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OK, so i tried using the console and testing again. I found that there is an error: 1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.

So my immediate thought was that i hadn't set anything for the 'played sound' in the fire bullet behavior, i set this to 'No Sound' and re-tested.

Still a very similar issue, still slow, still no bullet generated when i press the shoot button.

My console is full of stuff (i guess it captures any updates, i.e. when i press a button or when something changes) but interestingly, i can see  ton of references to someone else's file paths when there are any references to (what i'm guessing are) APIs and their respective functions - is all this normal?

also, when testing with the console, i can see the fps: its always at '1' until i kill my player, then it rises up to 30 or so.


UPDATE: is there a way i can spool off the console output in the Flash debugger? thanks

ANOTHER UPDATE: so i deactivated all shooting related behaviors and re-tested. The console looks much cleaner so i guess i really have to dig through the console output to see whats happening.

Hi, thanks for replying:

i currently have the condition set to "key was pressed". I've just tried playing with the setting but the result is always the same. Are there any known flash issues when running/testing with stencyl?

Also, i started the game using the "Jump and Run" template, does that have any baring on what i'm doing? i.e. are there any conflicting behaviors etc. with the action pack?

Hi Guys,

Loving Stencylworks! It's really inspired me to create something!

Anyway, i'm still learning and struggling to get to grips with shooting in my first (test) game. What I've done:
- downloaded the action pack from stencylforge,

- added the fire bullet behavior to my player (picked a bullet actor and set settings including trigger msg),

- added the do on key press behavior to my player (selected a fire button control to trigger msg; im using left-control),

- jump over to scene and test.

So what happens when i test? my Flash debugger grinds to a halt almost instantly! Roll back the changes above, test again and things run fine!? I'm only testing so don't have any elaborate scenes or anything, just my player, an enemy and some tiles.

I've also tried to use the run and gun stuff and other resources on stencylforge to eliminate the idea that it's something specific to the particular asset im using at the time but no luck. I've even attempted to hand create my own behaviors using the ones i've downloaded as a template (and combined in a spectrum of different combinations) no still always the same performance hit.

Any ideas?

I'm using an old macbookpro running OSX 10.6, Flash ver. 10, Stencylworks ver. 1.2.1


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