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Ask a Question / Re: Why do my graphics look terrible?
« on: July 09, 2016, 01:38:47 am »
Would indeed be nice to know how progress towards Next is going :)

Resolved Questions / Re: Stencyl Changelog outdated
« on: May 30, 2016, 06:37:31 am »
Maybe because they won't even remember changes they have made anymore? :P

You can enable html5 today (and have been able to for some months now) by modifying a text file in Stencyl's settings. It will very likely be enabled by default in the coming months as we iron out any remaining kinks.

In [workspace]/prefs/boot.txt:
Code: [Select]
We will hopefully move to Openfl Next soon as well. There may be one or two features that haven't been rewritten in Next yet, but I believe the vast majority of what we need is there now. Unfortunately it's not like flipping a switch, there will be some work required to upgrade to Next. Off the top of my head, for example, our gamepads code will likely need to be rewritten (but hey, we can make it better the second time around).

By the way, if you want to experiment, you can also enable openfl next, but it is by no means official or supported.
Code: [Select]

Thanks for answering all my questions Justin! I'm really happy to know that Next is on horizon, and you guys are working hard to get html5 as polished as possible. Keep up the good work!

I pretty much agree with everything that Tigerteeth said. I personally love Stencyl and i think the way it presents coding is easy to understand and very logical. Even if connecting blocks together can be painful time by time, i really like block system. However i'm fairly puzzled about Stencyl plans in upcoming future, because Jon's update is fairly vague.. Fixing bugs is great and appreciated but i still can't stop wondering why they are not making any official announcement about two things:
- Any plans to move openfl Next?
- When is html5 coming?

I put my sideway platformer on hold, because i just couldn't watch the horrid scrolling.. Especially with iPad it's so ugly that i don't see any point pushing my game forward until it's fixed.. That's why i'm currently concentrating some simple one button, one screen games. Also i think they should make some announcement concerning html5. Flash is getting obsolete very fast and we need html5 fairly soon imo..

I guess that summaries whole chain pretty well, though one thing i would add there would be new and updated road map. It would be nice to know what's going to happen when we move forward.. At least html5 was planned in 3.5 if i recall right?

And btw i don't  really get why some people started mocking others who pointed some obvious faults in current Stencyl. Is there something wrong with that?

Finally, the claim that UE4 and Unity are completely free is untrue. Unity has a $3,000 fee for using Pro features. And if you create a game that makes over a certain amount of money (something like $100,000 or so), you are forced to pay for Pro. With UE4, you pay a 5% royalty to Epic Games if your game makes over $3,000. Stencyl does have a $200/year charge for the full subscription, but it does not collect royalties or charge you more money if your game(s) do well.

Actually Stencyl is really cheap engine if compared to other similar ones. Gamesalad is using monthly based fee nowadays which is 19$/ month at minimum which means 228$ / year at minimum.. However, you can't publish on mobile with 19$ so yearly cost is more likely over 250$ with that one.. And compared to Stencyl, Gamesalad is lackluster. Construct 2 costs 99$ to start developing, but if you manage to get over 5000$ revenue, then you must pay over 350$.. And GameMaker is even more costly if i remember right..

So overall Stencyl is cheap engine if compared to other and just thinking what can be done with it..

So when I hear about glitchy scrolling, I assume it's the dev, not Stencyl, until there's plenty of proof otherwise (which maybe there is, I haven't followed that issue). Game doesn't get greenlit? Dev not Stencyl. Game not featured in App Store? Dev not Stencyl. Etc.

Jittering is serious issue which needs to get fixed asap. It's something that is not related to Stencyl users code because it's problem underlying in OpenFL legacy. It's very easy to notice problem, especially with iPads, because every major and succesfull release got it. Super Dangerous Dungeons, Wheelie, Wheelie 2 and so on. Basically, every game where camera moves with character speeds greater than x-speed of 10 starts jittering.

There's plenty of great examples that you can achieve nice success with games coded in Stencyl. Super Dangerous Dungeons, Epic Flail, Wrassling and so on are all examples about what you can do with this great engine.

Ask a Question / Re: Android performance?
« on: March 04, 2016, 01:13:52 am »
Hmm i certainly will try that one, though i don't got any visible text in screen while played. I got my texts behind IF call which launches after main character dies.. Can it still affect performance because afaik lines inside IF are ignored unless specific event happens? But i will certainly try it out =)

I haven't been following this bug since I'm mainly doing mobile games, is it present in this game, its bigger than an iPhone 5

Does it still happen if you use a smooth camera set up?

Yes it's clearly visible if you play super DD in iPad.. Or visible and visible, as you know there's not much screen camera movement in super DD but for example in first worlds last scene (marked with skull) where you run away from rock you can see that screen is not scrolling smooth at all, it's jittering or jerky.. As i said, it's not that visible on iPhone 5s which got much smaller screen but it's disturbingly clear on iPad size screen.

At the same time, can arise the new and better version of Construct which is its main competitor (Not to mention Unity).

Stencyl took a difficult and risky decision when moved for Haxe and Openfl. It worked. Otherwise, probably would have disappeared. I think now approaching something similar.

Because of this I thought in Cocos2d. Another way still cloudy would be WebAssembly.

Actually i don't really see much problems if comparing Stencyl with Construct 2 or maybe Gamesalad, but engines currently got huge problems especially on mobile side so i don't really see much problems on that side.. Gamesalad anyway is probably close to close down and they have lately kicked out lot's of people.. And Construct 2 struggles with many problems in engine which seems to not get fixed..
So in my opinion Stencyl is doing really fine compared those others..

I don't really think switch to Cocos2d would be answer to problems. It would require Jon to rewrite whole program again once more and that would mean there would be lot's and lot's of bug fixes to be fixed after release.. I really think that openFL 3.x is maturing nicely and i see it will make Stencyl shine once it will be integrated fully on engine and ofc when openFL foundation get it works as smooth as possible..

"steam games got to have very good quality"- thats not related to the engine.

I actually disagree with you about this one. Current Jittering problem i have been eager to shout here is strongly related to engine and is engine problem. And playing jump&run games with bigger screens than iPhone 5s makes games done with Stencyl look really bad because movement looks like jerky.  So this one is quality problem related to underlying engine. Sadly  we can't even really predict when it will be fixed (it should be fixed in openFL Next, but how long will it take to get it integrated on Stencyl?)..

Ask a Question / Android performance?
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:48:50 am »
Is there any guide somewhere how to tune Android performance, or is there maybe some tips and tricks somewhere? My problem currently is that for some unknown reason my game has random fps drops with Android phones. When i play same game with iPhone 5s or iPad air, it runs as smooth as anything.. But for some odd reason, same code base has random fps drops with android phones. Even more weird is the fact the it doesn't seem to make difference wether i test with old galaxy s2 or newer lg g3.. Same random fps drops in both phones.. So any tips or tricks on that?

My game is simple run and jump. No moving enemies or anything like that. Just pre built maps with tiles, some hazards to jump over and that's it so it's not very graphic heavy either.

I don't really  agree with the claims about slow updates, actually Stencyl has been updating fairly rapidly last few months. I'm not really sure about comparing Stencyl with Unity or Unreal engine is fair one because Stencyl takes totally different approach compared those two. In many ways Stencyl has proved for me that it can be good development engine and developer can earn success if games are good (see Colburt for example).

I don't really think either that Stencyl would need option to do 3d, if you want do 3d, you can crab that unreal engine or unity. I would like though, that Stencyl would put effort fixing famous Jittering bug so that i could shine as viable 2d engine.

Ask a Question / Re: Nightly Builds
« on: March 03, 2016, 07:29:54 am »
Well it's good this came up so i don't start importing sounds on my game yet :) Been using 9002 for a while and it seems to be working fine otherwise..

Ask a Question / Re: All my games have jerky motion?
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:25:02 am »
It's not your fault or something that you could fix with coding. Jerkiness is serious problem in old openFL which will be eventually fixed when Stencyl switches to use new openFL called Next. When that will happen? Only god knows :)

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