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Okay, it was a stupid mistake on my part and this is fixed now.  While I can't seem to change the tile size of a scene once it's created (not sure if this is a Stencyl bug or not) I was specifying the wrong tile size anyways, so I made a new scene with the correct tile size.

This is what happens when I go back to a project and forget that I'm using a smaller tile size than I normally do.  #$%& me.

One case I'm aware of that can cause odd tiles to be drawn is if the tile sizes of the scene and tileset editor do not match.  If that's not the problem then I have no idea.

You know, I just noticed that none of my scenes are allowing me to specify their tile size.  The tile size entry space is blank and I can't enter anything into it.

And apparently it's affecting all of my projects.  Um..

So a long while back I made a little map generation demo, which you can see here.

Just the other day I opened it up again and I'm trying to add a second method of map generation using cellular automata.  That's not where I'm running into trouble, though..

Here's the new and very broken build.

I can't for the life of me seem to figure out why my code is misbehaving so much.  For one, the map is supposed to be filled, of course, and it's certainly not supposed to be flashing.  Two, regardless of specifying very specifically what tiles to use with setTileAt, it's using a tile it shouldn't be, and it's driving me crazy.  I'm sure it's something stupid, so please point out how stupid I am being.

Hopefully someone can help me out!  Code is attached below!  Thanks.


Dwarf Miner is back.. sort of.

I hit a lot of creative walls coming up with ways to expand upon the "playing as a dwarf with a pickax" concept, so it's now being absorbed into a new game.  Everything that made it awesome will remain, though.  You'll still have the opportunity to play as a dwarf with a pickax. ;)

I probably should mention that what you see above is just a mock-up, and I've obviously ditched the EGA palette.  Without saying too much, the new game is more or less action-adventure platformer puzzler.  I've started some little work here and there but I'm trying to keep things minimal until I get my hands on Stencyl v3.

And I guess it goes without saying the new game won't go by Dwarf Miner.

I'll try to keep those of you that would be interested up-to-date when I have something playable to show.  Thanks everyone for your interest!  It's what keeps me reassured I'm not just making a game for myself.

Demake of Thief?
Heh, I was wondering if anyone would notice.  ;)

This isn't related to your question, but new blocks in 3.0 for blend modes will allow you to have multiple lights overlapping, even with non-transparent images.
3.0 can't come soon enough.  Thanks for showing me this.

yah! Unfortunately it doesn't use shadows :( but i'll figure that out later ;)

Do you mean like drawing a shadow behind the actor the light is cast upon?  I was thinking of devising something for that.  Using the two behaviors shown in this topic in conjunction I think you could tell Stencyl where to draw a shadow actor.  Actually, I'm going to go try that right now.  :o

it's because drawing light doesn't work. you have to draw the darkness... that's what i thought anyway XD This works pretty well! :D
Yeah, I was shocked myself as well.  I couldn't find anyone else doing it this way.. not with Stencyl at least.  Glad it was of use to you! :D

Figured I should post my completed behavior using the help from Hectate and captaincomic!

It's a kind of sad funny when I think about how much more complicated my behavior looked when it didn't work.

you mean it would work with black ?
also i congratulate you on a spectacular looking game!
Thank you!

When I draw the darkness I'm using blend mode multiply, so it's not entirely black.  The closest I could get was using a loop to draw the darkness twice, but it dulled the effect of the lights.  I tried increasing the amount of times the lights were drawn and the light just looked blown out and over-saturated.  I might try fiddling with it to see if I can yield a better result.

I'm fairly certain the only reason it works is because of the various opacity levels and blend modes for the shadows and lights, respectively.

Also, the lights are drawn multiple times to make them much more intense in appearance.  Drawing them only once makes them not show up much at all.

I've uploaded what I have working so you can see what it looks like in action.

@ Hectate and captaincomic
Thank you for all of your help!  I have it working perfectly now.  I can't thank you enough for explaining how to do the math step-by-step (and why).  Math was never my strong subject, hence why Stencyl appeals to my desire to program.

@ ipe369
It would probably be easier to just show you my behavior that I'm using.  I probably could be doing this MUCH better than I already am, but it works and that's good enough for right now.

Awesome, thank you.  I just got in bed when I got notified of your reply.  Quite tempted to get up and try this out.

Spent almost my entire night trying to figure this out with no luck.  I'm about to slam my head on my desk.

Ask a Question / Re: always atribute
« on: October 08, 2012, 07:56:30 pm »
I believe the tutorials are a bit outdated.  When you're making either a scene or actor behavior, when you click the Add Event button, it's Basics < When Updating.  You'll see that it's the "Always" block that the tutorials are referring to when the block gets added to the new event within the behavior.

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