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Ask a Question / move all spawned actor to the center of screen ??
« on: June 27, 2016, 09:44:09 am »
i spawneed 3 actor (blue red and yellow ) in random position in the screen
now i want to move all spawnedd actorr  to the centerr of screen
pleeaaaaze hellp 

Ask a Question / lead spawned actor to a point of screen
« on: June 27, 2016, 04:54:44 am »
i spawn actors randomly in screen but i want to lead it into a defined point into screen pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazee hellpppp

i solved it
create actor when red button is pressed and (kill yellow button if it collided with red .0...ect

can i use colision in yellow animation and other colision in the red animation (for actor)

hello i have 2 button  yellow  and red ,  what i want to do ?when i click on yellow button switch actor on the top of the screen to my yellow actors and when i click on red button switch it into red actor at the same position without use kill last created actor beacause other actors are created at othe position .... pleaaaaaaze help me and excuse mee foorr my baadd english :'(

I use this  When the mouse is pressed on self ( yellow and red button )
  kill last created actor
create actor (yellow or red ) at my position ...

But i dont wanna to kill last created actor :'( help please

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