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Any idea why it is that when I apply " scene.cameraFollow(actor), " Android has a hard time opening the game?
OS = Icecream sandwich.

Ask a Question / How does one get rid of the Z coord
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:42:43 am »
When entering accelerometer in the forum Search, I see one result and ZerO at the Pedia.

I have gravity and a tap to jump.

While in landscape mode, I want to be able to tilt the device to move the actor left and right.
I have
     but I'm getting up and down as well.
Only need  left & Right movement when tilting.  Is there a tutorial on this aside from the one Disco does on youtube?
That one is not working...

I have the latest version of Stencyl, why do I not see   ios   under Platform or run?

It should be there for testing, right?

what would cause collision to cease functioning in Stencly 3???
This is the 5th game I'm working on; never had trouble with collision b4.
Collision on, not censor, all on same layer, closed game, closed Syencly and restarted.

 anyone know how we swipe to move actors to the viewing area?

The swipe should move all careactors at the same rate, including those off screen.
I want to place the careactors both on, beside, and above the viewing area, and be able to swipe the "Smart Device" ( eg Android) in order to scroll the actors to the viewing area.

anyone know what happened to the "Scoring Example" that was in Stencyl Forge?
Twas the "on click ad to score"

After pause and reload game / scene,  "after N seconds audio cease to function... Why??
FYI,  .ogg on android.

Stencyl v3

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