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Ask a Question / Re: Not a valid stencyl project
« on: August 13, 2020, 08:30:55 pm »
Yeah, that would work. Or just try opening the .stencyl file as-is with a gui archive utility (7-zip, winrar, etc).

Ask a Question / Re: Not a valid stencyl project
« on: August 13, 2020, 05:41:42 pm »
A .stencyl file is just a .zip file with a different file extension. You can try extracting it and looking inside to see if things look ok. Perhaps the file was restored with some errors.

Hey Guzzz. Sorry, I sent you a message on discord, but I should have tried the forum as well.

I haven't looked into the process yet myself, but if you want to just try to work through it together, let me know.

Ask a Question / Re: I can't see the code of the downloaded behavior
« on: August 07, 2020, 04:54:45 pm »
Try with Stencyl 4.0.3.

Chit-Chat / Re: (Community Project Idea) Switching Lessons!
« on: August 04, 2020, 01:44:54 am »
I just realized that the original post in the topic that Chris24XD and joe1234 replied to, from 2020-07-13, was posted by a bot who copied another post on this forum.

Perhaps a little weird, but I decided to just merge the new posts with the original topic from the original poster and delete the bot's post.

Ask a Question / Re: Testing on Android
« on: August 01, 2020, 08:05:33 pm »
To be able to immediately confirm when the device is recognized, in Stencyl, go to File > Preferences > Features, and enable Device Manager. Then, every time you open Stencyl, and again every 30 seconds after that, it checks if there have been any changes to what devices you have connected.

With the feature enabled, open the log viewer, and be on the lookout for something like this:

Code: [Select]
13:07:19,813 Found new device:

When you see that, you can test your game and Stencyl will be able to see your device and install to it.

Ask a Question / Re: Testing on Android
« on: August 01, 2020, 07:57:25 pm »
Your computer isn't detecting your Android device properly.

See "Step 1: Set up your Device" in the Getting Started with Android Stencylpedia article.

News / Stencyl 4.0.3 - August 18, 2020
« on: August 01, 2020, 03:39:32 am »
Stencyl 4.0.3

This release focuses on keeping up with the latest requirements for Android and iOS development, and macOS notarization. Apart from that, there's been an overall focus on making the software more stable, and providing more sensible errors when something goes wrong.

Download Now


Subscribers: This release does not include all of the features in the current subscribers-only builds. If you're currently using a private build and would like to update, please update with the latest private build.

For AdMob users: The AdMob Application Identifier is now set on the Monetization page, not in the AdMob initialization block. If you're using any of byRobin's extensions, make sure to update them as specified in the notes for #1821.

If you find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker.

Other issue tracker links:
[4.0.4] tag: issues planned for the next patch release.
[4.1.0] tag: features and issues planned for our next minor feature release.


- [ui] Select first item in Open Resource list when first focused (#1754).
- Fix error when generating scene thumbnails (#1797, #1823).

Scene Designer:
- Fix error in scene editor when transparency/blending is enabled
- Fix deletion order of multi-object selections with z-indexed objects (#1692).
- Don't share processed TileShapes among scenes with different tile sizes (#1859).

Design Mode:
- Fix: Can't find attribute blocks after refreshing attribute definition (#1675).
- Minor English language fixes (#1600).
- Activate/Deactivate status of block isn't retained when duplicated (#1710).
- Sometimes game attributes don't refresh in palette when added (#574).
- Reload attribute name without reloading behavior (#1695).
- Drag and drop blocks to another behaviour doesn't work (#1837).
- Don't allow custom blocks to include same field twice in spec (#1855).
- More logical accuracy of the image property getter block combined with other math operator blocks.
- Fixed error in code preview of "custom event" block when an attribute getter is used for the name.

Actor Type Editor:
- Fix: Looping/Synchronized settings aren't retained when duplicating animations (#1694).
- Warn user and grow imported images that don't cleanly scale (#1677).

External Tools:
- Removed Pencyl, made Pixelitor the default image editor (#1696).

- Fixed downloading of behaviors from StencylForge (#1714).
- Closing backgrounds leaves scaledImagesLoaded in the wrong state (#1872).

- [android] Updated gradle repository links to https (#1751).
- [android] Android Keystore Generator not making usable keystores (#1720).
- [android] Don't allow using JDK higher than 12 for android compilation (#1868).
- [ios] Update GoogleMobileAds and disable SafariServices framework (#1636, #1821). Xcode 11 is now required to enable AdMob.
- [ios] Fix iOS architectures included in builds with min version less than 11 (#1858).
- [ui] Open snippet sources instead of generated files from compilation errors window (#1453).

- [ios] iOS 13 crash when requesting iap product info (#1674).
- [ios] Admob banner bottom in safe area iPhone X or higher (#1880).
- [ios] iPhone X press near screen edge is delayed (#1853). Thanks, tommyill!
- [ios] iOS 3rd party keyboard spelling correction leads to inaccurate text (#1662).
- [debugging] Print the callstack in more places, as well as info on how to enable it (#1842).
- Fix recycling actors with no animation (#1840). Thanks, yoplalala!
- [macos] Start in fullscreen broken on macOS target (#1639).
- [windows] Window zooms in a little every time it's minimized and restored (#1682).

Game Controller (beta feature):
- [ui] Allow ESC to close Game Controller and Build Errors windows (#1634).
- [ui] Correctly link stack traces for Flash and HTML5 in log viewer
- [flash] Fix security warning when updating images (#1455).
- [mobile] Fix: may get wrong local ipv4 address when multiple network interfaces present. If the address that's obtained automatically is still wrong, use the ipv4.local preference to set it manually.
- Fix: Don't establish GCI connection unless the game is open in Stencyl (#1702).
- Animations disappearing and causing crashes when reloaded in some cases (#1670).
- Accept websocket payloads greater than 8KB in SocketInputWorker (#1876).

OS/Tool Compatibility:
- [jdk] Change web address for downloading JDK from Oracle website to AdoptOpenJDK website
- Don't allow non-ascii characters in install path or workspace (#1623).
- [windows] Update VSCode detection locations to include the newer AppData location.
- [macos] macOS Notarization update supporting the hardened runtime requirement. (#1690, #1841).
- [macos] Neko is no longer required to be installed.
- [macos] Fix error on startup when an unpaired iOS device is connected (#1841).
- [macos/linux] Fix some errors that allow an incomplete download of android build-tools/platforms.

General Toolset Issues:
- Less laggy verification textfields (#1833).
- For better version control, more consistent ordering of polygon coordinates (always clockwise in xml), and bundles and engine extensions in game.xml.

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Format: 3.4.1 -> 3.5.0

- Updated French translation (#1226). Thanks, yoplalala!

Right. The shortcut on the far left probably points to /Applications (Applications installed for all users) whereas the one you have selected in the screenshot is /Users/administrator/Applications (the Applications installed only for the administrator user).

Are you absolutely sure that your applications are in that folder? In the majority of cases, Applications are simply installed to the top-level /Applications folder on macOS.

Ask a Question / Re: Error while testing on Android
« on: July 28, 2020, 07:03:51 am »
Could you try with the current release candidate for our upcoming 4.0.3 release? Not sure which OS you're using so you can pick from the list.

Windows installer (32-bit)
Windows installer (64-bit)
Windows zip (32-bit)
Windows zip (64-bit)
macOS dmg
macOS zip
Linux tar.gz

If you try redownloading the Android SDK with 4.0.3 does the problem persist?

Ask a Question / Re: AdMob Compile Error
« on: July 28, 2020, 07:00:27 am »
This issue is reported here, and is fixed in the upcoming 4.0.3 release.

The reason you're encountering this issue is because you likely have the "Enable AdMob Ads" checkbox in Settings > Mobile > Monetization checked.

If you'd like to try out 4.0.3, you can download the 4.0.3 release candidate.

Yes, basically. New features will show up later on, in 4.1.0.

Ask a Question / Re: Getting old bezier extension to work again
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:43:50 pm »

Change the first line of the following script to point to where Stencyl is installed, and then run it in the terminal. This sets up your Haxe environment to be (roughly) the same as Stencyl's for that terminal session.

Code: [Select]


# HAXEPATH contains haxe and haxelib executables
# HAXE_STD_PATH is the Haxe Standard Library
# HAXELIB_PATH contains installed haxelibs
# NEKO_INSTPATH and NEKOPATH both point to the Neko install
# HAXEPATH and /usr/local/bin (for neko) are added to the path

export HAXEPATH="$DIR/haxe-bin/mac"
export HAXE_STD_PATH="$DIR/haxe-std/std"
export HAXELIB_PATH="$DIR/haxe/lib"
export NEKO_INSTPATH="$DIR/neko-mac"
export NEKOPATH="$DIR/neko-mac"

Then you just need to do this

Code: [Select]
haxelib install actuate 1.8.6
(I specified 1.8.6 because that was the last version we used with Stencyl. You could also leave out the version number and just get the latest version).

Finally, in Stencyl, in Settings > Advanced > OpenFL Settings, add the following line:

Code: [Select]
<haxelib name="actuate" />

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