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Great, thanks! =]

Ask a Question / My actor animations are freezing, what do I do?
« on: November 05, 2011, 10:06:43 pm »
I wanted to create my own actor animations for my main character. I made several poses with Paint and then imported them as frames for the character animations such as running left, right, up, down. As I added the frames the animations windows on the top left were moving but sometimes they freeze and I can not get them to work again without deleting all of the frames in each animation. The freezing happens sometimes when i click save, once after I edited them in Pencyl, and once when I flipped to another webpage. So yeah, I'm quite depressed as I don't know if I can succeed in completing my actor animations. Does this even effect the animations working in game? If anyone has any tips on what I can do to fix this problem I would really appreciate it.

Thanks =]

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