again, and neither could I (id never seen it at all), so in the end he put it up for bidding, and totally reworked the scoring to a 7. (strangely upping the gfx score - even though that never changed before or after.. puzzlingly).

As it goes, Ive had 'issues' with my previous 2 games before Rollin Paint, whereby Ive been told there were bugs or issues that just werent there or were completely wrong (ie, i was told my buttons in 'from the dark' didnt work, when they worked perfectly well), and when I tried to have this corrected or maybe revise the scores, it fell on deaf ears.

Look forward to seeing the game anyhow. :)

Interesting... I've had no problems with remarks on review scores, must have gotten lucky! My pre-reviews have been a bit cringey sometimes though because I think the pressure of recording and having to give feedback as they play stops the admins from being able to solve puzzles like they normally would, and they get stuck for ages on really easy levels :p

Stencyl Jam 12 / Re: Frank 'n' Slime
« on: May 06, 2013, 02:54:53 am »
Sorry about the Market Level 2 thing - there's been some games stolen from fgl recently and we thought we better play it safe!

Nice. :) I did see the game go up, but its 1 market point above what i have for viewing so i cant check it out. boo! lol (im owed a bunch of market points too from a sponsor thats paying commision. lol)

Ive had a 7 and 7.5 - but Id love to get higher with my next game too :D Could I ask out of interest, which admin reviewed it?

I had a 7 (Tofu Ninja) and 7.5 (The Little Who) before too :p

All 3 had reviews posted by Rozek.

Stencyl Jam 12 / Re: Frank 'n' Slime
« on: May 05, 2013, 01:07:39 pm »
Game is now in bidding on FGL with an 8 editors rating! We also have bids already :)

Stencyl Jam 12 / Re: Full Game Listing - All 88 Entries
« on: May 02, 2013, 01:12:18 pm »
Hey Jon, is it possible to change the icon of my game on that list? I've attached the new icon if this is possible - thanks :D

Game name: Frank 'n' Slime

EDIT: Ah I see your post on the sticky, but changing the images on my thread didn't change the icon :(

Stencyl Jam 12 / Frank 'n' Slime
« on: April 29, 2013, 01:57:56 pm »

The game is currently up for sponsorship but a link has been e-mailed to the guys at Stencyl :)

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