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Hi, Its been three days i want to make a behavior in which Our fire Follow the player (player is affected by gravity can move left,right,Jump).
Actually, Our Laser Gun is at the top of the screen (Which is Static) and Our player is at the bottom of screen.The laser Gun is static and Every N Secs (3 seconds) the laser Should fire at the current Position of the player.I used the behavior Follow target but it didn't worked because it always follow the player and Hit our player.
All I want that when the Fire is made from the projectile it should take the last Position of our player as final position,So our player Can move himself to left or right to get away from the fire.If fire collides with the actor ,The player and Fire dies.
The attachments I attached is the behaviors i made But it didn't worked. :-(.
Please Help! Thank you!

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