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Ask a Question / Cange fullscreen border colour
« on: June 09, 2011, 03:47:34 pm »
When the game goes to full-screen, there are borders on the sides or top & bottom to keep the dimensions of the game. By default these seem to be a dark gray.

How could one change the colour to something else?

Sometimes the game will not recognize that a button is down after switching scenes. If I hold a directional button down to make my character keep walking as it moves from one scene to the next, then on the start certain scenes it will just not move until I let go of the button and re-press it.

I made it so that it draws a box while the "right" key is up, and unsurprisingly the box is drawn when this happens, meaning it does not recognize the key being held when it should and that it is definitely a bug.

It seems to happen on certain scenes but not others, but as far as I can tell it's completely random which scenes are affected.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Mibibli's Quest
« on: June 05, 2011, 11:05:19 pm »

Fullscreen is better. So:

Here is an .exe version. It is an exe instead of swf so that I don't have to worry about anyone stealing it and uploading it to a Flash portal. Start the game, then right click and choose the fullscreen option.

Made from scratch in less that 6 days (but mostly 4).

Old Bugs (1.x/2.x) / Recycled actors die on respawn
« on: June 02, 2011, 10:35:49 am »
I have a behaviour that, when an enemy is supposed to die, does the following:
creates an explosion effect actor
makes a sound
recycles self

But when the actors get recycled in the game, then they will explode immediately. This only happens when the player shoots the enemy with a bullet that recycles itself at the same time as the enemy does, if the player kills the enemy with something that does not recycle itself upon collision then this issue does not occur.

If I use "kill self" on the enemy instead, it works except will become slow quickly.

The thing is that I am only recycling actors which are created as recycled actors while the game is in progress. When I was having issues like this before I could fix it by only recycling actors that are created as actors and only killing actors already placed within the scene when it loads. But even though I am already doing that it still does not work.

Ask a Question / Hurting the player
« on: May 31, 2011, 08:06:25 pm »
I made a player character than turns invincible for a short time upon collision with an enemy, and also enemies that reduce the player's health (which is a global attribute) upon collision with the player.

I would think that when the two collide it should recognize the collision for both actors. But if the player actor turns invincible, then the enemy's behaviour does not register any collisions, even though there was one. Getting rid of the player invincibility is not an option.

What do I do?

Game Ideas / Intense speed game creating challenge
« on: May 31, 2011, 08:52:05 am »
I got an idea last night:
Make a game roughly the same breadth, depth, length, width, and level of detail as Mega Man 2, but within an absurdly short time frame.

So! I will attempt to make a game as big as MegaMan 2 within 4 days. Time spent eating, sleeping, etc. all count. The clock will start ticking as soon as I post this, then will end 96 hours later.

No graphics, music, sounds, or behaviours, will be premade. They will all be created from start to finish within the 4 days.

Why no premade behaviours? Because I never use other people's behaviours for my other games, so that's what I'm used to. It's infinitely easier to fix if something goes wrong, because I don't have to wade through unfamiliar stuff. Plus within the context of this challenge it might sound more impressive.

I will have to speed-sprite, speed-compose, speed-level-design, and so on.

I predict that the result of this will be on of the following:
A) It will be better than Mega Man 2 and I will be crowned the most effecient game creator ever.
B) It will be the worst piece of garbage ever made.
or, possibly the most likely
C) I will get lazy, then decide that the whole idea was stupid, then quit.

Well, anyway, wish me luck! I'm doing this mostly for fun, so I'll be trying my best to not stress over it. Although, if I fail miserably, you can all throw virtual tomatoes at me if you want.

Old Bugs (1.x/2.x) / Recycled actors acting awful
« on: May 18, 2011, 03:46:55 am »
It won't let me upload an example game right now, but:

I made a game that has cannon-things that shoot recycled bullet actors. For some reason some recycled actors get messed up so that they don't get shot out, as if something is making them disappear the moment they get recreated.
Attachment 1 shows the cannon shooting bugs, each time a bullet hits a bug it gets recycled, and the bug also gets recycled. For some reason as the bugs are getting shot at the recycled bullet actors get messed up and don't reappear properly, which leaves gaps (attachment 2) in what is supposed to be a steady stream.
But the bullets don't act funny when they hit the wall.

Earlier today I've had the bullets so that they have a behaviour that recycles them after a short time, in addition to the behaviour that recycles them when they collide. When the bullets had nothing to collide with then it would be a steady stream until they run out of time at the end then disappear (how it's supposed to be). However, when there was an obstruction in the middle of the stream which recycled the actors earlier than the timer, the newly recycled bullet actors would disappear earlier in the stream, as though the countdown variable wasn't being reset properly. Even after the obstruction was removed, some actors would continuously recycle themselves early.

When using recycled actors for big effects I would notice that, when they were recreated, for a frame or so I could see them flash in their old position before appearing in the proper place.

Resolved Questions / [RESOLVED] Collide with tiles without moving
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:35:00 pm »
I'm trying to make some instant, tile-based movement, and I have it set up so that when you move in a direction your guy appears in its new position for a moment, checks whether or not there is a blockage there, and sends itself back if there is.

But it goes through tiles because apparently it does not collide without tiles if it's speed is 0. How do I change this, so that it can detect tiles without having a velocity?

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Fight Fighter
« on: March 29, 2011, 05:25:43 pm »
The two player portion of the game is now online:

The game can really use proper instructions with pictures or an in-game tutorial, which I'll make later, in the meantime try to make sense of the game with the following.


M for music

Player 1

Arrows & 1 to 6 on numpad

Right hand button layout:
Cancel ------- Grab ------ Super
Attack1 -----Attack2------Attack3

For each regular attack button and for the super button, you can access an additional attack by holding down.

Hold back to block.

Staying Safe

Some moves make you invincible. Use these to escape grabs! You can also use them when you first stand up off the ground after being knocked down.

IMPORTANT: When escaping grabs and other tough situations, your character only has an approximately 1 frame window to escape. Press the attack button slightly BEFORE your guy can move, your fighter will use the move the first moment it is possible to do so.

Hold back to block attacks. If you try to jump or attack but your character did not have enough time to recover, then you forfeit the ability to block until the end of the combo.

Using the left guy

The energy meter (bottom) increases from getting hit and also hitting the other player.

Don't just press Attack 1 once at a time, try pressing it 4 times in a row!

Create a happy fire with Down Attack 1, then move it with Down Attack 3 and the directional keys!

Your standard Super uses 2 bars of energy. The Down Super and Move Cancel both use 1 bar of energy.

Starting a combo with the standard Super will result in the word "BONUS!" appearing on the screen and bonus damage on every hit until the combo ends.

Use Attack 3 or Down Super to escape grabs! You can hold Attack 3 to stay invincible longer.

Using the right guy

You have to increase your energy manually, use Down Attack 3 to charge your meter and to gain ammo! Don't overcharge, using the move when your energy is full already will result in lost hit-points.

Ammo is used for projectiles (Attack 3 and Super), and energy is used for super attacks and move cancels. All 3 energy-consuming moves (Super, Down Super, Move Cancel) use the same amount, 25% of the total bar.

Your Super slowly gradually spends ammo until it is all gone, saving up ammo for a long time will result in a lengthy and dangerous Super, whereas using the Super with no ammo will be completely harmless.

Set bombs with Down Attack 1, tap 1 to increase the timer number on the newly created bomb.

When you successfully Grab the opponent, tap the grab button each time the word "CHOMP!" appears to deal extra damage. If you timed it successfully, you will see a red flash with crud flying out.

Use Down Attack 1, Down Attack 2, or Down Super to escape grabs. Using Down Attack 2, you only turn invincible once you touch the ground, don't use it to escape grabs in the air!


Try to figure out some. I'll list a few later.

Archives / Forge sound player shouldn't pause itself.
« on: March 25, 2011, 08:24:50 am »
When you click outside the flash game that previews StencylForge sounds, Flixel pauses itself, meaning that it is impossible to listen to a piece of music while doing anything else. It would be much better if it did not pause itself.

Resolved Questions / How to use numpad? [b368]
« on: March 17, 2011, 12:52:20 pm »
I can't use numpad controls, apparently Flixel doesn't recognize them. Not using the number pad is not an option, what do I do?

Will this be fixed in StencylWorks sometime?

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