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   It is a failed   "If" statement.
I changed it to

and the error is gone...

I wanted it killed, but I guess,    if off screen,  can't be touched.

Sad part is,  even with all the kick ass development that has gone into   Stencyl, I constantly have to find a way to work around flaws. I'm super busy, and end up nodding off at the computer. NO ONE should touch a computer if drunk, or sleepy...

P.S.  Thank you all for jumping in to save me.; "I'm not drowning, just waving."


taptofly can only die after 5 seconds.


I removed it completely and still get the same error.

This makes me think the "if TaptoFly " statement isn't working.
Like its still trying to call a dead actor, (TaptoFly 150) <- That's when the trouble started...

Great, that worked, but what is wrong here?

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
   at MethodInfo-4509()[Source/scripts/SceneEvents_17.hx:222]


class SceneEvents_17 extends SceneScript
    public var _SCORE:Actor;
    public function new(dummy:Int, engine:Engine)
        nameMap.set("SCORE", "_SCORE");
    override public function init()
I'm lost...

I see no way to create "if TaptoFly is dead" disregard "when mouse is released"

Because  the game is still trying to switch on release when TaptoFly is no longer accessible.
Game then freezes.

My back and forth horizontally behavior stopped working as well...


  Never mind. I scraped all that and just added an animation to swap the main character with tryagain.

thanks any way.
                                      might be a bug here, cause now my camera is jumping to a new spot.

i need "if milk dead, disregard create try again"

the if statement alone, is not doing the job. I know it should, but  Try Again is still being created no mater if milk alive or not.

is it a bug?

I must be incredibly thick.

I have no idea what code you are referring to.

i need a statement to go in the otherwise block to cancel the " create try again " if milk is dead

Otherwise disregard

if milk alive statement...


if milk dead, do nothing.

what do I place in Otherwise       to disregard    the    if statement?

yeh, that makes more sense than if milk dead.

ill give it a shot.

wait a minute,  I still do not see how that will work.       If not milk alive...   ? disregard previous statement?

How do I get the script to disregard
if milk 10
if milk is dead?

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