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Ask a Question / Hi,I am having problem in Attribute and list! Confused
« on: October 18, 2015, 11:52:42 am »
Hi,I am making a simple maths in which i have different level and 9 actor's on the screen. The actor's have their value like 1 = 1 and 2= 2 and so on.
The main objective in the game is for example in 1st round you need to make "Total of 9" from the given numbers so the player will start adding the correct number's By selecting the first actor and then dragging to the other to reach the correct answer but the question is how we restore the number's like "if we need nine. We will start from 2 then we go to 5 and 1 and 1 = 9 ) How to add these numbers?
I made the game attribute and did like this if mouse is clicked or dragged at self add for (one actor animation) add one and so on.But it didn't worked because it keeps adding more and more numbers.I need Help please.

Ask a Question / Can we get rid of joints on collision?
« on: October 04, 2015, 11:29:26 am »
Hi,I am making a game in which i am joining hands,head,Arms with joints.Actually i want in a game if arms is hit by the enemy the Arm which is joined by the Joint.That Arm should break up and falls down and that joint ends up after the collision.Same as for the other parts of the body ? How to do that ? I can make them die but i am unable to un-attach them from the joint.
Thank you

Hi,I am wondering how to make a laser that fire's an actor.The Example is attached below.I am not sure where to start on to make this laser. Here is the link ;

Need Help!

Hi, Its been three days i want to make a behavior in which Our fire Follow the player (player is affected by gravity can move left,right,Jump).
Actually, Our Laser Gun is at the top of the screen (Which is Static) and Our player is at the bottom of screen.The laser Gun is static and Every N Secs (3 seconds) the laser Should fire at the current Position of the player.I used the behavior Follow target but it didn't worked because it always follow the player and Hit our player.
All I want that when the Fire is made from the projectile it should take the last Position of our player as final position,So our player Can move himself to left or right to get away from the fire.If fire collides with the actor ,The player and Fire dies.
The attachments I attached is the behaviors i made But it didn't worked. :-(.
Please Help! Thank you!

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