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Ask a Question / Changing frames of an actor and having it remain,
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:45:59 am »

How do I change the frame of an actor and have it remain the same frame when I change scenes and go back to it again?

I'm trying to make a Mute button and when I change scene, the frame of the actor goes back to the initial one.


Ask a Question / Re: Setting score per second
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:38:38 am »
For mine, I set my score to Do every 1 sec, increment of Score +1. Then i set Global score attribute to Score.

And if actor collides with actor of type, kill self, switch to Game Over scene.

Under Game Over scene, draw text Global Score at ....... and of coz, set the font.

Hopefully its what you're looking for!

Ask a Question / Re: Graphics not sharp when imported
« on: July 29, 2015, 12:12:20 am »
I turned the anti-aliasing on and it did helped a bit. But it isn't as crisp and clear as it should be. But still better than the initial stage. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. I was thinking it could be the file format of the image.

Ask a Question / Re: How do I center drawn text on screen?
« on: July 28, 2015, 11:05:38 am »
This one works for me. It's the one I'm currently using.

Ask a Question / Re: Graphics not sharp when imported
« on: July 28, 2015, 03:33:31 am »
Here's a screenshot of it!

The same goes for all my graphics. The lines and edges are not as sharp as it appears when opened in Preview or Windows Photo Viewer.

Bicubic has better results.

Thank you!

Ask a Question / Graphics not sharp when imported
« on: July 28, 2015, 03:26:06 am »

I've been exporting my graphics at 4x and importing it into Stencyl. The file format is .png.
Created it based on the 1980x1280 ratio, then have it import at 4x to suit the mobile dimension (480x320).

I use Adobe Illustrator to export my vectored graphics. When I view the graphics using Preview or other Image software, the image is sharp and clear. But its no longer sharp when I imported it into Stencyl. I tried the No Smoothing, Bilinear and Bicubic functions. But it's all the same results. I'll try and upload a screenshot of the same graphic when displayed on my mobile.

Can I ask, what kind of settings do you use in your graphic software and also the import settings in Stencyl? Do I have to export using another format instead of png?


Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 27, 2015, 07:28:51 am »
@DTH, it's definitely worth giving this a shot to see how well it performs on mobile! I was just trying out the different transitions, but never knew it wasn't optimised.. And it kept me wondering what went wrong with my file! Let us know the results on your old Galaxy Ace!

Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:54:17 am »
Ah! That explains! I changed all my slide transition to the fade transitions and the lag is gone!

When will other transitions like spotlight and slide be optimised for mobile?


Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:32:40 am »
I tried removing it. Improves the lag by a little bit, especially during gameplay. But the transition between scenes are still laggy on my mobile.

Still, thanks for helping!

Ask a Question / Re: Transparent PNG's have a grey border?
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:08:14 am »
Do you want to try using my image to see if my transparency has the same problem?

I used Adobe Illustrator. Then I rasterize the image before exporting.

Pls pardon the small lighter blue squares. It's meant to blend in with a blue background.

Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:02:29 am »
I still can't locate my Stencylworks folder to check the folder size. Anyway, I've attached my stencyl file here. Please help me check what's wrong with my code. I'm quite certain it's not the graphic size, but I could be wrong. And also pretty sure it's not the Atlases even though that will help, as I also exported games without atlases on Stencyl forge to my phone and it all runs perfectly well.

In this attached file, I removed all the atlases, as it starts to get a little messy, so I thought I'd revert back to the initial stage.


Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 27, 2015, 01:53:41 am »

I'm using a Redmi Note 4G
8GB of memory with currently 1+GB available.
2GB RAM and 1GB of available RAM.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400MSM8929, Quad-core 1.6 GHz Processor
Android version is 4.4.4KTU84P Kit Kat

My game in total has 23 actors, 4 backgrounds, 3 Fonts, 2 Sounds (from Crash Course which I have in mp3 and ogg), 7 Scenes, 13 Actor behaviours, 2 Scene behaviours.
At most, there will be 4 actors, 1 background, 1 font in a scene.
I can't seem to locate my stencylworks/games/ folder, but my exported Stencyl file is 6.02mb.
I already turned off the 3x and 4x for the Mobile scale option.
Tried both the Simple Physics and Box2D (Default) option as well.
For extensions, when I downloaded Stencyl, there were 5 that came with it.

The largest graphic is my background which I export at 1920x1280, 41KB, then have it scale down 4x (480x320) when I import into Stencyl.

I used atlases, but maybe I'm using them wrongly. I clicked on the What are Atlases link to learn more about it. But there were options that my version of Stencyl don't have and I think it'll only be made available after I upgrade.

I clicked on the Atlases settings and saw that the memory usage at 4x is 6.6mb and under scenes, it is 16.7mb if I enable Atlas binding. After trying out Atlases, my main atlas is 6.6mb and the 2nd largest is 2.3mb. I still used the Load and Unload atlas block to test it out, even though it doesn't have the mobile icon beside it as shown on

I don't have any anti aliasing or pixel snapping enabled.

My Mobile settings are Portrait, Universal, 24fps, Scale to Fit (Fill), 1.5x and 2x.

But it's still as laggy.

I would like to post my stencyl file, but would Stencyl protect the intellectual property of their members? Just wanna know what happens when someone else uses the file without permission.


Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 26, 2015, 10:01:03 pm »
I checked on the forums, but the solution links are all dead.

Ask a Question / Re: Laggy performance when testing on Mobile
« on: July 26, 2015, 04:35:21 am »
Anyone? Is it because it's the ADB that's causing it to lag?

Ask a Question / What's No Smoothing, Bilinear and Bicubic?
« on: July 25, 2015, 09:55:19 pm »
I'm trying to improve on my graphics by importing  higher res images. Initially I use No Smoothing, but I would like to know the differences between the other 2 options in the dropdown menu. I tried searching for it in Stencylpedia, but got no matches found.

And how do I ensure that whatever dimensions I set in my 480x320, has the exact replica, just blown up bigger when I import to a larger screen device?

I read about the different scaling modes, and tried it all, but there are disadvantages as indicated in Stencylpedia.


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