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Google Play currently require that your APK file be no more than 50MB. I know, that 50MB looks like a lot of space, but considering media files rich application, 50 MB might be not enough.
Google encourages developers to stay with 50MB if possible, otherwise to use expansion files to the APK.
Is there a way to work with expansion files in Stencyl?
What would be the Stencyl's way to overcome 50MB limit?

Resolved Questions / Re: [SOLVED] Maximum game complexity in Stencyl
« on: June 22, 2014, 06:13:51 am »
You welcome. I am a Stencyl's noob here as well, but after extensively trying Stencyl for a last few weeks and also reading a lot of the documentation and forum posts I got a feeling that if you properly think the game through and designe it in a right way from the ground, then Stencyl is capable of supporting creation of a vast and complex games on a pro level.
For now it looks like one of the biggest barriers is the incompetence of Stencyl's user.  ;)

Resolved Questions / Re: Maximum game complexity in Stencyl
« on: June 21, 2014, 05:58:04 pm »
Check this post and video, and read about authors work. That should give you some clue.,30809.msg176195.html#msg176195

Ask a Question / Re: Subject to protect their games and applications
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:51:36 am »
What about JOBB? At least for Android.
"The jobb tool allows you to build encrypted and unencrypted APK expansion files in Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) format. You can download and mount these expansion files in your application using StorageManager on devices with Android 2.3 (API Level 9) or higher. OBB files are used to provide additional file assets for Android applications (such as graphics, sounds and video), separate from an application's APK file."
Would not 'Encrypted APK' be what we need to protect our artworks or sounds from being easily extracted by plain crooks?

I have found nice explanation of what OBB is and how it work.
"OBB lets you package up large files and store them on the public SDcard in a way that only your app can decrypt and use them. After building the AOSP the and obbtool allow you to create (on Linux) OBB files.
After setting up things like PATH, permissions and kernel modules, creating is basicly:
Code: [Select]
$ -d /data/myfiles -k my_secret_key -o /data/data.obb
$ obbtool a -n com.example.myapp -v 1 -s seed_from_mkobb /data/data.obb
After which you can store the data.obb on SDcard and only access the files from your app with use of the my_secret_key
Code: [Select]
storage = (StorageManager) getSystemService( STORAGE_SERVICE );
storage.mountObb( obbFilepath, "my_secret_key", myListener );
obbContentPath = storage.getMountedObbPath( obbFilepath );
Although other apps can destroy the data.obb on SD card only the app can access them and the content is as secure as if stored in app private.
Only on API level 9 and up and with the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to access OBB files from SD."

I think this is what we are looking for.

Ask a Question / Re: Reducing Android Load times?
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:06:24 am »
Usually I see compiling taks like 25-35 seconds, at least according to what log viewer spits out. Compiling for the first time, or after changing something in general game settings can take several minutes.
Loading to android phone or tablet can differ. From my experience with Stencyl, for example loading lots of sounds as Sound FX at the start of the program take significant time. I see black screen on android much longer. Loading not optimized PNG graphic also takes more time than optimized one.

The solution is to keep graphics optimized and always compressing sounds to the extent where quality change would be really noticeable. Do you always need stereo files or 44100 Hz samplerate, for example?

Hi MrHawk,
To make "game like that"!
I say everything is possible, you just need to be very very patient, talented and hard working. The question is are you willing to spend next couple of years to learn and to try to develop a "game like that"?
Seriously, games like Clash of Clans are a long months of hard work of a talented team of people. You also have to remember, that Stencyl is a 2D workframe, not a 3D.
I recommend you to follow the story of Ghost Song game on this forum first,30809.msg176195.html#msg176195
It shows how the process might look, how much effort and time it takes to create a game. It shows  especially if you follow authors posts on forum since early start;u=14242;area=showposts;start=495

I am not an expert and I definitely don't know how the function works, cause it is probably very complicated, but the mobile-app-scaling tutorial explains it rather good how we should use it.
For best results you put in the settings - Settings - Display smallest resolution you would like to support. For example 480x320 to support older iOS. Then you create all the graphics in much higher - x4 higher exactly - resolution. So you create all graphics in 1920 x 1280 res and import it with x4 setting at import screen. Then Stencyl will down-scale it. That way graphics look good on high resolution devices but also scales nicely in smaller resolution screens.
I have no idea why scale modes do not work for you. IT should like it shows in demo of

Ask a Question / Re: Need Help With my file Help ASAP
« on: June 20, 2014, 12:22:06 pm »
It looks like your game export went wrong, so we can't import it and see what is wrong.
My system archiver shows a message "Can not open file as archive
Errors: 1"

So it looks like the zip file can not be normally opened, because the zip file is messed up. Sorry.

The only thing I could do to help you, was to recover what was in there to recover, but because the file was corrupted some parts are lost.  Also as far as I know, the problem was with file 8.mp3.
I think you should save your game and not use export to save it for later. You should at least be checking if output zip was correct., if it was your only copy.

I attach what I could recover. Maybe you will need the graphics or audio file again.

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 08:45:14 am »
I am glad I could help. You welcome and a happy Stencyling on Linux!

With java try /home/daviz/stencylworks/android-sdk/ folder.
There you will find an file.
Edit it's permissions to be able to 'Execute' it and run it in the terminal.
If I remember correctly, the script is suppose to download everything and install it in the correct places. Then you will be able to run your impressive games on android phone attached to ubuntu computer with USB cable.

Last step, just remember to set USB debugging ON, on the android phone.

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:39:51 am »
Also, what's the output of 'java --version' in terminal, check just to be sure it is a version 6.

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:33:21 am »
Strange. I took ubuntu 64 bit install iso, put it on a pendrive and boot from it into 'try ubuntu'. Then I installed java, made a change in Stencyl file and it runs fine on a pendrive.

I don't know man. Before I try to search for this java error, be sure that libc6 is installed on your system, as Stencyl's tutorial mentions.
Maybe run in terminal
apt-get install libc6-384 libc6-dev-i386
just to be sure.

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 06:19:54 am »
OK, I may have found a solution faster than I expected:

  • open Ubuntu Software Center;
  • install 'OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime';
  • go to Stencyl folder;
  • open Stencyl file in gedit;
  • erase './runtimes/jre-linux/bin/' and leave only 'java';
  • save the file;
  • open terminal;
  • go, using command 'cd ./Stencyl-64-full/' to the Stencyl's folder (press enter after writing the so called path to the Stencyl's folder. In my case it was /Downloads/Stencyl-64-full cause I unpacked Stencyl in Downloads folder . In your case it will be probably something different, depends where you unpacked the Stencyl's folder;
  • run the Stencyl by writing './Stencyl' command and pressing Enter.
I attach the screenshot that shows what to install and what change to make in Stencyl file and how cd ./ command works in terminal.
You should be set.

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:48:38 am »
I checked the forum and I see that you have the same problem the 13.10 users had:,29800.msg173536.html#msg173536

I think I have to investigate the thing on 14.10 LTE cause on my 12.04 it works differently and I don't see problems you see, so it is quite pointless to hunt things I can't catch. Like I mentioned before, I will try to install 14.10 LTE first, then make step by step instruction of what I need to run Stencyl on it, maybe even with screenshots ;)
Have patient. I will try to do that today. Starting to look for a spare HD to erase.

Ask a Question / Re: Does Stencyl make use of GPU acceleration?
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:21:01 am »
Maybe this will help to fight 300 enemies at once?

Ask a Question / Re: Installing Stencyl on Ubuntu
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:16:43 am »
Before we try something else, try to right-click on the Stencyl file (the one you click and it opens in gedit).
When window pops-up, go to Permissions tab and check Execute: box to "Allow executing file as program"
Then click Close button.
Try to click the Stencyl again to start it. When question pops-up "Do you want to run Stencyl, or display its contents?
press Run button.

Let me know how it goes.

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