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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Patient 9: 2D Survival Horror
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:06:49 pm »
Howdy all!

I just wrapped up a game I've been working on way too long (started on v2.20  :P ). It's a survival game about an amnesiac patient trying to unearth his past in an asylum filled with crazed patients. If you could check it out or pass it along to someone who might like a short 2D horror game on PC it'd be much appreciated.  It can be found here.


Stencyl Build:  9857
Windows 7

Issue:  A behavior I use in my game doesn't work on my PC build but it works fine in flash.  What happens in the flash build is the player walks up to a item, presses J button, dialogue is displayed, a item is added to the players inventory,  a story switch is added to story switches (public list), then actor kills self when it checks if that item is in the story switch.  The problem in the PC is that the item is not added to the players inventory, the story switch is not added to the public list, and then the item does not kill itself.

This is very strange to me since this works just fine in my flash build of the game.  Any help would be appreciated.

I can't publish my game out as a swf atm.  This is the error message I get

"Unable to export SWF to the request location.  (Check your logs.  Usually, the cause is an incompatible sound file.)"

I attached the log, thanks in advance for any help.

Resolved Questions / Solved: Trying to find Stencyl v2.2.0 to download
« on: November 03, 2014, 03:10:20 pm »
Hi,  I'm trying to find a download for v2.2.0 so I can work on my game on my laptop.  I've tried updating to 3.1 but found it wasn't worth the effort considering the amount of debugging I'd have to do on a near donish game.  I've done multiple google searches to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi!  I'm having a issue where a looping sound (a explore theme that's 2:30 long) ends the loop not at the end of the song.

Right now how I have it set up is

Start at title screen
   go to new game
   loop explore theme on channel 1
   take player to first stage

No other scene or behavior interacts with channel 1.  The reason I'm trying to get the track to loop is cause the individual scenes are short, so I want the track to keep playing as you change scenes.   I've also tested the track in Stencyl and it's the appropriate length in Stencyl and Audacity.

Thanks in advanced for any help :)

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Patient 9 - A survival horror game
« on: December 18, 2013, 10:09:25 am »
Purchase of stock image pending

This is my first of many games I'll be making in Stencyl, it's about an amnesiac that wakes up in an ruined Asylum filled with crazed homicidal patients, doctors, and other survivors.  Your goal is to survive, find out, sort, and define your past, and eventually decide the fate of the Asylum and all those inside.

Right now this is a semi polished Alpha build that's focused on making sure all the code and mechanics work properly.  After this I'll be polishing the art assets, audio, design, and programming towards a finished product.

You can play it here:
Read my blog posts about the game here:

Comments and feedback are appreciated.  Specifically anything concerning the game breaking or something not working properly.  Thanks for reading.

Hi.  I've been having problems with a few of my lists becoming filled with "object Object" after I use the Load Save File behavior.  It's kinda weird since I haven't noticed anything wrong with any other game attributes besides my Book ones.  The length of the contents in the Book Text list is rather long, perhaps that might be a problem?

Below I attached screenshots of the Load behavior, the blocks that are drawing the list contents out, and the display before and after load game is being used.

I tested saving the game, killing the player, and going for new game and that keeps the Book Name and Book Text lists safe.  So it's something wrong with the load game behavior.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Ask a Question / Having Problems with a Game Attribute
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:54:12 pm »
Hi!  I'm having a very weird problem with a game attribute.  For some reason I'm not able to access what's in the list.  I made a simple test block, where Y should equal 60, but it only prints out as 40.  I tested it before and after the "If Item Position In List contains 1.0".  I've even tried deleting the game attribute, remaking it, and re plugging it into the test behaviors.  Is there something really obvious I'm missing here?  Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm wondering how I can clear a Game Attribute List manually from the settings -> attributes menu.  So far when I select all the "items" in the list and press delete nothing happens, and when I press the - button it only deletes one.  Thanks in advanced.

Resolved Questions / FIXED Background Music Runs out
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:31:08 pm »
Hi!  I have a background theme that starts when the player first enters the game, but doesn't restart when a player transitions from different scenes. 

The only problem I've had is after 2:30 (track length) is the music stops and I can't find a loop block.  I don't want to start the track over at the beginning of each scene since most of the rooms are relatively short and it'd be very obnoxious.

I've been thinking about making a game attribute number variable and add one to it every second, after it reaches 150 have the scene behavior start the track again.  Is there a more elegant solution I'm missing?  Thanks in advance.

Hi.  The 2 Behaviors I'm working with are

SpawnableItem  Actor Behavior
    22 and 23.png are the screen caps for this behavior
ItemSpawner  Scene behavior  (super original I know :P )
    20 and 21.png are the screencaps for this behavior

The idea is that
- the scene will spawn say 3 items from the lists
- send SpawnableItem info it needs to "change" itself to what it's supposed to be and too track it's list index. in this case a FirstAidKit
- when the item is picked up, send back the info to the Scene behavior
- scene behavior removes the entry off the list from the info it gets

Right now the behavior is creating the actors fine, but all my trigger event blocks aren't working.  The animation is not changing and the items are not being removed from the list.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi!  I'm having a "problem" where I have a actor with the following behavior.  I want it to not re-spawn everytime the actor re-enteres the scene after it's been "picked up" thus the boolean.  Is there a simple fix that I'm missing or am I going to have to with another approach?  Using game attributes to track this will be far too clunky.  If I'm not clear about something please let me know, and thanks in advance for any help.

Resolved Questions / [SOLVED] Tiny problem with a loop
« on: May 03, 2013, 05:03:55 pm »
Hi, sorry if this question seems a little basic I'm not the best coder and this is my first loop attempt. 

I'm trying to do with it is to check every item in the "Story Variable Required" list and compare that item against the current "Story Event Tracker" number. I'm trying to find out if . . .

1) Item in List = Story Event tracker:  Then that's the Item Index I want for all my other functions
2) Item in List > Story Event Tracker:  Then I'll use the previous item index in the list by "-1 Item Tracker"
3) Item in List < Story Event Tracker:  I want to keep going through the list so "+1 Item tracker"

I'm using the "Item List Index Tracker" so what when I find a value I'll pass that number over to my function that prints delicious readable text.  Any help on how to fix this code or how to properly explain my "code" in the future would be appreciated.

Hi, I'm having some problems utilizing the Save/Load game blocks so I'm going to fully plan out how I want to save/load in my game before I make any more awful attempts.

- how do I keep track of what scene the character is in using game attributes?
- how do I keep track of what enemies have been killed using game attributes?

Resolved Questions / SOLVED! Quick Question: Number Display problem
« on: March 05, 2013, 11:06:11 am »
Hi I'm having a small tiny problem with displaying the number of lives my player has.  It works fine until I get to 1 and below, at that point it stops drawing the number.  I know the value is still decreasing per hit since after the 2nd hit from 2 the player dies.

I have removed the yellow fill before and that didn't solve the problem.

I've added screenshots of the Health Display behaviour and the player going from 2, 1, and 0 lives (put up in that order.

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