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Is there something wrong with pre-shipped onScreen button behavior? I have been trying to use it on multi-touch enabled and my game crash instantly when i touch screen when it's turned on..

Thing is, i have attached this behavior on one of my buttons and it really doesn't matter do i touch button or not. Game just crash instantly if i touch screen of my ipad.  I have tested game without button attached on screen and then it won't crash game when i touch screen, but instantly after i attach the button with pre-shipped behavior it starts crashing on touch. So something is not working correctly on that one..

Ask a Question / Android performance?
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:48:50 am »
Is there any guide somewhere how to tune Android performance, or is there maybe some tips and tricks somewhere? My problem currently is that for some unknown reason my game has random fps drops with Android phones. When i play same game with iPhone 5s or iPad air, it runs as smooth as anything.. But for some odd reason, same code base has random fps drops with android phones. Even more weird is the fact the it doesn't seem to make difference wether i test with old galaxy s2 or newer lg g3.. Same random fps drops in both phones.. So any tips or tricks on that?

My game is simple run and jump. No moving enemies or anything like that. Just pre built maps with tiles, some hazards to jump over and that's it so it's not very graphic heavy either.

Ask a Question / Question about my project.xml file fps setting.
« on: February 26, 2016, 10:27:28 am »
Can someone explain why in every game i compile for iOS there seems to be fps set to 65 even if in my project it's set to 60? Is there anyway to set it to 60? Also is there option to try turn Vsync off in Stencyl if i want to?
<window width="480" height="320" orientation="landscape" resizable="false" fps="65" vsync="true" background="0x000000"/>

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