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Resolved Questions / [Solved] Stencyl put Aliasing on my animations
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:29:16 pm »
Hello, strange bug here, when I put my frames on any animation, I make sure I have clean files to get a cool animation. But a strange bug appear lately... When I re-launch stencyl after importing animations (like for the player) well Stencyl add me some aliaising on any animation with more than one frame !

It is really annoying because I have to re-import each animation (and make news collision box) and for the same result again, and again...

Let me show you the problem here :

As you can see the first anim (only one frame) is ok, the second one are really damaged (we can't even see the character mouth).

Why Stencyl want to ruin my frames ? What I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks you for your time.

Ask a Question / About circle and wheels...
« on: February 11, 2012, 07:16:27 am »
Hello guys, i'm working on a little project you can see (in french sorry) here :
I'm wondering how can i make a circle with my player inside. I would make a giant circle with my player moving inside. Of course i try to make a circle collision on actor and spawning my player in it but it don't work. I try to make a collision like a circle with polygon, but it don't work well too. I'm pretty sure i'm missing something very simple to do that...

My second question is a little bit in the same idea. It is : How can I make a vehicle, and more important, how can I make wheels attached to and actor ?

Thanks you for your time.

Hi it's working now. The problem was, the collision box was the same, it nedeed to have one pixel difference between each animation, weird.

Hello guys,

I have a little problem right now with my avatar. I don't know why, but when he end the walk animation and before returning to idle, he play the fall anim. I don't understand why the collision box seems ok, so I dont see any reason for this bug, anyone get this problem too?

Thanks you.

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