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I've tried, but I still can't get it to create any bullets. I've attached the initial one that allows me to create bullets. But when I added in the ShootTimer attribute, it doesn't create any bullets.

Thanks for the help!

I tried, but it's still not shooting. Can't seem to figure out why I can't shoot.

I'm trying to increase the amount of force based on the duration of the mouse pressed.
I can't get the behavior to shoot after I've added in these few events. Initially it was simple :When Shoot happens, create Bullet...Push last created actor...etc. It was working, but once I've added in the setShootTimer and the other blocks, it doesn't shoot out bullets anymore.

How do I solve this or is there a better way of increasing the pushing force based on duration?


This is what I've done. It's able to increase the count of the RotateCounter attribute, but I notice that it only increases after a few rotations.

And I intend to have a condition for the rotation. Meaning, once it begins rotating, a timer and counter will begin.  If it spins in the other direction or the rotation is interrupted, the RotateCounter will not increase. Because I want to have achievements for the player if they can rotate the actor a number of times continuously.

How do I set the condition so that I can reset the RotateCounter back to 0 if the rotation is interrupted?


ErLuiSS, how do I set the direction of self back to 0?

I've used this block, and before I took this screenshot, I've actually set it to increase an attribute by 1, which is wrong because it increases continuously.  I understand what you meant, but can't seem to figure out how to set it back to 0, so that it can continue counting from 0 to 360.

Ceosol, if I were to use the point actor block, will that make my actor face a certain direction? And I saw your tweet regarding watching GoT. Definitely can't watch it during work!

Noxstudios, could you show me how you calculate the number of rotations?

I've tried using the absolute value of direction of self / 360, but I don't understand how this works and how to apply it.


Noxstudios, when you mention absolute, you mean Absolute value of __ right?

So it'll be like absolute value of direction of self / 360? This will calculate one rotation is it?


I'm making a game where player has to keep an actor suspended in the air. Would like to add some bonus scores if player can make the actor spin more than a couple of times. How do I count the number of times an actor has rotated?


High score games are my favorite too aside from tower defense. Would love to see a tutorial for a stacking game!

I'll definitely take a look at this! Hopefully someone has done this before and can share it with us. Thanks!

Hi KramerGames!

I'm aware of using the the axis of self and mouse. However, if I have a rod that is stationary but rotatable, how do I rotate the actor to face the direction of last mouse click position and not simply changing to a different frame of the animation?

Hi all!

How do I change the direction of where the actor is pointing based on the last click position of the mouse?


Paid Work / Looking for a pixel artist.
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:09:58 am »

We are developing a game and are currently looking for a pixel artist to do our graphics. We do create our own graphics, but would like to outsource the art work this time round.

Here is our website:

If you are interested, do send an email with your portfolio to:

Thank you!

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Space Pirate (demo available)
« on: April 01, 2016, 06:23:49 am »
Here's my opinion!
The revamp version looks more refined, but the original one does have it's goodness as well.
For the revamp version, some of the art work's perspective seems slightly off.

Either way, both are looking great, but I think the game will attract more audience with the revamp graphics.

Ask a Question / Re: Recommended graphic resolution
« on: March 27, 2016, 09:23:07 am »
I remembered being told that I should create graphics at the 1920 size, so that when it's imported into Stencyl, it'll automatically create the 1x, 2x 3x and 4x sizes for the different devices.

If we work on the 480 or 960 resolution, will it loose it's clarity when it's being played on a higher resolution device?
So what is the recommend resolution to work on if we want to target all devices?

Thanks for the help Rob!

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